S&W M&P15 Sport


LE-ready M&P15 Sport carbine with everything you need — and nothing you don’t!

The lower receiver of the M&P15 Sport, emblazoned with the S&W seal, features standard AR-style controls.

The unfortunate truth is that many law enforcement agencies, large or small, are strapped for cash. Firearms are just one of the many line items on the budget, and whether they are outfitting a couple of officers or the entire department, money matters. Smith & Wesson catalogs 17 different M&P15 rifles for law enforcement use. The least expensive (non-rimfire) rifle in this line is the M&P15 ORC (Optics-Ready Carbine) with a suggested retail price of $1,069. That is, until now, with the introduction of the S&W M&P15 Sport 5.56mm.


The M&P15 Sport is not cataloged as a law enforcement rifle, but that isn’t an issue. At the basic level, a patrol or tactical carbine for law enforcement only needs to be reliable, accurate and compact enough to answer the call. The idea behind the M&P15 Sport was to offer a high-performance AR at an affordable price, and S&W has accomplished this. The suggested retail is a surprising $739.

This is indeed a bargain, regardless if you are comparing the M&P15 Sport to other S&W rifles or rifles from other manufacturers. I recently built an AR-15 similar in configuration to the M&P15 Sport using the least expensive parts I could find. The total cost was just a shade over $600. The difference is that this firearm was cobbled together with parts from various manufacturers and had no implied comprehensive warranty. With the S&W M&P15 Sport, you know you are buying a rifle that a reputable manufacturer will stand behind.

Did Smith & Wesson cut corners to get the M&P15 Sport priced so low? That’s a valid question. However, it’s not the case. The S&W M&P15 Sport does differ in several ways from the rest of the rifles in their line, but as far as I am concerned, some of these differences are actually upgrades, features that make this rifle not only unique but as good as—if not better—than more expensive alternatives.

The S&W M&P15 Sport is the affordable, mission capable AR many law enforcement agencies have been waiting for. Shown here with Aimpoint PRO red dot optic.

I think the most notable enhancement or difference has to do with the lower receiver. Typical Mil-Spec lower receivers and the lower receivers for all S&W M&P15 rifles have a cut-out under the triggerguard. They require a separate piece be attached, pinned to the receiver, to close in the triggerguard. With Mil-Spec parts commonly used by most AR manufacturers, it leaves a gap at the back of the triggerguard. When you place your hand on the grip, the first knuckle of the middle finger on your shooting hand will become sore and blistered after less than a half day on the range.

With the Sport, S&W took a different approach to this problem. After all, there is no reason a rifle at any price should be uncomfortable to shoot. By forging an integral, full triggerguard into the lower receiver, S&W eliminated this issue completely. There are no gaps, recesses or anything else to attack your fingers or knuckles. It creates a very comfortable grip. If it were left up to me, this new lower receiver would become the standard receiver for all S&W M&P15 rifles. It’s that nice.

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  • Hamsteak1039

    This doesn’t have a 1/8 Twist, it has a 1/9 twist. It’s stamped on the end of the barrel.

  • I will be moving to the country in January 2013 (retiring) and picked the M&P15 as my close range defensive weapon of choice and bought five of them and forty mags. the price can’t be beat and each one has operated without fail using surplus ammo.To date I’ve worked out to 200 yards and have4 cycled trough over 2400 rounds I have yet to be disappointed. If you want a solid AR platform I would recommend you buy two M&P15’s instead of one higher priced rifle, the quality is sound and the rifle shoots very well I also own a Bushmaster, the 15 is at least on a par with that grade a weapon. When I replenish my ammo I will go with something other than surplus though.

  • KW

    Simply the best value out there. I just brought mine out to the range for the first time and started shooting groupings of less than 1/2 inch at 25yds out of the box on the factory iron sights, one mag to zero in and it’s a tack driver.
    Crisp, short travel trigger, just a pure joy to shoot. I Love this Rifle!

  • Sure is a great rifle, i over payed cabela’s $699 no breaks on price at all but it was worth it. any way, i had to have it. fired like a dream. very happy with it. it was dead on at 25 yards

  • Mark

    Just got mine and it is every bit as badass as my Bushmaster and Colt, just a lot less and less is more. Very pleased. Well made AR

  • Steve G

    I purchased My M&P15 about 1-1/2 years ago and have all the fun stuff on it including a EOtech holographic red dot with 3x magnifier and have put about 2000 rounds or so through it and have not had 1 jam or malfunction. The gun shoots straight and is right and tight. Thanks S&W you guys know how to do it right. I highly recommend this firearm to anyone that wants to shoot problem free.

  • Josh Boyd

    I bought by S&W ar15 MOE edition for $1200 and my dad bought the sportsman and their bout identical except the forward assist and the dust guard, great gun, is just like mine, for half the price. both great preforming guns. S&W has their stuff down. Thanks S&W for doing a great job every time.

  • Eric Russell

    I bought my Sport at a Gun Show in January and have thoroughly enjoyed owning it. It’s a great rifle to plink with if you get your ammo pretty cheap, plus, if need be, it can be used for personal defense. It’s all you need in a simple, effective, reliable package. S&W scored a hit!

  • Jim Allen

    Absolutely spectacular. I have had the opportunity to shoot several ar’s and the sport that I bought for $700.00 is extremely comparable and reliable.

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  • Cecil

    Great rifle for the price! I’ve had mine for 2 months and put about 1,000 rounds through it and the performance is spot on. Good job S&W!

  • Dan

    Great! Functional simplicity. I started some years ago with a RRA for under a 1000.00 and by the time I installed all of the “Tacti-Cool” stuff it gained excessive weight and bulk.
    Pick your favorite optic and spend the rest of the money on ammo and mags. Good job S&W!

  • Will

    Picked one up at my local range and could not be happier with it. Less is more definitely hits home for this rifle, and it performs superbly for the price point.

  • Jim Ironman

    Wow, what a great gun for the price. Everything you need and nothing you don’t. Can be built up with your tacti-cool toys if you like. Even a CA compliant version with the bullet button.

  • Tony Yates

    This is a terrific bargain on a S&W M&P 15 Sport!
    Everything you need and nothing you don’t! I like everything about this carbine!