Singapore army buys 8,000 iPad 2s for its soldiers.

Every modern soldier needs one - a notebook computer, that…

Every modern soldier needs one – a notebook computer, that is.

And the modern recruit of the Singapore Armed Forces undergoing basic military training now gets one, along with his green fatigues, helmet and boots.

At the Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC), recruits go online to learn how to assemble and handle their rifle, throw a grenade, carry out first aid and clear battle obstacles before going outfield to get hands-on experience.

The Straits Times understands that about 2,600 enlistees were issued laptop computers in December at the start of their BMT. The recruits returned the devices to the training centres after they graduated last week.

The online tutorials have replaced some lectures in the training shed or classroom, used now instead for discussions of current affairs and national education.

Soldiers learn the how-tos of the practical skills in their bunks through BMTC’s online platform Learnet. Questions can be directed to their commanders through a live messaging system.

Source: Jermyn Chow for Asia One.

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