Sig Sauer P290 Sub-Compact 9mm

THE P290 SUB-COMPACT 9MM, is their newest polymer pistol. This…


THE P290 SUB-COMPACT 9MM, is their newest polymer pistol. This 9mm pistol is the perfect small defense handgun that meets the demands of today’s law enforcement professionals as a backup duty gun, and responsible citizens as a conceal carry gun. The removable grip plates allow for customization with aluminum, wood, and polymer and can be engraved with your initials for a true customized pistol (coming soon).

Also available in two-tone.

SIG SAUER, the leading manufacturer of military, law enforcement, government agency and commercial firearms, introduces the SIG SAUER P290™ Sub-Compact 9mm pistol. The latest addition to SIG SAUER’s innovative conceal carry line-up puts all the power of a full-size 9mm in a lightweight and versatile polymer pistol design in the hands of responsible citizens and law enforcement officers.


The P290, in Double-Action-Only, has a snag-resistant, sleek design for conceal carry or used as a back-up for plains clothes or security personnel. The Stainless slide carries the popular SIG SAUER serrations and is finished in either natural stainless finish or a black Nitron® finish. Unique to the P290 are polymer customized grip plates in aluminum, wood and polymer that can be engraved with your initials for a truly personalized pistol (coming soon.)

SIG SAUER P290™ Specifications:
Caliber: 9mm
Overall Length: 5.5 in.
Overall Height: 3.9 in.
Overall Width: 0.9 (1.1 in. w/ slide catch lever)
Barrel Length: 2.9 in.
Sight Radius: 4.3 in.
Sights: Contrast/SIGLITE® Night Sights
Weight w/Mag 20.05 oz.
Frame: Polymer
Slide: Stainless
Frame Finish: Black
Slide Finish: Nitron® or natural stainless
Mag. Capacity: 6 – 8 rounds
Trigger: DAO
Grips: Customizable – aluminum, wood, polymer
Features: Customizable grips, optional laser
MSRP: P290 Nitron, 9mm, SIGLITE NS, 6-rd. mag. $530.00
P290 Two-Tone, 9mm, SIGLITE NS, 6-rd. mag. $550.00



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  • KRIS

    Looks like sig has a small frame pistol in the market that can compete with the kahr and other smaller frame pocket pistols. I think that it will do great and I can’t wait to start selling them in my shop. 9mm is the better carry option than .380

  • Tony

    I bought one a few weeks ago. Very long trigger pull, which affects he accuracy. It’s pretty heavy for such a small pistol and will really make your pants sag if you put it in your pocket. It was not very accurate at the range and for the price I wouldn’t recommend it.

  • Joe

    But a P238 is a joy to shoot and better to look at.

  • Dcava

    I like it. I plan on buy one as soon as I find it.

  • tony

    who is selling the P290? I cannot seem to find it anywhere… does anyone know a vendor?

  • Sandotex5

    Nice small size, 5 oz heavier than p238 which MAY take it out of the pocket gun range for some people. I love my p238 for light carry but would like to have 9mm. I have several .40’s (my favorite caliber) but I don’t think I’d want it in this small or light a gun due to recoil /accuracy issues. I hope it shoots as well as the p238– I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the accuracy and comfort of mine, even if it’s only .380. I am a little disappointed in the looks– my rainbow p238 is a beautiful thing (yeah, I know it doesn’t make it shoot any better but sometimes I just like pretty things…).

  • Joseph of Arabia

    This new gun is great for the nine , but it will be alot better IF they extend the handel an inch or little less , longer so you will have a lot better Grip also maybe three more shots added to the magazine capacity.also it might be better if it was in 40 cal.

  • Quigley150

    I ordered a Kahr PM9 a couple of weaks ago. I wish I hadn’t done that before seing this puppy! Looks like it will do well for its intended purpose. I would preffer it was striker fired like the Kahr though. You can Monday morning this all day but the truth will come to light when it is reviewed. But think about it this way, 9mm not 380, easy to carry, not too expensive(maybe, most likeley the Kellerman(DAK) trigger. I believe SIG hit this one out of the park! Now, if Glock would offer a G26 in a single stack.

  • MikeB…

    Close but no cigar… the dimension on this pistol are very good but the weight is to heavy. The first company to make a 9mm this size with a weight of 12 to 14oz will make millions. It can be done, come on guys we are waiting.

  • gtrmansteve

    I think it looks great & can’t wait until it comes out. Then I won’t have to carry my p226 as often. Glad it’s got a hammer too. I hope it shoots well.

  • Alex E.

    Why Sig still going for the Plastic Pistol market. The Sig 250 did not do so well mostly because of being DA only. It is a GREAT Idea in paper. I had a Sum2 on my hand and as I was ready to pay as I noticed DA only I put it back and bought NOTHING. What I would like to see is a smaller subcompact version of the P226,P229 platform with a 3 inch barrel, smaller grip DA/SA in 9mm, 40SW or .357 Sig. Not like the Mosquito but better. I would love to replace my G27 but there is not much better out there in the market without going into a 1911 platform or reducing yourself to .380 ACP, come on Sig.

  • Glenn

    Wow. This thing has the same dimensions as a Sig P238, yet in 9mm vs .380. Cool