The Sionics SAR-15-QR10 offers true no-nonsense Mil-Spec quality at the…

The Sionics SAR-15-QR10 offers true no-nonsense Mil-Spec quality at the right price for today’s law enforcement needs. It is shown equipped with an EOTech 553.A65TAN HWS and Atlas Precision BT10 bipod.

Sionics Weapon Systems is a fairly new AR rifle manufacturer that is committed to delivering the highest quality Mil-Spec no-nonsense guns at the lowest possible price. And judging by its SAR-15-QR10 rifle, I would say they have succeeded.

Sionics SAR-15-QR10 exhibited tight tolerances between the upper and lower receivers and an excellent finish.

The staff and management at Sionics is made up of former military and law enforcement personnel who know what it means to depend on your weapon system. Josh Ellis, the owner of Sionics, has worked closely with many police armorers to ensure that his rifle meets their needs. It has been extensively tested and approved by the Tucson Police Department as a patrol rifle. According to Ellis, Sionics rifles are being used by federal agents as well as being currently evaluated by several law enforcement agencies.

The SAR-15-QR10 sports an olive drab Magpul ACS carbine stock, MIAD pistol grip, MOE enlarged triggerguard, XTM rail panels, PMag and MBUS flip-up front and rear sights.

The SAR-15 is a direct gas impingement 5.56mm NATO semi-auto rifle exhibiting above standard quality. The fit and finish and attention to detail are equivalent to what one would expect from a custom gun shop and with some extras as well.

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