SIG SAUER P250 2SUM Handgun

Sig Sauer revolutionized the P250’s modularity by creating a single convenient package, the P250 2SUM.

SIG SAUER has put the revolutionary modularity of the SIG SAUER P250 into one convenient package. The P250 2SUM comes with a full-size, Nitron®-finished, 9mm P250, ideal for duty, home defense, or sport and all the components to quickly convert it to the P250 9mm Subcompact, a perfect conceal carry gun.

The 2SUM brings home the unique characteristics of the P250 by providing all you need to convert a full-size gun into a subcompact model, all in one convenient package.

The P250, with its serialized modular frame and fire control assembly, allows the user to change caliber, grip, trigger, and slide length at will. Changing out your 2SUM 9mm to any of the other calibers offered by SIG SAUER, is as easy as purchasing a P250 Caliber X-Change Kit. The 2SUM includes the P250 full-size with polymer grip, nitron- finished stainless slide with SIGLITE® night sights, an integrated accessory rail in double-action only and one full size magazine. The 2SUM also includes a P250 Subcompact snag-free polymer grip, nitron- finished stainless slide with SIGLITE night sights, barrel and one subcompact magazine for an MSRP of $945.00

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  • Terry W.

    To Alex. Am I to understand that you had looked at the gun long enough to have negotiated a price and you had your money out of your pocket and on the counter, and THEN you realized that it was only DA? What the hell were you looking at before? One quick glance should have told you that.

    There are some people who really shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun…just sayin.

  • Tom H.

    I just got the 2 Sum today and I could not be happier! Light weight, smooth trigger pull and all the parts are interchangeble! I really think this modular system is the way of the future..I have only one suggestion for Sig; There are 4 different pages to refer to when changing over from the fullsize to the subcompact. They are easy to follow, but you have to flip to each page. Develop a fold out with how to go from fullsize to subcompact all on one page. After all that was the first thing I wanted to be sure I could master when I got the gun. Thanks for listening…

  • Alex E.

    I just had this case on my hand. I was ready to purchase the system, I had a great deal just few dollars above cost. When I find out the P250 was DA ONLY, I grab my cash from the counter, put it back on my wallet and walked away.

    I was so disappointed.

    If I ever want a DA firearm I buy a revolver. Sorry Sig !