Siglite Lights

SIGLITE LIGHTS Get the latest in rugged light technology with…


Get the latest in rugged light technology with SIG SAUER’S SIGLITE Tactical Light Series designed to carry on your person or to mount to a weapon accessory rail or rifle vertical grip. With four models: the STL-100C Mini Tac Light, STL-100 Tac Light, STL-300J Joint Defense Light and STL-900L Weapons Light, there’s one to suit any of your needs. More info at SIG SAUER, 18 Industrial Dr, Dept GW/LE, Exeter, NH 03833; 603-772-2302;

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  • I bought a Sig Sauer P-220 .45cal Serial # G148-159 in 1987 when our agency finally got smart and let us go to semi- auto’s for those officers who wanted to dump the department issue flintlocks. I have just retired from the department after working 25 years of Gang Suppression and Narcotic Enforcement. I love my P-220 and over the years, it has taken a pretty hefty beating mostly wear and tear, holster wear mostly. I will never get rid of the pistol that has kept me alive over all these years plus the sentilmental attachment I have for this awesome firearm. What would I have to do to send my P-220 back to the factory for a complete overhaul so it will look as good as the day I bought it, and of course safety checked tuned to perfection so my confidence in my baby will never waiver. When the time comes, it will be handed down to my son. (But not Yet)?

    Respectfully Submitted:
    Retired Agent and
    President, owner of
    Pinnacle Investigation
    David R. Cook