‘SLAMRAAM’ is Army’s new short-range air defense weapon.

America's soldiers will soon have a new weapon against a…

America’s soldiers will soon have a new weapon against a variety of threats from the skies. It’s got a cool name, too. The SLAMRAAM system was unveiled Wednesday morning at the Space and Missile Defense Conference in Huntsville.

SLAMRAAM, the Surfaced-Launched Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile, is a truck that combines a missile launcher with other advanced technologies. It’s the Army’s future short-range air defense weapon.

Military leaders say it will prevent air attacks in a way no other system does.

“It fulfills a gap all on its own,” said Lt. Col. Brent Wilhide, the SLAMRAAM Product Manager. “There’s not another capability on the field that can perform on its own in the way that the SLAMRAAM will in the future.”

Redstone teams partnered with Yulista and Raytheon to build the SLAMRAAM. The new product should reach soldiers in the field by 2013.

Source: WHNT

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