Sleepsafe Biometric Vault Furniture

SleepSafe Company announced today the launch of its new furniture…


SleepSafe Company announced today the launch of its new furniture vault model, the SleepSafe SecureVault. This piece of furniture has a hidden 2mm-thick metal safe accessed by a biometric finger scanner. Made with a solid wood frame and engineered wood panels, the cabinet is finished in an attractive merlot stained veneer or a unique red pecan stained veneer.

The safe itself is super-secure with 2mm.-thick steel all-around and plasma welded at our ISO9001 factory. It is affixed to the frame of the cabinet and features a biometric finger scanner with 99.7% recognition. The biometric scanner opens instantly upon scanning of the finger. If desired, the metal safe can be secured to a wall behind the cabinet to render the cabinet vault immovable.


The style of the Sleepsafe Securevault is designed for maximum stability as a cabinet vault. It was also designed for maximum utility with three large full-extension drawers able to hold 100 pounds of weight each.

The Sleepsafe Securevault models offer unique style and design with matching handles and base accents. Rich in design, quality and features, The Sleepsafe Securevault is a multipurpose security solution for your home or office.

For more information on the SleepSafe SecureVault, please visit their consumer site at:


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