Sig Sauer P290 Microcompact

SIG SAUER® introduces the next generation of the P290® 9mm…

SIG SAUER® introduces the next generation of the P290® 9mm microcompact pistol. The P290 RS includes several features based on consumer feedback. The next-gen P290 RS is shipping to dealers now.

The most noticeable change in the double-action-only P290 RS is a redesigned trigger that now offers restrike (RS) capability. In event of an ammo failure, the operator now has the option to press the trigger a second time, or manually cycle the slide.

“The most common thing we heard about the P290 was a request for restrike capability,” said Jeff Creamer, Director of Product Management. “With this second-generation pistol, we delivered on these requests as well as other feedback.”

In addition to the new restrike trigger, a recountoured beavertail minimizes hammer-bite for shooters with larger hands.

All P290 RS pistols will ship with a 6-round magazine featuring a new finger groove baseplate improving control. An additional flush magazine baseplate will be included, as well as an extended 8-round magazine.


Finally, two control levers have been reshaped. The magazine release has been reduced and contoured to reduce any chance of an inadvertent disengagement. A new slide stop has been recontoured to enhance the comfort of shooters with larger hands.

“Microcompact 9mm pistols can be a challenge to shoot,” Creamer said. “But from the beginning, the P290 offered a greater degree of shootability. With the next generation P290 RS, we’ve made an already user-friendly handgun even better.”


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  • Ted Talbert

    I just bought a Sig P290RS..Love the gun…perfect size and feel to it. Highly recommend this pistol.

  • tyler tulchinsky

    Ah yes, the not so microcompact microcompact Sig. I love ya Sig but get with it, try making a sub compact handgun thats actually “small” and people might buy more of em. Really, compare this thing to a gun that’s actually compact like a PM9 and this thing looks massive.