SIG Sauer M400 Product Overview (video)

Dave Grimshaw, Rifle Product Manager for SIG Sauer, talks about…

Dave Grimshaw, Rifle Product Manager for SIG Sauer, talks about the company’s SIG M400, at the 2011 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Pittsburgh.

The M400 is a direct gas impingement AR-style gun that Sig states uses many of the features from the Sig 516. (the 516 is a piston gun). The M400 uses a M-4 style stock, an A-2 style pistol grip and has a removable carry handle.  The chrome-lined barrel has a 1:7 twist. For additional information on SIG Sauer, please visit the website at

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  • David Fischer

    In sigs defense, I think their pistols are top notch although pricey. I love my p226 tactical.

  • David Fischer

    Im not a fan of american sig rifles. I find them to be high priced for a rifle with the bare essentials. Ill pass. I also do not like there 556 ( wobbly piece of junk) . Get it together sig.

  • Wyatt Trash

    You know, when they mention that this info is on the website, they really should make sure it’s there. So many of these new items refer you to the site, but the info is nnowhere to be found.
    Just my $0.02