Shotgun Orientation for Women

Designed for the new shotgun owner or those interested in…

Designed for the new shotgun owner or those interested in learning about the modern shotgun, this course is a mix of classroom and range instruction in a relaxed learning environment tailored for women.

This testosterone-free course allows women to focus on how to safely handle, load, unload, fire and maintain a shotgun. Pump action, single action, and semiautomatic shotguns will be used with a combination of 12 gauge and 20 gauge rifled slug, buckshot, and birdshot ammunition. Classroom instruction starts with general shotgun characteristics and capabilities plus selection criteria and purpose.

Next, students receive hands-on instruction to learn the basics of shotgun manipulation. Ladies will then hit the range and work on shotgun shooting fundamentals followed by some practical shooting exercises.

This course is well suited for all aspects of shotgun ownership including defensive, competitive, and recreational shooting. The shotgun can be an intimidating tool but this course will set your mind at ease and give you the knowledge and skill to confidently use it. …and it’s a blast, literally! Regularly $195.00, special $156.00

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