Shotlock Shotgun Solo-Vault

TruckVault, Inc. is bringing to market the world’s first shotgun…

TruckVault, Inc. is bringing to market the world’s first shotgun solo-vault. Designed to hold a single shotgun, the ShotLock™ Solo-Vault is the first product designed to keep home defense shotguns both secure and accessible.

Created as an answer to the homeowner’s need to keep a home defense firearm close at hand, “The ShotLock Solo-Vault is the
perfect answer for the DIY home defense market,” stated Don Fenton, Sales & Marketing Director at TruckVault, Inc. “More and
more people are using a shotgun as a home defense weapon; but there has never been a convenient and secure way to store one,
while still keeping it quick and easy to access. The ShotLock Solo- Vault solves that problem.”


Constructed of 14-gauge steel, the ShotLock Solo-Vault stores a single semi-auto, pump or over/under shotgun. The small and
compact size allows it to be mounted securely anywhere in the home or a vehicle. “With its 5-button inline programmable lock, the ShotLock Solo-Vault can be opened and put a weapon in hand in less than 3 seconds,” explained Fenton.

Marketing plans to launch the ShotLock Solo-Vault include print advertising, television spots, Internet ads and sponsorships, an
aggressive pricing strategy, and sleek, contemporary point of purchase. The ShotLock Solo-Vault is available online at and at select retailers.

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  • Gary

    Will the Shotlock work with a pistol grip stock 870? I have seen many pictures, but all were with standard stock. I am very interested, but unsure if it will hold my gun.

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  • Guy Minnis

    You need to make a biometric lock for the shotgun like the Gun Vault uses. If you do, these will sell like hotcakes!