Sig Sauer’s P238 | .380 ACP Concealed Carry Pistol

Chambered in .380 ACP, the Sig Sauer P238 is designed as a concealed carry handgun for civilian or law enforcement use.

SIG SAUER’s new P238, in .380  ACP was specifically designed as a concealed carry or backup handgun for legally armed citizens or law enforcement professionals.

Reacting to many requests from the marketplace for a subcompact SIG SAUER pistol, engineers designed the new P238 as a smart looking, small handgun built with the same accuracy and reliability as large frame SIG SAUER pistols. With an overall length of just 5.5 inches a height of 3.96 inches, and weighing just under a pound, the SIG SAUER P238 is the ultimate firepower in an all metal frame concealed pistol. The P238 is built on an anodized alloy beavertail style frame with fluted aluminum grips for comfort and a secure hold during rapid-fire usage. The stainless steel slide features the popular SIG SAUER slide serrations and improves overall performance and accuracy.

Additionally, the contrast or SIGLITE® Night Sights are removable and adjustable for windage. The sear and trigger return spring are redesigned to prevent spring over-ride of the ejector during assembly. Two finishes are available; Two-tone and corrosion resistant Nitron®. The new SIG SAUER P238 is shipped in a lockable hard case with one 6 round magazine at an MSRP starting at $515.00 for the Nitron® with contrasting sights. For more information, visit to

SIG SAUER P238 Specifications:
Caliber:    .380 ACP (9mm short)
Frame Material:   Aluminum
Frame Finish:    Black Hard Coat Anodize
Slide Material:   Stainless Steel
Slide Finish:    Nitron or Natural Stainless
Length Overall:   5.5”
Height Overall:   3.9”
Width Overall:  1.1”
Barrel Length:   2.7”
Sights:  Post & Dot Contrast, SIGLIGHT Night Sights
Sight Radius:  3.8”
Weight w/out mag:  15.2 oz.
Mag cap:  6 rounds.

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  • LarryV

    Ugly? Are you all insane. It is basically a mini-1911 in 380 caliber. I love the look of my full size S&W 1911 and the Sig P238 looks just like it. My P238 shoots flawlessly, has the best trigger pull of any compact 380s and just rocks. My ONLY complaint would be it’s weight vs the competition. Sig should experiment with a polymer frame to bring the weight down. Maybe call it a P238P for polymer. Otherwise, to me, it is the best of the best.

  • Dave B.

    Bought p238 couple of years ago and sold it as i was looking for something a little lighter… Just bought another one as it is the best 380 pistol on the market… Shoots very well… Carry everyday…

  • Michael G

    I got my P238 in January of 2012, so far I love it. I have shot the old version and now my gun the new version. Not one jam, I bought 2 extra extended mags, and it performed flawlessly. I feel IMO its a great summer, or deep cover gun. I normally carry a Kimber Ultra Carry, but there will be times that it will be too much gun. I’m a tiny man, with nothing to hide it with…

  • Mark Breymeyer

    Bought a P238 one day took it to the range the next. On the first magazine it malfunctioned, FTE! I was not a happy camper. Once cleared I fired another half box of ammunition w/o a problem. I like the weapon but I don’t want to bet my life on it yet!

  • Jim

    if your p238 is jamming check the bottom right corner of the feed ramp for a nick. Common issue. take a sharpening stone and gently remove the burr. The gun will be fine after that. It will go back to being an awesome little deep conceal weapon.

  • RQ

    Oct 6
    Took it back. Took a bath but what good is a ccw that is un-reliable. Mine was. 250 rounds later never knew what to expect. All types of ammo even with a heavier wolf spring.

    Least now no one can say “well he is dead for sure but isn’t that a handsome gun he had…”

  • mark stroik

    bough my 238 about six months ago, black with alloy frame, came with one second gen mag, I installed a hogue wrap around grip, Big improvement ! Put 200 rounds of various hardball through it with no malfunctions at all ! I trust it for cc with cor bon ammo.

  • RQ

    Picked one up beginning of August. I was very leary after reading about this gun but I figured because its a SIG they would stand behind it and I had the time to work with it. Went from the store to the range. This is the first time I have purchased a gun and shot it without cleaning it. Jammed first click every clip. Half the time after clearing and re-chambering the trigger would pull with no result.

    I was very dissapointed. A CCW that you can’t trust is worthless. But, I thought I would give it good cleaning and try again. 500+ rounds later not one FTF. Accurate, light, and well made. Will put more rounds thru before I depend on it but it is gaining my trust.

    Always, always clean them when you get them. My bad.

  • Kevin

    I’ve put about 200 more rounds (Total rounds 400)through the Sig P380 and had 3 FTE’s and 4 stovepipes even in the 7 round SIG clips. The selleir & Bellot FMJ ammo does not feed well in this particuar gun and occasionally jammed in my Bersa Thunder which had never jammed when using factory clips. I also tried Remington UMC and PMC and had a couple of stovepipes when doing a drill of drawing and shooting once and repeating several times with the UMC. My normal drill of 2 center mass and 1 to head multiple times yielded no malfunctons with UMC or PMC FMJ. My gun was produced in late 2010 and I installed the flat spring about 250 rounds ago and has reduced about 3/8 inch in length. The gun malfuncions occasionally, unlike my other automatics. Experiencing 1 FTE or FTF about every 50 rounds in factory clips. I clean after every shooting session. Any advice would be welcomed, seems that it has a minor ejection issue.

  • Nicole

    Thanks to everyone who commented on this pistol. I have had mine for about 6 months now, it is used. Started having all the problems mentioned (was running the Colt Magnum extended 7 round mag because I need the extra length). I will now call Sig and get the newest spring and the newest extended mags. I really love this pistol and am glad that I will be able to continue using it reliably. BTW, I bought the Rainbow Titanium because it doesn’t say “this is my husband’s gun” like a revolver or larger caliber pistol, and it doesn’t say “my husband made me buy I gun so I got this one” like the ugly pink Ruger, it says “this is my pistol and I will shoot you with it, get out of my house!”

  • David

    Totally agree about the Jimenez arms .380 Total waste. Jams everytime. Saw the Sig Last night and eager to try it out.

  • DDP

    I just purchased my P238 and have to give it two thumbs up. I tried to make the gun misfire, shooting limp wrist, upside down, gangster style, etc and will report ZERO malfunctions. The extended mag is a very nice addition, but they brake the bank buying them, AVOID the pro mag magazines, they dont work and are a waste of money, spend the extra $30 per mag and buy sig magazines. This little gun carries well in a pocket or crossbreed holster or just tucked in small of back. I will be purchasing another one for the wife. I really like the cheap little Bersa Thunder 380 as well, it shoots like a champ, but is a little larger and harder to conceal. AVOID Jiminez 380’s, got bored in a pawn shop one day and picked up one for $180 and have yet to run a complete mag through it without failure, POS. Gun show coming up soon, someone maybe will give me $140 for it. Nothing but praise for the Sig P238

  • Kevin

    I bought a the Sig p238 HD all stainless a few weeks ago and put about 200 rounds (rem, win & PMC FMJ and a few Hornady CD HP) through it with only one FTE on the 3rd round of the 2nd clip. I got the Metalform 7 round magazines and they worked flawlessly except I can’t put the 7th round in and load without pulling the slide back, so you can only have 6 in the magazine when carrying. The gun is very accurate, low recoil and fits well in your hand. After firing 2 clips limp wristed the gun jammed on the 4th round of each and I disassembled it and noticed the factory spring had reduced in length significantly. Don’t do this! I ordered the new sig flat spring and installed it and shot a few round with no issues. I hear this spring is more like the other sigs 229 & 239 which I have shot with no malfunctions & should last 1000-1500 rounds. It’s the best 380 I’ve ever shot (COlt Mustang, Walther PPKS, Beretta 84 & Bersa Thunder).

  • Aaron

    Tuck all of that spring in ther and it will work fine.

  • Amit

    Hello everybody. I just got my new recoil spring from sig (Free of charge)It is a flat spring, compared to the coil spring that came with the gun. It is pretty long, i am not sure if i am supposed to snip off several coils, or just try to squeeze the whole thing in there. I dont want to snip and ruin my new spring that i so patinently waited for.(Would love some advice on what i should do with the spring.) Hope this is the fix all for the problems i was having. Cant wait to hit the range with it, I might just shoot some rounds in my yard. Ill post with a follow up.

  • Amit

    I just bought a used sig p238, for a really good price. I asked the original owner to meet me at the range so that i can fire it. I put about 150 rounds through it. Accuracy wise, this little gun is an amazing shot. Several times i was able to put two rounds into the same hole. At 10yrds i ate up a 3×3 inch section of my target, again it is very accurate. Like many of the sig owners here, I experienced some problems. Several FTE, FTF, Slide would not lock back on the last shot, and the recoil rode would stick out a bit. I had to disasemble it several times. I believe all of these problems were occuring due to the recoil spring. One of the last loops was a little larger than the loops in front of them, which caused the spring to tangle up. I called Sig, and they are sending me a new recoil spring, free of charge. I hope this will solve all of the above mentioned problems. I got a great price since these problems occured with the old owner present. I was able to negotiate a better price. I think it is a great little gun, but until i get my new spring and a chance to put another 100 rounds through it, I will not be using it for CC. After it proves to be reliable with this new recoil spring, I will consider it for CC. This is my first Sig, I originally bought it for my wife, but I think she might have to go get her own…lol.

  • James

    Ok, the SIG is working with no issues. Bought 3 extended mags. In total, five mags with firing on target, no issues. Thanks to SIG for the work spent and quick turn-around on servicing.

  • Carole N

    Finally got to the range with my P238 yesterday. Shot 150 rounds of Magtech and only had 1 misfeed and 1 FTE. Pretty easy to clear each problem. The sights were right on the mark and the accuracy surprising for a small gun. I was able to keep all shots within the first 2 rings of a standard target. Not as hard on the hand as my LCP and the slide is much smoother. I also agree with Kimberly as the gun is very easy to take apart for cleaning. All in all, very pleased with the purchase 🙂

  • Dutch

    Bought a equinox just before Christmas, it fit my needs for size and CC. I tried a friends early P 380 and had many feed problems and jams. I read Sig had fixed the problem and was ready to put my new equinox to the test. I had also bought the new 7 round extended mag. I tried both the original 6 rd. and new 7 round extended mag. I tried slow and rapid fire with Winchester, PMC and Federal eagle fmj and Fed HP. I even mixed Federal HP with every other Win.,PMC and Fed eagle to try and jam the gun. I even used a few Herter steel case in the ammo mix. It would not jam no matte what I tried. It fired without even a glitch. For a gun that had such a big problem early on, the Sig fix (new generation) fired without any form of jam or miss feed. No matter what I fed it, mix and match ammo, slow or rapid fire it was smoothly – flawless. Sig not only fixed the problem, I found it a sweet accurate pleasure to shoot .380 conceiled carry. The Equinox sights are also excelent in day or low light. It’s now a winner

  • RotBaron

    I purchased a new P238 for my wife. It replaces her MicroMax Llama .380 (mini 1911) We like the looks of the satin stanless slide, black frame and rosewood grips. The P238 came with two mags (one extended) and siglite night sights. We took it and my new P232 also Satin stanless slide on black frame, siglite sights I installed and Hogue rosewood grips. Both guns performed flawlessly. 500 rounds each and not one FTE, FTF, or stove pipe. Slides always locked after last round. I had a Walther PPK that would eject the mag every time it was fired (6 different mags) had FTE and many stovepipes. Ammo of choice is Federal Hydra Shock. When it comes to a carry gun reliability comes first but I like to carry something I am proud of. My Glock I carry on duty is reliable but is ugly as a mud fence. A Timex may keep time but doesn’t go with my Tux, Omega Speedmaster Professional watch, or Jaguar XK-8 roadster. For that I carry my custom 1911.

  • James

    Took the P238 to the range today. It worked flawlessly with the hardware replaced by SIG. Used about 50 rounds of the Winchester white box ammo.

  • Matt P

    Me and my wife went shopping for a .380 about six months ago. Primary to buy the LCP for her. As soon as I felt the LCP I knew that was not a good gun for my wife. My wife being a typical woman she fell in love with the P238 because in her eyes “It was pretty”. Don’t let the girly girl part of her fool you. She likes guns but she is still a woman. So after looking at it and holding it I also really liked it. Felt solid and the weight of it would keep the recoil down. As she is going from a XD 9mm 4″. Her complaint about the 9mm was the size and recoil. After buying this gun we experienced pretty much the same issues as everybody here. Ejection issues and the slide not locking. I bought a Colt mag thinking the issue was in the Mag. It helped but still the gun jammed. My wife at this point wants nothing to do with it because it is not a reliable CCW. So I finally called Sig (about 10 minutes ago) and they are sending me a new spring and mags. the Lady over the phone said this is the third updated spring for this gun and has worked flawlessly or for that matter they are not working a a fix as they feel it is now fixed with the new spring. Hopefully I will have the parts before the 1st of the year. So for some of yall that got a updated spring there maybe a new updated spring for the one you have already.

  • James

    The P238 has arrived back from SIG. New barrell, new (and much longer spring), and a new magazine (with a different configuration to it). The gunsmith at the factory has fired some rounds through it with no issues. Lets see how it does at the range…

  • James

    Bought my P238 HD with nightsights in May of this year. It shot flawlessly out of the box, but after 250 rounds or so, began to experience failure to eject spent rounds and failure of the slide to lock in an open postion on the last round. The gun went back to SIG. They replaced the slide and extractor pin and had it back to me within a couple of weeks. Took it back to the range and again it shot flawlessly for about 100 rounds before the same issues popped-up and more, including failure of the slide to fully return to fire the next round and a couple of failure to fires. The barrel has developed a ‘ding’ at the lower right-hand corner of the feed ramp as well as file-like scoring on the top of the barrel that can be seen at the ejector port. With this said, when it shoots, it is dead-on accurate. The problem, of course is when it shoots. Like many writers, I bought the SIG for it’s size, how it feels, the excellent nightsights. I like the extra weight of the HD model – recoil is extremely managable. It was my primary CCW, but it’s now got me second-guessing if it will actually work in a pinch. It’s not coming out of the holster unless there is a life-threatening situation. The gun is back at SIG along with photos of the obvious barrel-wear issues and a letter that outlines the mechanical issues experienced. Mechanically, the gun is very similar to a friend’s Colt .380 Government Pocketlite from the mid-90’s. The Colt however, despite it’s age and use, fires and functions flawlessly with any ammo that you put through it.

    Hoping that SIG works out the kinks on my P238 so that it can be returned to a CCW status. It really is a fun gun to shoot.. when it shoots. For now, it will be a ‘range-plinker’.

  • Jim from Phoenix

    Why is Cabela’s charging 750 for a used Sig .380?

  • Leslie Lyons

    I bought one last week and recieved the Sig laser before shooting it. 50 rounds, no problems. The pistol I’m hearing discribed sounds like the Taurus PT709, What a pice of crap! Even after waiting all summer for them to “fix” it. Took it back and got store credit and a week later the P238 was mine! My first 7 shots 1.75″ spread at 7 yards with 5 through the same hole.

  • Roger

    I have an LCP and a P238 My LCP has been flawless and easy to carry. My Sig p238 has many miss fires mostly do to the slide not going all the way forward, my wife got in the habit of pushing before pulling the trigger. When I cleaned it today I noticed recoil spring was TOO SHORT so the recoil rod flopped about. I manually lengthen it by gently pulling on it coil by coil it works well now dry firing it, we will see how it works at the range tomorrow. The Sig does shot better and more accurately than the LCP but the LCP is so much easier to carry in a pair of slacks pocket. Home defense isa Springfield XDM 9mm which I love it has no problems. I’m getting a 44 magnum for Christmas!!

  • Carole N

    Just bought a P238 today (early Christmas present!) I had read some of the reviews on other sites about FTE’s so I was a little hesitant. But this thing feels GREAT in my hand. Hopefully won’t have some of the problems others have had. Haven’t had a chance to shoot yet, but will be hitting the range this week. As far as ugly?….I got the Titanium Rainbow edition, beautiful gun!!

  • Jim

    I’ve owned the black with night sights for over a year, the has been flawless with every type of ammo; the spare magazines are factory versions. My carry ammo is Corbon DPX.

  • CDox

    Before I start with comments/questions, I am a relatively new shooter. Last weekend, I shot my husband’s Baretta Tomcat and 357 Magnum. Couldn’t rack the slide very easily on the Baretta, and wanted a smaller gun than the revolver, so out to shop we went. After looking at a lot of guns, I bought my P238 on Wednesday because of how it fit and felt in my hand, as well as Sig general quality. I took it to the range yesterday, ran about 175 rounds through it. Several FTE’s, FTF’s and a few jams. Also, several times the guide rod didn’t return properly, extending beyond the muzzle about 1/4 inch. Despite all this, I can say that the gun is accurate; I was very successful with the targets.

    I thought maybe these problems I had were due operator error. Took it home, stripped it, cleaned and lubed it, and noticed my recoil spring lost its tension as it had gotten compressed. Went back to the range today to see if the thorough cleaning at least helped some of the other problems. Still had FTE and FTF problems, and frequently had to push the slide back to its proper position. The range gunsmith told me to get Colt 380 (Mustang?) recoil springs as the Sig recoil spring is inferior.

    I guess I need to take it back to the store where I bought it (it is new). Of course, it is still under warranty. Does anyone out there have advice for me so I don’t sound like an idiot?

  • Steve

    I put about 300 FMJ rounds through mine with about 20 FTE 2 stovepipes and the slide rod worked loose twice so the gun dealer wouldn’t work on it because it was under warranty (only 4 weeks old) and sent it back to Sig they put in a new spring and polished the feed ramp lubed it shot 25 rounds of Blazer FMJ and returned it 4 weeks later. I haven’t shot it yet. I will say that it fired 36 rounds (12 of each) of the 3 different defense JHPs I put through it without any problems. I think it’ll be just fine.

  • Jim

    Pictures of the 3 generations of p238 mags please

  • R. Shackleford

    I bought a Sig Sucks p238 two-tone in June 2010 because I wanted a pocket pistol for summer carry. My first handgun I ever bought was a Glock 19 that I absolutely love! I have never had a single problem with my Glock 19 and would trust my life with it, God forbid that situation should arise.

    Having said that, from day one my p238 has had one problem after another. This thing jams, feeds like shit, fails to eject, and has proved itself to be a “lemon.” And to top it off, my last range outing ended with the slide locking back permanently after just 34 rounds!

    I called up Sig the next day and that **nt pissed me off! She told me that my warranty may have been voided because the gunsmith at the gun shop took a look at my gun. The extent of the work he did on the gun was changing the recoil guide spring! I sent it back to Sig and will not see it for at least 3-4 weeks. I bought this gun for summer carry and have not been able to because of one problem after another. I will never buy another Sig again. For everyone that has told me that Sig has great customer service is out of their mind. I love how Sig Sauer’s tag line is “To hell and back reliabily,” because I barely left my hometown and this thing **it the bed…

  • usabilityfirst

    If you’re considering the various P238 models, the HD model (heavy duty) is all stainless steel. I bought it because the extra 6 ounces helps absorb recoil, is more comfortable to shoot, feels very solid in the hands, and looks beautiful. The all-stainless appearance will show off custom grips very nicely. That said, the big draw-back is weight. At 21 ounces, if you’re pocket carrying, the extra weight is noticable. One of my wish-list items from Sig is a 7-round magazine with a pinkie rest, it should make the pistol REALLY fun to shoot.

    If you’re having reliability problems with the P238, stick with the third generation magazines; its just one problem to rule out. It might be smart to save money with Colt Mustang or ProMag magazines, but don’t try them until you know your P238 is solid as a rock.

  • usabilityfirst

    This is a terrific pistol, especially if you like single action pistols with a 1911 manual of arms. It is small, light, and easy to conceal. The sights are top-notch for a sub-compact pistol, especially for older eyes. It MAY HAVE some reliability problems, but they can be fixed. If you’re having problems, don’t get too worried; Sig has good customer service, and the faults can be addressed. Here are things to check:

    * Break in the gun with 150-200 rounds. Minor problems can be expected as the rough edges from the machining process are worked out.
    * Get the proper magazines. Sig has 3 different designs, and the third generation is far more reliable. I bought my P238 HD in Sept. 2010 and it came with a second-gen mag. I bought two third-gen directly from Sig and they make a big difference. You can identify third-gen magazines because the magazine follower does not have a curved ledge to the front (as does the 2nd gen), and has a small dimple on the top.
    * Get extra recoil springs, because they are a weakness of the gun. Sig says the spring should be replaced every 1,000 rounds, but you can expect to replace it closer to 250. They’re $12 a piece directly from Sig. When the tensil strength on the Sig spring falls off, so does reliability. As of Sept. 2010, Wolff does not make springs for the P238, but say they’re working on it. When they’re available, buy them.
    * Don’t ever limp-wrist this pistol, and don’t bend your elbows when shooting a 380 pistol; it’ll steal energy from the recoil. 380’s don’t have energy to burn like higher caliber rounds. My guess is a lot of complaining is going on because people aren’t using good shooting techniques.

    If you’re thinking of buying this gun, ignore the complainers, buy the gun, take responsibility for properly firing and maintaining a nifty piece of engineering.

  • wink

    Bought the p238 tac shoots great bought 2 aftermarket mags that fit to lose so wasted $50 on that but now my laser does’nt work replaced the battery and still nothing.any one have this problem?

  • Max

    Picked-up the black with rosewood grips and nightsights (most expensive too) P238 last week. Picked up 2 boxes of ammo and headed to the range later that day. Great looking and feeling gun. Loaded it up and pulled the trigger… Click… NO BANG!!! Hammer fell??? Racked the slide back, round ejected fine. Checked the primer NO mark!! I’ve heard of light firing pin strike, but this was nuts!! I cleaned the gun before I went to the range, so I know it had a firing pin. Pulled (actually “squeezed” the trigger, and this time it fired. Checked the primer, and it barely had a dent. 5 out of 50 rounds failed to fire!! Feeding and ejecting, accuracy and recoil were as good as you could hope for! Excellent gun other than the “light strike”problem. I’ll try different ammo, maybe manufacturing tollerances are enough to make a difference.

  • Kimberly

    I have had my P238 for over a year now and love it. It is my carry gun. It is small and compact and easy to carry. It is also very easy to take apart and clean. For everyone who says that is is ugly, it does come in different colors and styles. But, as a woman, I have to say that you guys sound like well women. 🙂 It is very reliable I have fired hundreds of rounds and never had the first problem out of mine. The same cannot be said for other guns that I have fired. I would recommend this gun to any and all. Especially women as it fits great in our smaller hands and is easy to take apart.

  • GlenR

    I purchase the P238 last week (blackwood if you must know). First thing I did was clean and lubricate with militec. I have put 100 rounds Fiocchi no issues, then box of Hornady Critcal Defense and Corbon DXP, no issues. I selected the P238 .380 over the LCP, Keltec and Khar because of accuracy, feel, and the great sight that provide fast target acquire. Price about the same as the Kahr and yes its $200 more than LCP or Keltec but worth it. I carry a 45ACP, when i cant i carry a S&W 40, when i cant i carry my P238 .380, when i cant my wife does….. I lover her 🙂

  • Solo

    I have a P238 and don’t think it’s ugly. I could care less about that though. This gun is totally unreliable, and to think it was to be my carry gun?!
    Break in period?? More than the 200 rounds I’ve already wasted? My really ugly Glocks have never failed me, even after 1000’s of rounds. Maybe if Sig made the P238 REALLY ugly it would shoot reliably….like a Glock.

  • SigSmitten

    1) INMHO a real sig sauer has a decocker. 2) I have yet to shoot a micro-.380 that hasn’t jammed in some form multiple times on only half a box of range ammo. Regardless of manufacturer. 3) I carried a p-232 for years. That gun rocks. 4) I now carry a p239 SAS in 9mm. LOVE it. 5) if you want a .380, there is no better carry/purse gun on the market than the p232 BUT you are going to pay for it.6) good luck finding Hornady Critical Defense in either .380 or .9mm. At Cabelas it’s a 120 day back order. Use Federal hydrashock personal defense. 6) Get an all black gun. Guns should be heard and not seen, except for the business end of the barrel. 7) I love my CrossBreed super tuck holster. 8) the micro.380 thing is a FAD and eventually people will wake up to the fact that they will have to either go up in price to work right or fold and go back to p232/PPK size.

  • Pleiadian7

    lee? I have a new 238 and have experienced MANY FTEs. Just lock the slide back, drop the mag and everything in there should just come right out. Check to see if you have any feed ramp burring. Mine has a ding, as does my girlfriend’s. I’m sending both back to SIG. What a disappointment. I’ve never had a prob. with SIGs before and have had and do have many of them. Sounds like some them are prob. free and some are just screwed up. SIG says the barrel springs are not right, causing FTEs. I dunno. It’s such a stunning little pistol, too bad SIG’s customers are unwitting BETA-testers. Maybe Bill Gates is running SIG?

  • Josh

    You gotta love the pretty boys who have to have their pretty guns. What’s next, you guys want a Calvin Klein symbol on your guns? Please, Sig’s one of the best out there. It doesn’t matter about looks if you’re protecting your family. I love my 238. I’ve put hundreds of rounds through it and it’s a great gun.

  • BigMac

    Purchased a Sig P238 SAS in March and been trying to break it ever since. First, let me say I think this particular pistol is a beauty. Have shot Rem UMC, Blazer Brass, S&B, Winchester WB, PMC, StarFire Defense, Hornady Critical Defense and Gold Dot. The only ammo this pistol did not like was the WWB, and it is possible I got a bad run. I will try another box of different run before declaring the Winchester unusable. First two magazines the slide failed to lock after last round. Haven’t had that problem since. Total round count is 600 and counting. Very reliable pistol that tucks into my pocket every day along with an Uncle Mike’s #3 holster. Just received a DeSantis SuperFly and think it will be even better than the Uncle Mike. Loaded with the Critical Defense it is a great companion. Still prefer my Sig P220 Equinox, but too large and heavy for every day carry. If you believe any gun is better than no gun, get one of these and stick it in your pocket. You won’t leave home without it.

  • lee

    what am I doing wrong? I bought my p238 sig new from cabela’s I read all of the manual before I field striped, cleaned and oiled the pistol. after cleaning and oiling I tried to cycle a few rounds throw the pistol and it worked great the first mag but on the second mag one of the shells would not eject!! so I have a live round in the chamber and on way to clear the gun!.

  • Willie

    Love it. My wife wanted a gun so we went to the store to look at the new Ruger LCP. They also had the Taurus 738 TCP. She had problems racking the slide on both guns. The attendant showed us the P238 and my wife loved it immediately. She had no problems racking the slide, and the trigger was also a lot easier. I took it to the range and shot 50 rounds. Very accurate at 7 yds. I may have to get one for myself.

  • PiousMonger

    Bought mine last October (black, post-recall). Nice single action, worked without a flaw for about…….. 150 rounds. Began requiring a second strike (lightly dimpled primer). Thought it may be cheap import ammo. Then began occuring with premium brands, and a few FTE’s Yikes! Sent it back to Sig, returned with “adjusted extractor & lube”. 150 rounds in, begins to light strike again. Ouch. I like this little beast, but no love. I ignore the manual, replace firing pin spring AND recoil spring (11 lb.) with WOLFF springs. Use #2000 emery cloth to polish feed ramp and as many wear surfaces as I can touch. OIL. OIL. OIL some more. Since, about 300 rounds thru her, no problems. Convinced problem was weak factory recoil spring. Custom DM Bullard holster, and she hides like a bulemic mouse under my T-shirt. She is a good girl, but NOT as trustworhy as HK .45 USP (7000 rds. no failures) or Springfield XD “3 .40 (350 rounds). I know, apples and oranges. Amazing feel and accuracy for tiny gun. I am an optimist.


  • clwilds

    Just got my P238 yesterday, put over 150 rounds through it without one FTF/FTE using Remington FMJ’s and Federal Hydro-shocks. Love it so far, but at home tried to cycle more hydro-shocks through manually and it kept jamming. Not sure I’m gonna start trusting it over my Glock 26 for CCW quite yet.

  • Blizzard

    I too traded an LCP for this great looking pistol. I hope to get to the range soon.

  • I love this thing. I got the all black. older model but produced after the recalls. Previous owner though it was hard to cock so I got it cheap from our local gun dealer. havent got to shoot it yet but Im looking forward to it.

  • Storfisk

    Do yourselves a favor. Forget pretty.Forget ugly. purchase the cheapest version with Aluminum grips. Within 20 seconds after crimson trace comes out with grips. Buy em, put em on,and throw away the aluminum ones. Being alive is pretty. Being dead is ugly

  • mike from tucson

    Sig P238, “Ugly?” Maybe to the home invader who gets a micro second to record the Hornady “Critical Defense” round that’s clearing his sinuses.
    It’s well built, reliable if I do my part, small enough to occupy comfortably an accessible pocket while I watch TV with my wife and can start the music while I fight my way to the ‘bigger brass’ 1911 section. I carry the piece cocked and locked with a round in the chamber. Just like the ’11. That’s an important ‘plus’ for me.

  • P238 fan

    Its been along time since I’ve logged on, after reading some of the comments that have been posted over the last six months it looks like a few people are not as happy with theirs as I am mine. I bought my first one 30 seconds after it was put in my hand, ya I had to deal with the recall but like with cars and child safety devices, recalls are not a bad thing! Turn around time was just over a week and a half and they sent it back with an extra mag ($40 value)! Since then I bought another one because my wife took over the first one. My dad bought an LCP a month or so before my P238 and as soon as he can get his hand on a P238 the LCP will hit the used market.

  • Adam

    SIGArms, now SIG Sauer here in the US, seems to throw the same old classic SIG styling cues on every gun they pump out now these days, their 1911s and the new Mustang clones. These new guns not even remotely related, mechanically, to the classic SIG P22x which is the reason SIG has a reputation for reliability. Did the German/Swiss engineers at SIG, now Swiss Arms AG, go on strike or something?

  • Fr. Darren

    This thing is put together like a swiss watch. Not pretty…but since when are guns supposed to be pretty? Reliable back up power if I can’t get to my Steyr M9 A1.

  • Mr. Murphy

    Just bought mine today. Think it looks fine, but don’t really care. It’s a sig so it’s gotta be well made. Will repost after I’ve got 200 rounds thru it.

  • Matty

    Picked up two over the weekend… One for me and one for my lady friend. I held probably 6 or 7 different subcompacts at the store including the LCP. While I did like the size/weight of the LCP as a carry gun, it only takes a few seconds with the Sig in hand to fall in love with it. Had a few minor issues mainly related to the slide not going all the way forward (went from the store to the range). Took it home and gave it a good scrub and some oil. Now the action works like a champ.

    It’s EASY to break down (esp if you own a 1911). It feels marvelous in the hand (and i have big hands). It was very accurate (3″ groups at 7yds). Above all, the gun is comfortable to shoot. And that’s really what it’s all about.

  • Allen

    I recently purchased a Ruger LCP and eagerly awaiting a P238 with rosewood grips/night sights. From the reviews I read here… I REALLY can’t wait. If this shoots that much better than the LCP… I’m in good shape. I do just fine with the LCP and have grown used to it, but the 238 feels and looks that much better.

  • sidewinder

    Brand new P238 at the range choked on the last shell (didn’t clear the frame) most every time for the first 60 rounds. Worrisome. Only put 75 rounds through it, I’ll continue breaking it in this weekend. Love my P220, never have any problems with it, this worries me.

  • sixplus1

    Fun to shoot. Carry in back pocket everyday with alternating hydra-shock & FMJ. I just like a gun that I can actually carry anywhere, anytime. Aside from some mag problems, Sig got this right. Carry six plus one, hammer up.

  • pretty doesnt defend .have brought thep238 loaded with105gr.hp.carries good about pretty guns lets talk kimbers.

  • GE

    Not to get side tracked, but anyone check out the new guns for 2010, like the Guardian, another sub-compact, lighter weight and I believe shorter barrel than P236 & Ruger LCP? I’m not sure they are in stores yet. I saw it in a gun mag for 2010 guns, but the LCP & 238 were there also.

  • Resqu2

    Hey, as for the ugly Glocks, a Glock is what you show your enemies, a 1911 is what you show your friends

  • JJ

    I purchased the Sig due to being a 1911 fan and it looks like a mini 1911 and feels good in your hand! The only problem I have is that I had a LCP and it was recalled, now the sig has a recall! Why don’t these manufacturers make sure of what they are putting out there? This is a gun ,not a toy, malfunction could cost a life! Ruger sent owners an xtra magazine and a hat for the trouble, let’s see what Sig does!!!

  • sunny

    i bought my sig p238 today after messing around for 5 hours i still cant load the bullet in chamber when the magazine has all 6 bullets in it. for those who havent bought it yet consider something else …

  • Jon

    Mine is black with rosewood grips. It aint ugly at all. I have carried a Ruger LCP in my back pocket for over a year. There is absolutely no comparison between shooting the two. The SIG is a pleasure to shoot. The Ruger is not.

  • john Cain

    Not sure where the ugly comes into play here, I bought a LCP for my wife but was not real impressed other than the size, then I was shown one of these at local gun shop, this is a very nice looking but more than that a good feeling gun, and yes i hate glocks, unless you like holding something that feels like a box in your hand, have a sig p232 going to sell and LCP and buying two of these this week. If these people think this is an ugly gun please state what you think is a good looking one.

  • Michael Elliott

    It might be ugly but have one on order to replace my Colt Pocketlite.Properly lube your weapon and slide doesn’t wear frame. Can retire Pocketlite and don’t have to worry about parts for a gun over ten years old.

  • Charlie

    A person being shot at could care less what color the gun is being used to shoot him. I called Hogue the other day to see if they would be starting production on the grips yet. Its in progress. I picked up a mustang clip for it with a finger rest and it adds another round. 8 total.

  • OLD P238 fan

    AMEN new fan!

  • NEW P238 FAN

    I side with P238 Fan. All of you Christopher Lowel wannabes need to put down your good housekeeping magazines and renew your subscription to combat handguns. This weapon has been ultra reliable (which is more than I can say for the Kahr P40 that I traded in for it), and it with put a .380 diameter hole where you ask it to. Hell, I might re finish mine royal purple and hang a 3′ feather from it just to spite you all! It’s great for a cop on a budget like me that has always wanted a Mustang but cannot see himself paying $800+ for a used, holster worn, inferior (plastic guide rod, unreliable double recoil springs) weapon that is not even being manufactured anymore. Even Sloth from the goonies was a bad mo-fo, no matter how ugly he was.

  • David

    The looks don’t mean anything to me. The magazine that came with it wouldn’t seat with six in it. The second one I purchase does. The gun doesn’t eject the last round – I have to remove the magazine then shake it out. It seems to jam a lot but is getting better as I shoot it more. Haven’t put 100 rounds through it yet so it may need more breaking in. Actually, I don’t think its an ugly gun but I’m not sure how confident I feel about carrying it as my only off duty gun.

  • P238 Fan

    I bought my P238 about a week ago and its been in my waist band ever since, the sights are awesome and dead on. For those people talking about how ugly it is, they need to go back to their interior decorating school or their hair salons, you can talk like a fag there all you want without being labeled one… Its a gun, not wallpaper or a table center piece.

  • Jeffery McClintock

    I picked up the P 238 and headed for the range. The size is perfect for a back up weapon and or to have with you instead of a lugging around larger weapon.

    From the time the first round left the chamber I fell in love with it. Not too heavy, well balanced intelligent appearance and of course accurate. Thank You Sig Saur for yet another outstanding product!

  • colt guy

    i want i want i want

  • Kevin

    You know, its really modern looking and I have always liked the size, design of the old Mustangs. I want one!! If they get the 238 to feel better in my hand than a Mustang, Then I am a VERY happy camper.

  • Sailingwindward

    I was looking to get the Ruger LCP for concealment & it’s lightweight 9. oz, but I don’t like DAO or pistols that don’t have an external hammer, the only drawback I might see with the P-238 is I have owned a Colt mustang and the metal slide wore the aluminum frame and made the gun jam because the rails where scored, so I traded it for a Lama .380, great gun but too heavy for a pocket.

  • Roger

    All this complaining about the gun being ugly, guess you guys never saw a Glock before!


    first of all. people keep talking about how it looks like the colt pony. this is false. it looks like the colt MUSTANG. the pony was double-action. secondly, this gun looks great!! i don’t know of any bad guys who prefer to be shot with an ugly gun anyway.

  • Joe Gerhardt

    Butt ugly compared to the mustasng. I guess Sig really likes those High Point designs. I am not buying anything from Sig since they screwed up their 556 rifle and pistol and now came out with the Classic series which everyone wanted in the first place. I bought the rifle and pistol and wasted my money adding accessories that are now called classic. Buy this p238 and next year they’ll probably change or discontinue it. Sig has some old deadwood engineers at their plant like Ruger does.

  • why not?

    its concealed for a reason. who cares what it looks like as long as it drops the bad guy?

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  • Ross

    yes, it is ugly, but mostly because of the 3 colors. If it were all black and had something like a Hoque grip it would look much better. It would look a lot better with some decent sights on it, too; maybe Novaks…….

  • Mang

    What on earth is this tiny, amusing handgun? I guess Sig is trying to re-do the old Colt Pony .380’s… Is this really what people who wanted a subcompact Sig were looking for? SAO and a lot of sharp edges?

    Still, it does look like it could be fun.

  • Ronnie Conrad

    That is one of the uglyist dam pistols i have ever seen:(