Sig Sauer’s StopLite

The new Sig Sauer® STOPLITETM is a potent defensive device…


The new Sig Sauer® STOPLITETM is a potent defensive device that could save your life in a flash – a blinding 300-lumen strobe that disorients assailants immediately. Can be used hand-held or rail mounted. This unit features a rotary selector for steady, strobe and accessory function. Built-in power receptacle for interchangeable accessories. Ask your dealer for this life saver from Sig Sauer.


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  • Guest

    Great design, the light is retina searing, and mounted to a 12, the laser is adequate to put 00 on target every time.
    I bought the unit for a Moss 500, needed a light and a foregrip so my girls could handle it more effectively for home defense, this unit was the perfect combination.
    Or so I thought.
    This unit has been nothing but trouble. The Moss had the optional injection molded triple rail fore end. Third shot with the Stoplite and the locking tab broke and the grip flew off. There wasn’t enough grip even with the two locking screws. Called Sig, they told me the piece wasn’t available and it should be able to lock down on the rail but so far as they were aware the part was only available in plastic. I tried a small piece of rubber to cinch it down, got four shots before it came off.
    So in an attempt to get a metal rail and get rid of that pos triple rail fore end I bought a very nice quality aluminum fore end and rail kit. To fix the locking tab I hand made an aluminum replacement for the broken plastic piece.
    Hadn’t had the opportunity to shoot more than 8 rounds through it, but it seemed to be good to go. Until today when I go out to get my girls familiarized with it. Shooting 3-1/4 Estate #6 shot, was on the 14th round and the light portion fell off. The screws that hold the light assembly to the grip housing pulled out/stripped. No way to fix it.
    I know Sig Sauer is a quality brand, but this light/grip,… Not so much.

  • CSC

    To Clarify a few things Bill Ware mentioned.

    1. Yes laser and light will operate at the same time. However they are both controlled by 2 separate buttons. So if you are clearing a building using the momentary light, you have to leave the laser on unless you plan on hitting 2 separate buttons at each time. The green momentary button on the rear and the aux port with included contact switch is only for the light. You cannot turn both on and off from a single button.

    2. Yes, there is a constant on, and strobe mode. But you have to hit 1 of 2 buttons on the right side of the unit to change between each function. And you can only change between steady or strobe “while” the light is activated which I found annoying. For a right handed shooter (left hand on the grip) actuating these little buttons are not easy, and would be nearly impossible in a stress fire situation. Besides bad guys don’t care how bright your light is or if its strobing. They shoot for the light. So lets stop evaluating weapon lights like people are deer in headlights that will automatically freeze.

    3. Yes, new versions use 4 AA Batts. But I would prefer only 2 CR123 for weight. In the grand scheme of “what’s your life worth” who care how much a 123 battery cost! Also if you have to lug it around all day every little ounce on the end of your rifle adds up.

    4. I-Tac Defense is Sig, not a separate company, just a different name that Sig is peddling this stuff through so as not to damage their brand name.

    All in all this is consumer “couch tactical” grade device and totally not appropriate for military or law enforcement use until Sig gets the bugs out.

    Might be fine for practicing to sweep your house for the zombie apocalypse that will never happen. But if yours or someone else’s life depends on this thing working right even half the time then you better look elsewhere.

    I love my Sig firearms and have several of them, so this is coming from a fan. I just think in the end they will damage their reputation or get some guy killed with the poor quality of this stuff.

  • CSC

    I’ve been through 3 of these Sig stop lights in the past 2 months (Oct-Nov 2012). All have had the exact same issue, light goes dead on first shots recoil. I have mine mounted on a S&W AR and every single time I shoot with the light activated using the momentary button on the grip or the remote switch the light will shut off. The only way to activate it is to hit the constant on button. But as soon as you fire another round, totally dead.

    Sig has been very good to address my issue. But 3 units exhibiting the same issue is a no go in my book. The worst possible time your weapon light can go out is after you took your first shot. So back to the vendor I got it from.
    Before you trust your life to this thing make sure you have a few evening visits to the range under your belt.

    Only the light goes out, the laser worked fine on all units through firing strings.

    Really disappointed as it is a very good concept in a nice package, was hopping it would work out. Laser and light are nice and bright.

    Sig needs to focus on firearms and leave the accessories to the pros. I have their P290 pocket carry 9mm with their attached laser and it does the same thing. Laser dies on each shot. Sent my original unit back and tested the replacement 2 days ago and it does the exact same thing. This was supposed to be a new design to address the issue but same thing.

    Love Sig and the customer support is great, but their weapon lights are complete failures!

  • Did ample research beforehand and purchased a SigSauer StopLite STL300J at local GunShow for $149. Unit is manufactured by iTac Defense, also mfd & logo labelled for Sig. Latest revision unit now uses 4 readily available Lithium AA’s, (I like Energizer Ultimate Lithium), is 700 lumens, red laser switch button is now on rear of laser unit. Right side has large black button for light mode, smaller black and green buttons for strobe modes. Contrary to complaints I’ve read, unit DOES NOT suck! Strobe is nearly blinding, and potently disorienting in pitch dark, Laser DOES operate with Light, in steady state or strobe. You can also push the large green momentary button on rear, and the unit WILL illuminate in EITHER strobe or steady mode! Mounted on Beretta CX-4 carbine, laser was almost dead on co-witnessed with red-dot and iron sights at about 30 ft, fine for home defense needs in my home layout. Also functions great on AR’s and as hand held unit. No complaints. Great Price considering SigArms msrp of $215, and some vendors’ cost is $160. Stop bad-mouthing Sig. First, go do your %#@@*! homework and then go try one out B4 U buy.

  • Savage

    I haven’t had a problem with this light. I wouldn’t say it “sucks” like one of the above comments (you may have had a bad unit. Although my STL-900 does suck. Rail mount broke and it litterally fell of the pistol during use. Sig replaced it with a new light but I still don’t trust it). Anyway – back to the StopLite. I gave it a harsh test. I’ve mounted it on a Surefire Tactical forend on my Mossberg 500 12GA. I slug with it and shoot 00buck and have no problems. I have a Nikon Slug Hunter scope and can light up targets over 100 yards away at night and hit them! I can check my targeting with the laser at the same distance. Nice light!

  • Hank

    I bought one of these, and they SUCK. Attached it to my rifle, and the recoil made the unit unreliable. With the unit turned on, a single shot was enough to cause it to turn off. At the range, the battery compartment came off while firing, dumping my batteries to the floor. Got a lot of laughs over that one. Thanks Sig Sauer. The laser is also laughably useless. Save your money. Ill never again buy another Sig product.

  • JOE



  • Ofcr.Dr. Craig Merrell

    It does come standard with a laser, it lists for $349, it has built-in, rubber-covered switches for constant-on as well as separate switches for momentary on, and it is every bit as bright as the SIG people say it is. I got one for my SIG 556 ER, and it’s amazing. I have a 150-lumen Laser Devices light attached to a vertical grip/light holder on a Bushmaster AR-15 clone, and I used to think that it was bright. Brothers and sisters, I have a whole, new definition for “bright” where weapon lights are concerned!

  • E.Rickman

    Great product. what is price??

  • Bartt C.

    Also should come with a disapearing flexible bipod in handle for use with AR’s.