STI has created a new subcompact pistol around a brand…


STI has created a new subcompact pistol around a brand new cartridge, the 7 mm Penna. The cartridge, which is claimed to generate 280 ft-lbs of energy, has a straight-walled case that company officials say can be reloaded 30 times. The Nemesis is an ultra light, snag-free pistol intended for deep concealment that nonetheless manages to hold eleven rounds of the new ammunition. A full-size STI in the 7 mm Penna chambering is also on the table. That pistol will hold 26 rounds.


Only Long Range is making an AR-based .338 Lapua rifle with numerous attractive features. In addition to a 1,500 yard effective range, the semi-automatic has a 10-round magazine, 26-inch barrel, mil spec or adjustable trigger, Picatinny scope rail, Magpul PRS stock and a muzzle brake. The piston-driven gun weighs only thirteen pounds and is said to generate less felt recoil than a .308 Win. It is available in camo or black.
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Everywhere you go folks are complaining about ammo shortages and high prices.  When life gives you lemons find a gun that shoots inexpensive, readily available ammunition.  Century International Arms has just the ticket with their “ColeFire Magnum Semi-Auto pistol.”  It’s a compact Sten design that shoots the inexpensive and in stock 7.62×25 Tokarov pistol cartridge.

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  • Bob

    So what type of magazine does it use?
    is it a PPS43 mag?

  • Tony Ray

    I have bought one of your colefire magnum 7.62×25 and am trying to find a couple of extra magazines any help would be helpful thanks

  • Seems like a real winner to me…hot 7.62 Tokerev ammo firing Lancaster style semi-pistol that is high-cap??? Why not??? Fast, HIGH VELOCITY, cheap ammo, shooting off hand is easy with the mag location that can be used as an arm support. LOT’s
    of muzzle blast and report are strong!!! Recoil wasn’t too bad, but the muzzle blast was pretty wicked with the tin corrugated roof…not the best solution for noise. Should be like ashooting a cz-52, but more controllable.