The Classic SWAT is another specimen from the on-going…


The Classic SWAT is another specimen from the on-going evolution of the successful SIG556 line of rifles. On display was a carbine chambered in 5.56 NATO featuring a side-folding, collapsible stock, an aluminum quad-rail handguard, and a new rotary diopter sight. These characteristics make the SIG556 Classic SWAT a suitable carbine in tight quarters and CQB operations. Unlike the M4 currently used for these operations by the U.S. Navy, the SIG556 operates using an adjustable gas system that runs cleaner than direct impingement designs. For more information, visit
sig-sauer-556-selector-and-trigger.jpg sig-sauer-classic-folding-stock.jpgsig-sauer-classic-folding-stock.jpgsig-sauer-rotary-diopter-sight.jpgsig-sauer-556-classic-swat-1.jpg

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  • chuck

    The folding stock lock will pull out after several times using it. I bought mine and it did not have one in the stock,just a big hole.Not the quality I expected.

  • Micheal

    Is there a way to get just the stock?

  • Perfect as soon as i can get it in .308.