Smith & Wesson M40 Centennial .38SPL Revolver Review

Take a trip back in time with a PROVEN CLASSIC, the Smith & Wesson M40 Centennial .38 Special Revolver!

To be honest, I admit that I have a long-term affection towards Smith J-frames. One friend describes it as an affliction, but then, what does he know? So, readers should be aware that this article is biased from the beginning.

smith-wesson2.jpgI carried one version or another for most of my 30-year career in law enforcement. My first back-up gun was a nickeled Model 36, Chiefs Special. It was my 24/7 carry from 1977 until 1990 when I retired it for the then-new Model 640 Stainless Centennial. They were carried on a daily basis in an Alessi ankle rig or a TR pocket holster.

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