Sig Sauer SIG 556 5.56mm

“THAT IS NOT AN AR,” states SIG SAUER President Ron…

“THAT IS NOT AN AR,” states SIG SAUER President Ron Cohen. Born in the U.S., raised in Israel and serving as an officer in the Israeli military, he speaks with a distinct accent, as if he’s carefully choosing his words, placing emphasis on each. “It might very well be my fault. When we designed the 556, I thought that the American customer would want to use their AR magazines in this rifle, so I enabled the rifle to do so.” He looks straight at me and asks, “When you look at it there on the wall, why do you think it is an AR?”

sig21.jpgSitting in his Exeter, New Hampshire, office, I turn around to a wall with a sample of the entire SIG SAUER product line and consider his question. I think to myself, “Let’s see, it’s black… it’s kinda shaped like an AR… has a flat-top like an AR… a collapsible stock like an AR… has an AR magazine stuffed in the magazine well and a barrel sticking out a long forend that features an A2 birdcage compensator at the muzzle.” “If anything, it is more like an AK.”

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  • Tom

    I bought a Sig 556 yesterday and it looks nothing like the ones I am seeing here. What’s up. I am working on stripping it down, nervously, nervously, don’t want to screw it up and have to take it to a smith to correct. I need to clean the firearm and lube it up with some specialty lubes I have. I use a product called “Slip Stream” you can find it on line.
    My Sig is a 16 inch barrel with a one in seven. When I got the gas chamber removed the fring bolt dropped out. Wracked my brains getting it back in then I had problems in getting the little stick thing with the groove in it that the finger slide fits into. That was nasty to get figured out and I am not sure I have it solved as far as the gas tube is concerned. It draws all the way back so I guess I am good. I have .223 ammo, but I want to run 5.56 through it first bfore using the .223. Maybe 100 rounds of 5.56 first. I don’t know if this makes sense. I know the 5.56 the bullet neck it a bit thicker than the .223. So. I am going to ask a question. Do you think, from what I said I should be o.k. the mannuel that comes with it is s**t/ II have a copy of the 550/551 armorys mannuel which I hope will be useful before I go out and blow my face off.
    Thanks for any help you might be able to provide me. Tom

  • That sure looks good but how does it work?

    We purchased two 716s and one 556 chambered for 7.62×39.

    All three are semi auto but will only function as a single shot.

    New Sig Sauer 716s:
    716 from Academy Sports see-
    716 from Shooters see-

    The 716 is chambered for 7.62×51. I test fired both 716s using factory 147 gr loads

    but both consistently fail to cycle. I use the same rounds in my FN Scar and it

    functions properly. I tried the adverse setting, the normal setting and the suppressed

    setting but none will properly cycle the rifles.

    New Sig Sauer 556:
    The 556 chambered for 7.62×39. It won’t cycle properly. See-

    I own a older 556s chambered for 7.62×39 and it does will fire properly. I think the

    hammer spring is too strong.-see

    Additional Information:

    Our family owns older Sig Rifles in the 556 and AR platforms and they work very well.

    Up until this week I preferred to run a Sig Rifle for both reliability and price.

    This week’s experience leads me to believe something is very wrong with new Sig Rifles.

    Steadfast and Loyal,
    Wally Butler

  • JimB

    I’ve put enough rounds through my SIG 556 Classic to have burnished a nice silver hickie on the side of the receiver where the brass kisses it… not a single FTF or FTE, ever. Brass consistently lands about 20 feet away in a 6 ft. circle.

    Accracy at 100 yards: using a Nikon M233 #8487 2-8X32 BDC 600 and Fed. Gold Medal Match GM223M (69 gr.) or GM223M3 (77 gr.) it groups 5 in less than 1 MOA, SIG red dot, 4 – 6 MOA (depending on ammo), SIG diopter iron, 4 – 6 MOA, Popsicle BUIS, 5 – 10 MOA. Hot barrel results, multiply by 1.5. Using Wolf steel-case? 4 – 5 MOA using a scope, period.

    For greatest accuracy, support forearm as close to magwell as possible, use one round at a time in magazine, or manually load into chamber, and don’t pull back on pistol grip… just like shooting an FN FAL accurately.

    This gun combines the best of the AK-47 and AR15 into an accurate, easy to clean, compact, rugged, and dependable little fire-breather. With the “Classic” SG 551 forearm and original SG 550 folding butt-stock, it is even elegant-looking.

    There is simply not a better combat carbine design out there, and, it is cost-competitive with an AR. But, if your life REALLY does depend on your tool, why would cost even enter into the discussion?

    JB – Tucson, AZ

  • JimB

    4 – 5 MOA is the best Wolf can do with the scope.

  • William Michaels

    How can I get a copy of the Feb 2008 issue?