SIG SAUER’s 556 Pistol

Editor's Note– TACTICAL-LIFE.COM was just in New Hampshire to test…

Editor’s Note– TACTICAL-LIFE.COM was just in New Hampshire to test all of Sig’s newest offerings, including this 556 pistol. Check back with us to see video coverage of all the new products Sig is introducing for 2009!!!


SIG556 Pistol features a 10” military grade cold hammer forged barrel, chambered in 5.56mm NATO, with a twist rate of 1 in 7”. The flash suppressor uses a standard .5 x 28 TPI thread pattern, ensuring compatibility with after-market accessories. The optional flip up front combat sight is adjustable for windage and elevation. The receiver is made of high strength steel with a durable wear-resistant Nitron® finish. The Picatinny rail features an SIG SAUER Mini Red Dot sight that works in concert with the optional front combat sight. The trigger housing is machined from an aircraft grade aluminum alloy forging with a hard-coat anodized finish designed to survive extreme conditions. The pistol comes equipped with a smooth two-stage trigger, ambidextrous safety and is designed to accept standard AR magazines. The pistol ships standard with (1) 30-round magazine. The P556 is compatible with M16/AR-15 type magazines.

Caliber 5.56mm NATO (.223 Remington)
Length 21.5″
Barrel Length 10″
No. of Grooves 6
Rifling 1 in 7″
Weight w/o Mag 6 lbs 7oz

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  • Rich

    Oh, and I forgot. NEVER, repeat NEVER do ANYTHING that necessitates dealing with the BATF. That’s like a rabbit asking a wolf for directions.

  • Rich


    It’s a pistol. Pistols are combat effective out to about 20 feet. As Jeff Cooper used to say, “Pistols are for fighting your way to your long gun.” Don’t worry about “sighting” it. Put some brand of laser dot sight on it and fire it from the hip or chest level. No need to look over the top. If you can shoot a fist sized group face to face with target, your sighting chores are complete. Want to save money? Forget the sights completely. At face to face range, if you hold your weapon centered, if you can see human on either side of the barrel, pull the trigger. You’ll have a hit. (40 years military and LEO. Cert’d LE firearms instructor.)

  • Andy

    I purchased a Sig 556 SWAT pistol. I swapped out the factory red dot sight with an EOTech 557.G23FTS holographic sight with a 3x Magnifier Multi Purpose Optic.

    Looks cool and keeps a tight grouping at 50~100 feet. However difficult
    to zero in sight as the pistol is hard to hold with no stock.

    I will have to convert to a SBR to add a folding stock. Does anyone
    know how to complete the process with the ATF for a SBR?

    Also does anyone know of any clamp or tripod that can be used to stabilize the gun for the zeroing.

    Finally, does anyone know of a better flash suppressor or moderator?


  • fxdidan

    To Dave Waller, That leo that you know that carries the 556 pistol in his saddlebag would never have a chance to get it out before he is a dead man(I ride a Harley-Davidson Electra-Glide with saddlebags,there a pain to open or close),better to carry a second weapon on his body,at least he could get to it faster.If I go hiking,camping or fishing,I carry 2 loaded Glocks.You never know when you might come across a meth lab or pot growing operation in the woods,it happens all the time in California.

  • I seem to have saved over $1000 by purchasing the PLR 16.
    So what if the barrel is thin. Has same capacity (can take the same magazines.) Similar gas piston operating system, threaded barrel for attachments, and oh yeah…cost is a thousand less. Plr-16 has also proven to be just as accurate.

  • David Waller

    Just got it for Xmas (along with a PS90). Love this gun! It is sweet shooting and Spot-on from the factory. Excellent for entry or vehicular carry (I know an officer who carries one in the saddlebag of his duty bike).

    Wish I could bring it over here with me!! Sigh….

  • roger odell

    Smooooth as butter. Nicely balanced and worth every penny.

  • loren huckstadt

    Just picked the 556 pistol up to go with my 556 SWAT. As LEO looking forward to range testing it. Possible SBR in the making after paper work comes through.