SIG SAUER’s Tactical Pistols in Elite Dark

SIG SAUER now carries their SIG SAUER P220, P226 (pictured…

SIG SAUER now carries their SIG SAUER P220, P226 (pictured above) and P229 (below) in the Elite Dark color, meant specifically for tactical use. The SIG SAUER P220; the best out-of-the-box accurate .45 pistol since its original development as the Swiss Army pistol, and the P226 with its long and successful history with elite government and military organizations, along with law enforcement’s favorite P229, are now available in an all black tactical version.

p229-elite-dark.jpgThe models are built on the highly successful Classic Elite beavertail frame with front strap checkering. They are finished in a hard coat black anodize alloy with a black Nitron® stainless steel slide featuring front cocking serrations and a tactical rail for accessory lights and lasers. The Elite Dark series also features the SRTTM (Short Reset Trigger), the 4-point safety system and aluminum black anodize grips. Threaded barrel models are available for theP220 (45ACP only), P226 and P229 (9mm only).

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  • Sean

    Ken Hayes,

    What type of holster are you looking for? I have a duty holster (6285 light bearing duty holster from safariland – level 3 retention) and it fits the Streamlight TLR1 (which I had on there for my Sig P229)

    I also have a leather CCW light bearing duty holster – I’m not sure who makes it but I can look it up if you’re interested.

    Anyway, the point is, they DO exist. I had a HELL of a time finding them, but they’re out there. if you’re interested in mine, let me know. I’m actually selling them.

  • ken hayes

    Just purchased a P229 dark elite with the rail and love it but having issues with finding accessories such as holsters to fit with my light,any ideas?

  • Steve Hathorn

    Purchased the Elite, P229, Dark 9MM yesterday, placed 150 rounds today, Not one flaw, misfire or jam very happy with this fine piece of engineering. It is well worth the money I paid for it. Out of the box and on the range, accuracy is simple, aim at your target, squeeze the trigger, dead on!! 10ft, 15ft, 25ft… I cannot say enough except that this is my first Sig and can’t think of another reason to buy another right now. Awsome……

  • Jack Johnson

    Looks nice. I have a 220 platinum elite that is just pure awesome. I may have to look into one of these soon, maybe the 226 in 9mm.

  • Ken Robinson

    I recently purchased this fine piece of handgun technology! I used to carry a P226 when I worked in drug enforcement in Florida and Ihave to say, that 229 was literally a life saver and no matter what kind of hell and torture it went though, it delivered time after time, day or night without one single failure in all the years I had it. With that in mind and money in hand many years afterwards, I purchased the P229 Elite Dark! I never expected to purchased this handgun, not because I didn’t like it or want it but because I never expected find one so easily. Imagine my surprise when I walked into my favourite gun shop and ran across this sweet piece of technology. The price was haggled on a bit, the waiting game was played, and after about an hour or so, she was all mine! On and off the range, it is the BEST handgun I’ve ever owned! The out of the box accuracy is unbelievable, the night sights are dead on, and as with my other P226 this P229 is flawless in operation. No, I have NOT put it through the “mud test” or subjected it to any “torture test”, I have NOT put 3,000,000 round through it yet either; other agencies have already done those tests for us already. Sigs are strong, reliable, and above all else, dependable when the need arises!