Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 Rifle

The Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 Rifle is the latest offering in the S&W military & police rifle series.


Smith & Wesson has expanded its Military & Police (M&P) Rifle Series with the introduction of a new tactical rifle chambered in .22 LR – the Smith & Wesson M&P15-22. The dedicated .22 LR platform offers the fit and feel of the company’s popular M&P15 rifle, while being chambered in the more economical ammunition.

Engineered on a high strength polymer upper and lower receiver, the M&P15-22 benefits from reduced weight while retaining the looks and operating features of the standard M&P15 rifle. The new semi-automatic rifle features a 16-inch barrel with a twist of 1 in 15 inches. The M&P15-22 is standard with a six-position collapsible stock to accommodate a variety of shooters and shooting positions, an A3 style flat top upper receiver with a quad-rail handguard for easily mounting optional accessories and an A2 pistol grip for improved firearm control.

The new tactical rifle also features a fully functional charging handle, an AR-15 style magazine release, bolt catch and a two-position receiver mounted safety. The M&P15-22 is complete with a removable 25 round magazine along with a removable A2-style front post sight, an adjustable A2-style rear sight and a single stage trigger. An optional barrel shroud is also available.

“In designing the new M&P15-22, our engineers pulled out all of the stops to develop the ultimate .22LR platform,” said Tom Kelly, Vice President of Marketing for Smith & Wesson. “The rifle’s operating features, functionality and durability are exactly what you would expect from any of Smith & Wesson’s tactical rifles. By remaining true to the standard AR-15 design while offering all of the preferred features found on the M&P Rifle Series, the M&P15-22 is well suited for a variety of recreational shooting applications while also being an extremely viable training firearm for law enforcement and military personnel. Shooters will find the M&P15-22 to be a great firearm for multiple uses with the reduced recoil and economical .22LR caliber ammunition.”

The M&P15-22 has an unloaded weight of approximately 5 pounds.  The rifle measures a compact 31 inches with the stock collapsed and 34 inches with the stock fully extended.  The M&P15-22 is designed to accept all 1913 Mil. Std. rail adaptable accessories, Mil-Spec carbine stocks and most standard after-market AR-15 pistol grips.

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  • Harold C Rider jr

    How much for the rifle

    • aaron

      I just picked one up in MA for 450 with a nice optic

      • Charlie

        Where in mass did you get it

        • aaron

          Four Seasons in Woburn, MA They have the best deals in Massachusetts. I’ve picked up most of my guns from there.

  • Mike

    Do you carry a Bi-Pod for this rifle?How much is it?

    • Walker Matthews

      yeah I need an iPod adapter for mine too

  • Carefull with the S&W ar-15 .22 .. Mine still has a couple rounds in the mag after it seems empty.

  • Dylan

    I shot this gun at my friends house and it jammed like 3 times. i like this gun but i could do without the jams

  • i would like to know if smith and wesson will ever make a magizine that holds more rounds,i hope they do i know a lot of people will buy them,sincerely Roy for the mp 22 tac rifle.

  • i would like to know if smith and wesson will ever make a magizine that holds more rounds,i hope they do i know a lot of people will buy them,sincerely Roy

  • The Mossberg MMR looks just like the snw mnp 15 22. It’s even missing the forward assist. I bought my 15 22 last week and have taken it out shooting once. Best 22 out there. No missfires no jams. It’s light and accurate. I love how it breaks down just like a real m4. It’s not a bogus piece of junk like the mossberg 702 tactical and it’s not some frankenstein monster like the colt. The Sig seems cool but if you want the m4 m16 platform you can’t beat the smith.

  • Potato Joe

    I bought my M&P15-22 about a month ago. Put on a Vortex scope, flashlight and red laser. It looks awesome! I’ve fired well over 1,000 rounds of Blazer ammo through it without a hiccup. Have been using it mainly for spotlighting jackrabbits and it’s awesome! I love this gun….the rabbits don’t.

  • Dave

    This is one gun I love to shoot! Mag dump of 25 rnds in < 8 seconds is a blast & doesn’t break the bank like my trusty Bushmaster .223. The rear sight elevation knob would NOT turn, took it off, put paper clip in hole for “detent pin” underneath site block, gently poked & prodded and it works great now!
    No other problem after 1000+ rnds..a few FTF’s with lousy ammo. It loves CCI Mini Mags and very accurate to about 20 to 30 yards with iron sights. Decked it out w/ tactical-dactical and looks great!
    Highly recommended inexpensive FUN shooting for the family !!

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  • Ferrell

    I also have a MP15-22 with no ftf or fte problems.I use Federal champion and CCI mini mags in mine for ammo. Alot of the comments that I have read are of people using Remington ammo. In my opinion Remington is junk ammo. The diameter of the bullet itself is a little larger thus making the bullet not seat properly in the chamber.That is why S&W says not to use Remington in the owners manuel. Just my 2 cents!

  • Ferrell

    Everybody that seems to have feed problems with their MP15-22’s are using Remington ammo which the owners manuel states not to use!

  • Ivan

    Dear All ..!
    I have Buy this carabine Smith&Wesson in Italy. S&W Model MP15 in the .22 Caliber! WARNING WARNING WARNING!!! This carabine has the BIG problem of project!!! This gun, explode the proiectile in the camber!! The proiectile was eject from the window expulsion!!!

  • Tyler N,

    ok man.the blue spring is in the rifle upper / lower receiver.the big spring on the bolt and the
    spring that is on the hammer,
    the blue spring is the up grade from the older spring.if your rifle does not have a blue spring call smith wesson and see what they will do,as soon as you open the upper/lower and pull out the charging handle the spring is on the back of the bolt.

  • On 9 April 2011, six people were killed by a gunman who entered the Ridderhof mall in Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands Using a rifle SMITH & WESSON’S M&P15-22 Rifle , 24-year-old Tristan van der Vlis shot several people and then killed himself, reportedly with a different firearm. There were seven deaths, including the killer, and 17 wounded,making it the deadliest incident in the Netherlands since the 2009 attack on the Dutch royal family

  • Apr. 13 / 11

  • Galvin

    I have had this gun for almoust a year now. It is byfar the best .22lr iv ever shot. Insane accurate out of the box. I agree with some of the guys saying that i beleive the jamming and the shooting urself or someone else with it is operator error. Keep gun pointed in safe direction at all times and keep it away from childern its a .22 but its not a toy. The jamming can be cuased by cheap ammo or you jackasses who sit and pull trigger as fast as you can thinkin its a full auto. But overall this gun is great. I use Remington ammo and works great. I carry this gun with me all the time along with my ar15 its great for them prarie dogs up close.

  • milk man

    Bought mine today: Shot about 300 rounds. Used two flavors of rounds. Winchester (bought a box of 525 for $20) and tried out Remington high velocity rounds (50 for about 2 bucks). I was more impressed with the Remington rounds.

    Out of the 300+ rounds I shot, I had maybe 3 jams (on the Winchester rounds) and had one factory defect bullet (it was crooked).

    The weapon itself shoots beautifully. No kick. Super light. I like to put my face right up to it. I paid 500 for mine. I also got stock sights along with a red dot sight (Which I haven’t tried yet). This is much more fun and CHEAPER to shoot than my bersa thunder (which eats up .380 rounds). GREAT so far..but this is only day one.

  • shawn

    hey i got a new m&p 15 .22 was just wondering if anybody knew if you can swap out trigger assemblies if it is the same as an ar15 or not?

  • Jonathan

    You can easily fix that jamming problem bud. Just barely bend the ejector upward. You can also fix it, well not really, but by holding the mag up and back and that creates the same action on the ejector that bending it does. Can look it up on youtube. Havent had any serious problems since. Still jams 1-75 bullets but whatever. Unacceptable if you ever really needed it or paid good money for it, but they are generally cheap and economical to shoot.

  • Mark

    I bought this rifle at Academy about a year ago. The gun started jamming after every shot bending the shell casings, I have tried different brands. When I was ejecting a jam I released the bolt and the gun fired without my hand anywhere near the trigger. Good thing I had the gun pointed in a safe direction. The people next to me saw the whole thing, and said “that gun fired without pulling the trigger!” I called S&W to return the gun, and the guy on the phone says he hasn’t heard any problems or complaints about this gun!

  • Jon

    Should proof read your postings, or you will sound like an idiot; like my last post. A cool piece of info… the pistol version of this gun is compatable with the full rifle version. So you can put the shorter 6″ barreled upper from the pistol on the lower of the rifle, with the adjustable stock. It turns the ar15-22 pistol into what I would compare to an mp-5. Its a blast to shoot compact this way, especialy when doing tactical training. You can also still use your red dot sites, and flash light laser combo from your rifle on the quad rail.

  • Jon

    I have had the Smith and Wesson ar15-22 for a year now. I also have the pistol version. I have never had a jam, or any issues when shooting quality ammunition. I have had the gun jam one time when it was hot, and put some cheap remington cheap wal-mart amo with wax coating in. The was gets warm and gunks up the gun. A friend of mine had a round explode and shear off the extractor, but again he was using cheap ammo. I use aguilar super high velocity rounds, about $40 for 500 rounds. But it works flawlessly and shoots accurate. My recomendation is if you want to shoot for extremely cheap, and don’t want to pay a little more, but a ruger 10-22. Otherwise this is a great little riffle, and way cheaper than shooting .223 or .556

  • george

    Put 400 rounds through my new M&P 15 – 22 today and not one jam or any kind of hicup. Sighted good out of the box and fun to shoot.

  • Terry

    Blue Spring???? A spring alone isn’t going to fix this problem. Only a change to the bolt carrier group or trigger assembly to prevent the hammer from falling before the bolt is fully seated are going to fix this fatal safety flaw. As for feeding and other ejector issues, S&W need to step up and provide better engineering support. They also need to start being more transparent in their dealings with the customer. We aren’t idiots. Most of us are former Military, LE, Engineers, etc… S&W, start showing that you really understand who your customer base is!!! We don’t appreciate the condescending attitude or vague answers to our questions. I suggest a more comprehensive, thoughtful response to these issues or this will be my first and last S&W firearm.

  • Terry

    The problem with the S&W M&P15 .22 firing before the round is fully seated in the breach is simple. S&W went really cheap when it came to safety. There is NO protection that keeps the hammer from falling before the bolt is fully forward, so if you have ANY feed issus that prevent the round from fully entering the chamber, the rifle will fire the pin and the round and there goes part of your rifle and shrapnel everywhere. We need to DEMAND that S&W repair this fatal flaw before someone gets killed or seriously maimed. I have an S&W M&P15, but I also have a GSG5 and Sig 522. The GSG5 & Sig522 have this protection. It prevents the hammer from falling until the bolt is fully forward. I have had a few rounds not seat in my Sig once in while when running it hot on a warm day and all I do is tap the forward assist and fire away (SAFELY) and without losing part of my gun in the process. If S&W isn’t willing to make a safe firearm, then I suggest buying the SIG522 or GSG5. Same money; WAY BETTER Firearm and customer openness and support!!!!!

  • Justin Reynolds

    i have the m&p15-22 and now this is the second time the extractor pin has blown on me i have also notice the gun fires before the bolt closes wich is not safe have had it happen 3 times not to thrilled about it could cause a sever injury to the face neck and or arm let alone the chest area i belive that the chamber should be bord over but not by much paper thickness maybe the extractor pin needs to be more secure and the exstractor port is not deep enough barely grabs the casing the gun its self has many flaws to it but i will hand it to the people at smith and wesson its acurate as hell.. but i think the failure to feed is cause one the port for shell is to small and cases are to big and we all know that they dont make stuff like they use to the 22 shell the lead it self with and type of force will break the crimp on the case causing the lead to ben or move up into the chamber causing a jamb with the firearm i recomend having a new extractor made from stainless steel made and having the extractor port dug out just a tiny bit and this shall corect the fte now ftf i belive lies in the chamber its self bore it over a paper thickness and see the results from that wow
    major change in the fire arm lets face it america is getting sloppy

  • Hank

    This is a fun gun but has major problems with firing out of battery (“slam firing”) every few hundred rounds which causes a lot of noise, smoke and a broken ejector.

    I bought my MP15-22 on May 30, 2010 and had to send it back for a slam fire broken ejector repair under warranty on July 5, 2010. From the date I sent the gun to S&W to the day I received it back was 4 weeks. The entire explanation on the repair order said “Updated to latest spec”. Not a lot of detail to give you confidence the problem was fixed.

    Yesterday, January 16, 2011, I had just shot 100 rounds of CCI Mini Mag HPs and after the 10th round in my 25 round S&W magazine it fired out of battery once again and there went another ejector. This was not caused by any dirt or obstruction in the bore or bolt face. The mangled brass was still in the bore and it clearly has a mark where the firing pin hit the cartridge. When I got home I removed the brass and inserted a new cartridge manually and it went right into flush to the bore. I believe this is a case where S&W has a critical head space issue and is failing to address it for some reason. Probably not enough tolerance and probably not to SAAMI specifications for some reason.

    Anyway I will try the repair route one more time and if it acts up again I’m going to get my money back and buy another type of 22 rifle. It’s not worth the hassle of sending back for repair and worrying about it at the range. As an aside I clean all my guns after firing and have never had this type of problem with my RRA AR-15 5.56 with over 2,000 rounds through it. And it has a free floating firing pin with alot faster bolt action.

    I don’t know how dangerous slam fires could be with a 22 LR M&P 15-22 but beware of the possibility with your rifle.

  • Kevin Murphy

    My head is realing at this point! What’s with the gun with the “Blue spring”? I’ve seen comments about this elsewhere and this magic spring seems to be the answer to all the problems. Anyone know what model this is? I am fixing to buy the MOE version. Thx

  • Bryan

    Bought this gun about two weeks ago. I use the CCI ammo that smith and wesson recommends and have no issues. Only about 300 rounds through so far but not one failure. Very accurate right out of the box and a lot of fun to shoot.

  • CT

    Got new for Christmas. Took it out, second round was a Failure to Eject!!! After clearing the spent round, every 2nd or 3rd shot was a FTE! The spent shells were caught and crushed inside before they could eject. What a pain. What a shame for S&W! Gun will be going back! No way S&W could of tested this product before release.

  • Toby

    I just got mine for Christmas, FTE every other shot. Im sending it back. Bummed!!! Using one kind of ammo is so silly. My Ruger 10-22 shoots anything, anytime, and never an issue. The ruger SR-22 same thing. Having to bend an extractor with plyers to get a 500 dollar gun working is so bad. Im not doing that, and I hope my replacement works.

  • I love this gun. it camed zeroed in out of the box

  • Coach Eddie

    I bought my S&W 22 a few weeks ago. First, I want to address the complaints about the accidental fires and firing while the safety is activated. My gun has shot flawlessly. Other people who have had my experience have been writing in blaming it on shooters error. I’m smart enough to know that just because mine shoots fine doesn’t mean that they all shoot perfect. To the guy that shot his friend in the leg…. Why the f@$k was the gun pointed at his leg? Gun malfunction or not a true gun enthusiast never, I mean never points a gun’s barrel in an unsafe manor. Either up in the air or at the ground. Or at someone breaking in your house lol. With that said, if your gun is showing any signs of operating failure you should send it back asap.
    I’ve shot my gun with the open sights, a Bushnell red dot and also with a leapold 3-10X40 that I took off of my Armalite AR-10 Target temporarily. At 75 yards I Shot multiple 3 shot groupings at less then an inch. The red dot was great for 50 yards and less. I had one 3 round group at 25 yards that were less the 1/2 inch. The further distances were best with the 3-10 power scope. This gun is amazing. The only 22 I’ve shot that can beat it is my 10-22 limited edition target with the bull barrel and thumbhole stock from factory. In a competition I shot a 3 round grouping at a 1/4 of an inch. This gun is not a competition shooter but it sure does well at acting like one.
    I even shot subsonic target rounds but the were only good for 25 yards but the action operated perfectly on the light round. It did shoot like it had a silencer but otherwise just not accurate enough for me at farther distances.
    Good luck and have fun shooting

  • jason amos

    well guys i just bought my mp15 today and i’ll probably have it in about 3 days depending on the government.ive learned a lot just by reading everyones comments and i’m so excited to take this bad boy to the range.i did buy the federal brand from gander so lets hope it’s a good box.i’ll put my updated comment on in about a week or so.

  • stacy peck

    i’ve had my m&p for 2 years now i’ve got around 18-20000 rounds through it what a blast it’s geting time for a new barrel at 150 yards it will only hold a 4 inch group now it would hold 1 1/2 group buy it shoot it keep the sport alive DO AIM AT WHAT YOU DON’T WANT TO DISTROY!!!!! LOVE IT

  • Gil Diekhoff

    Update: After about 4 weeks, I got my 15-22 back from S&W. (I sent it back to S&W because it would have multiple FTE’s and FTF’s every magazine and then fired before the bolt was completely closed, blowing the bold and extractor apart)

    I upgraded it to the MOE version with Magpul pistol grip, MOE stock, MOE flip up sights and A2 flash hider. The bolt spring is a different color (blue) and noticeably more stiff. I have fired 3500 rounds thru the new gun and have had 0 failures of any kind. Absolute 100% reliability. CCI Mini Mags, Velocitors and Stingers, Federal Champion and Federal Bulk from Walmart, Winchester Super-X and even Remington Yellow Jackets. Not so much as a light primer strike and again, no failures of any kind. This is a fun gun and accurate, (it likes the 40 grain bullets better as far as accuracy) and what I expected to get from S&W the first time!. I must give credit where credit is due, they replaced my gun and included 2 free magazines as well. Not sure how they allowed the problematic guns to get to the public in the first place, but they have certainly resolved the quality issue (at least in my case) and have supplied me with what is now the most reliable and fun to shoot 22LR semi-automatic that I have ever fired. Kudos to S&W. Kudos also to Gander Mountain who handled the whole afair for me.

  • Mario

    I have had mine for almost a year its the best 22 by far. The only problem is youll love to deck it out. But after $1300 ull love it even more

  • Adam Clark

    After reading all of this non-sense about accidental discharge and people getting shot in the leg and such. I can explain what the real issue, this gun is being sold to people that misuse and handle it…(ie. a young man in 20-30s buys this gun, with no prior military training and to much time behind the controller of a Xbox and call of duty, he decides that he can shoot just as fast as a full auto weapon and tries to clear a mag of all 25 rounds, he shoots as fast as possible then it jams or skips a round, thinking its empty and still jacked up for the adrenaline rush he waves the gun around not on safety and shoots his friend in the leg…) this gun is safe and proven to be a great safe weapon when handled by competent people.

  • Texas Native

    I bought the m&p15 22 about two months ago. I have been to the range twice with my rifle. I love it. Both sessions I fired 500 rounds of Federal “Champion” ammo. No missfires or mishaps. I fired at multiple distances each session.
    50 ft 30 yards and 50 yards. The rifle operated well at all distances. Once the sights were on i was able to shoot 2 inch groups at 50 ft and 30 yards. At 50 yards the rifle shot a little high. The second session I attached a $30 BSA red dot sight and a vert. fore grip for grins. Again the rifle performed as it did the first time. I have no complaints about this gun. My opinion is that Smith and Wesson has built a reliable, affordable weapon that can be depended on. LONG LIVE THE 2nd AMENDMENT!

  • jimmy q

    Bought one today, modified the stock so it’s comfortable for me and ran 1000 CCI Mini Mags through it with not one hang up. Don’t know about the older models but the new ones have info on what rounds work best in this gun. I shoot CCI Stingers and Mini Mags with no failure at all so far. Love the gun.

  • Jason

    I bought this gun today and went to the range to shoot it. I bought 4 different types of ammo; blazer, winchester, federal and centurion. I had no failures with the BLAZER ammo but I had failures with all of the others.

    I heard of failures due to different types of ammo that is why I bought 4 different ones. The federal ammo was junk and as I examined the bullet even more I will never by another federal product as they are made crappy. The winchesters looked very good and I had 2 failures. The centurion and the winchesters were both failure to eject and the empty casing and the new bullet coming from the magazine got caught together.

    The Federal ammo was bad. One bullet must have got caught from the mag somehow and the action cut the bullet in half when cloing, which I was amazed didnt blow up or something. The federal ammo also had FTE problems.

    I will be using Blazer ammo as this gun did like it and its cheap.

    Keep in mind that this was “right out of the box” i forgot to do any sort of oiling before firing which I now look back on and think was stupid, but the gun is cleaned and oied now so my next outing may be better. I am not dissapointed as I heard off ammo issues before buying gun.

  • Gil

    Like all 22 semis, you have to put this gun through an assortment of cartridges until you find the ones that work best. For me the good old Federal Champions worked without a hitch. I have had challenges with various cartridges including Remington Gold. I have had no miss-fire issues with the gun, and accuracy with the stock sites was great though I have now moved to a Bushnell T retical red dot. You get what you pay for, and for the price I think this is a fair value and a decent shooter if you use it properly and find the right ammo.

  • Don

    I just purchased a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 from a local sporting goods store. I went to the shooting rang to fire my new rifle for the fist time. Using standard .22 caliber ammunition I discovered to my horror that this rifle would fire with the safety on! That was the first malfunction. The second malfunction is that the rifle doubled rounds with one pull of the trigger. At this point I am furious! I have handled firearms for over forty years with out encountering either of these malfunctions. This puts Smith and Wesson in a bad light when it comes to this most important safety issue. When it comes to firearms I do not take safety lightly. Other than the malfunctions, I love this rifle. I returned my malfunctioning rifle and received a replacement from the gun dealer where I purchased it. As of this writing I have not as yet fired the replacement rifle. Wish me luck!

  • jack mehoff

    its a plastic gun what do yall expect. take it apart and clean it b4 shooting. or just buy the real deal m&p 15 .223 and get the conversion kit.

  • my ffl guy is now waiting to hear when the mp 15-22 ca compliant becomes available. my question is do 15-22 ca compliant shooters come w/the threaded barrel or/and the flash hider? i ask b/c no one can give me a final straight concusive answer. my guy says he can only find the adjustable stock sans threaded barrel and flash hider. and, fixed sights. i thot all the new ones had folding sights. i called S&W CS, and, they told me the same thing.

    the crux, is this, i have a glock 26 w/ an ADVANTAGE ARMS .22lr kit. the ADVANTAGE ARMS FACTORY/DISTRIBUTOR IS LOCATED IN SO. CALIFORNIA. advantage arms manufactures .22lr THREADED BARRELS AND MOUNTS FOR GLOCKS. i e-mailed advantage arms vis a vis the questions i’m asking now, so far, nada. [tho i gotta say their extended grip for .22lr is most comfortable to use. expensive at 28$.]

    so, does ANYONE have a definitive answer for the ca compliant mp 15-22 threaded barrel an flash hider? before i end up w/the basic sku-8811[1]32.

  • well, i’ve read the posted reviews on the s&w mp 15-22 and the fte’s and ftl’s seem to be bad ammo and ”casual” loading . the reports run the same frm nov 2009-june 2010 [approx] and are about equally pro and con. those that love it and those that really really hate it. the concern, i think, is with the exploding rounds and with the extractor.
    thoroughly cleaning and lubeing the 15-22, as well as chking the entire mechanisims w/ attention to the extractor may [?] relieve the problems. however, i was under the impression that s&w pre-tested all their shooters. the number of 15-22’s sent to and returned by the factory seemed to work well and exceeded those returned to continued problems. those that mentioned rhe colt 22, ruger sr-22, gsg, and, even the 10-22 report simliar issues with ftl’s, fte’s, and ftf’s. is this a problem w/ most ar/tactical/conversions of 22lr’s?
    i’m about to purchase a 15-22 b/c of its weight and its great features. and, it does seem that the majority of issues can be rectified by S&W. still, exploding extractors and ‘blasting’ rounds should have been addressed by s&w frm the start. what does the company say about this? also, how can one recognize the newer, latest model of the 15-22? by serial number? what is the ”cut-off” number/date?

  • Craig Sexton

    Piece of junk. I had out of battery firing events. Thanks Smith & Wesson for trying to blow my face off.

  • M Slater

    Bought one 2 days ago, I am now waiting on a label from S&W to ship this POS back to them. I wouldnt buy another one of these if it was the last rifle on the planet. Its a fancy looking paper weight.

  • Army Veteran

    I am a combat veteran and currently a non commissioned officer under active duty service. I own this rifle. I have put it through its paces in multiple scenarios and have found it be extremely reliable. Unless his rifle was specifically defective I cannot in good faith say that it discharged accidentally by means of equipment malfunction. Perhaps it did fire unintentionally (meaning the person pulling the trigger should have known better.) One thing we all learned in the army is to NEVER under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE point the barrel of a rifle LOADED OR UNLOADED at anything we didn’t intend to kill.

  • Mike Mohun

    I am a lawyer , represent a meember of the U.S. Army, active duty, three deployments to Iraq. He purchases a Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22, it accidently discharges, striking someone in the leg. I need to find ,”expert” to examine weapon to determine if weapon malfunctioned. Case is in upstate NY. Also any recalls or acknowledement by Smith & Wesson of problems?

  • mark chandler

    just purchased mine, cleaned the rifle, and shot close to 500 rounds federal bulk pack from wal-mart, and some cci mini mags, not one failure, of any kind, shot great, very accurate with flip-up sights, love the rifle.

  • Jondan

    Bought one last week. Shot some Federal Bulk 550, and some CCI Minimags and Stingers. Close to 200 rounds without a hickup.Accuracy with the open sights was very good. Love this little rifle.

  • I’ve written two previous comments on this gun but I got a chance to test some of the non-recommended ammo and found that Remington Thunderbolt, and Rem. Target, as well as Winchester Wildcats will work. The Rem. golden bullet does not. I have, now, had success with 17 of 20 different loads that I have tried, which is excellent for this type of 22. The open sights on the gun I had to send back were excellent, also, with just one left click needed to put the bullet on target. That is not the case with the new gun, as I ran out of down and almost out of left adjustment with the rear sight to put the bullet on at 50 yds. I have to think, that there must be a quality control issue at Smith&Wesson. This gun reminds me of a line from a nursery rhyme “When its good its very good and when its bad its awful.”

  • Matt

    Bought my son one for Christmas. Liked it so much I bought another one last week. Red dot sights on both and both are very accurate. Shot both this weekend, and had one feed problem from one rifle out of six mags with Federal bulk ammo from Walmart. The other rifle had zero feed problems out of over 200 rounds. I would attribute the feed problems to bulk ammo and not the rifle.

  • Redwingfan

    BUY THIS GUN!!! I purchases a couple weeks ago $453 out the door. This version has the flash hider and the “blue spring”. It digested every brand ammo I through at her without a flaw. This particular rifle does not have the flip up sites (maybe should have waited) overall I have shot 400 rounds so far without any problems. Once sighted in, total tack driver. It is very easy to blow through a wally world value pack in an afternoon. If I ran this many rounds through my RRA AR… I would be broke by now 🙂

  • Gil Diekhoff

    I bought mine from Gander Mountain in April. It had to be ordered as they were out of stock. Still, it came with the non-folding sights and no flash supressor. I bought an additional magazine and a Bushnell red/green dot for it. Have fired 1,000 rounds thru it during 4 different range sessions. Disassembled and thoroughly cleaned after each session yet I easily get 3-4 FTF’s or FTE’s every magazine and the gun has fired before the bolt has completely closed 3 times. Thank goodness for safety glasses…Have used Federal Champion, Blazer, CCI Mini-Mags and PMC. All have failed although the CCI Mini-Mags only experienced about 1 FTE/magazine. The gun is certainly accurateand would be very fun but it’s inability to run at all is completely unacceptable. Going back to S&W via Gander Mountain tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.

  • Bought my m&p 15/22 in May Ive shot abt 1500rds. of the federal bulk pack only had abt five misfires. also load mags. one rd. at atime love my 15/22.

  • Dave

    3rd and final range report. I just got back from the range after firing about 400 rounds of federal bulk, 36 gr JHP. In total that is about 1300 rounds or so I have fired from this gun. 2 or 3 times I had a FTE, and twice I had a FTL.
    Most of those were probably due to the fact that today I did not clean the mags or gun during breaks, so fouling or improper loading could be the fault. MY fault. I used the Winchester bipod from Walmart, the Harris clone, and it was fine at the unextended height for 100 yard shooting. No problems with the bipod either, although fully extended it may be too long.
    This gun is fun to shoot, accurate, and if it mounts on a rail, it will fit this rifle. I am very happy with it.

  • I exchanged my extracter blowing gun for a new one, and I put this one through some extensive testing. I tried no less than 14 different loads and I’m happy to report that this gun functions more to my expectations that I had for the gun from the begining. I did not use any ammo that was not recommended in the owners manual during this range session. This gun has the blue spring and I highly recommend this version. All the new guns, probably, have this spring, by now, but the older guns need to be checked before buying. The following ammo will work; PMC sidewinder, CCI mini-mag, Winchester high velocity 40 gn. and 36 gn. hp, and Expert, Federal lightning, Fiocchi, Remington cyclone, Peters 36 gn. HP, Winchester Dynapoint, Federal Gameshock, and CCI blazer. I had some problems with Remington yellow jacket and many problems with Remington Vipers both truncated cone type bullets. I still have more loads to check next time but, now, I think I can trust this gun to work, properly, with the grandson. Smith&Wesson customer support did a fine job in exchanging guns in just over 2 weeks turn-around time.

  • Boscoe 34

    I just bought my 15-22 2 weeks ago and was hessitant about firing afterall the neg comment. I spend 2 hrs claening all the crap out of the barrel, but went through 500 rounds of fed 36 grain and rem golden bullet (both hollow point) with only 3 failure to ejects. Was alot of fun with the kids.

  • Jeff Steingold

    I need to know whether the new production M&P 15-.22 assault rifle currently comes with a muzzle flash reducer.
    The only ones that I have found have no reducer. Also, do you supply Gander Mountain with the new version?

  • Nick

    Bought one today in New York State for $474 plus tax. Has the fixed “collapsible” New York compliant buttstock and 10-rd mag. Took it out using Winchester 38gr (1250fps) and CCI Vmag ammo.

    Flawless performance right out of the box; the sight was maybe – MAYBE – one click off to the left but I was putting holes on top of holes at 50yds. Rapid fire no worries. No jams, FTF, extractor issues or anything else.

    If only I could collapse the stock this would be a fantastic rifle for my son.

  • Ken B

    Just took delivery of my new M&P 15-22 yesterday (4-23-10). Took it out today and fired several hundred rounds through it without a single malfunction. Had a mixed bag of Federal, CCI, Remington “Golden Bullet”, Winchester Wildcat, Peters, etc. Fired ’em all without a single problem. Very accurate too! Very happy with this rifle. Can’t find a single fault with it.

  • Drew

    Ha well hell I just blew my extractor! First round. Suggest inspecting before firing.

  • Drew

    And buy the way when I went through all four mags with no failures the gun was pretty dirty already and had been for a week or so and also in my trunk for that time. Lucas gun oil is a very good oil!…FYI

  • Drew

    I didn’t even get through half of the comments and I have got to say this. I bought mine in december. I probably should have cleaned and oiled it before firing but I’m a D.A. The first magazine I had (if I remember right) three maybe four failure to feeds (Federal). The first 150 – 200 rounds were Federal the rest have been Remington. Took it on home cleaned it oiled it and pretty sure I had at least one failure to feed on every mag for a good 500 rounds…this was after getting an additional three mags. Then one day I went through an entire mag with no failures! The next three had one or two. Had one more session like that and then…ALL FOUR MAGS, NO FAILURES!! I have put about 300 through it since then and have had maybe three or four miss feeds. I have had my share of failure to ejects but probably five or six maybe ten….Ha nothing compared to my 10-22 which fails to eject at least once every mag

  • Dave

    Range report #2. I have what I believe is the latest production of the mp 15 .22, with the spring loaded fold down front and rear sights and flash hider. I fired an entire box of cheap Federal bulk 550 ammo today, and only ONE round failed to load. It bent the bullett trying to feed into the chamber. I also fired a bunch of CCI minimag, which is about nine dollars per 100, and Federal bulk 550 is nineteen dollars per 550.
    All together I have fired 850 rounds and ONE round failed. Outstanding by any standards!
    I used weaver 1″ high mount rings and mounted a Tasco scope, and put the iron sights in a range bag. I field stripped the rifle three or four times today, boresnaked and lubed it. One bad round out of 850 is just great, considering the dirty Federal ammo leaves a lot more fouling than the CCI. This gun is HOT!

  • Bill Christo

    Just got mine today (4/15/2010). Took it home, cleaned and lightly lubed the rifle and immediatlely took it to the range. I used 6 different ammos (no Remington), mixed them up with hollow points and round nose. Ammo included Winchester, Federal, some real cheap Philippines stuff and 30 yr old Federal Clasic. With over 300 rounds shot, not one burp. Shot flawlessly. What a gun!!! This one has the blue spring. $550 out the door with CA 10% tax.


    We took it out shot 150 bullets it jammed 4 times.

  • I have talked to Smith & Wesson on the phone. They tell me the problems with the gun are in the ones sold prior to Febuary. Lets hope so anyway. Mine was purchased in mid December. They sent me a shipping label and mine was sent back to the company, last week, for an exchange with a new one. Hopefully, this one will keep the extractor in the gun. Since, so many people are happy with the gun, I figure, I just got one of the bad guns and will give it one more try. I’ll report how this one works once the new gun arrives.


    My husband just bought me this gun now after reading all these comments about jamming,blowing out the extractor and rupture the breech now I am afraid to shoot the damn thing, if its so dangerous why is it being sold?

  • Dave

    I just purchased the mp15 .22 yesterday, April 10. I took it to the range today and fired about 200 rounds of CCI minimag. I experienced no malfunctions of any kind. No extractor problems, FTF, etc. It is the new version with the muzzle brake and pop up sights, and it worked perfectly right out of the box. This gun is more accurate than I am, and gets very tight groups. I am very happy with it, and plan on accessorizing it with a scope and bipod.

  • Road Hog

    Bought mine in early March. Took me while to acquire the accessories to mount my AimPoint. I have shot successfully Win Expert HV (bulk) and some Fed bulk. Rem bulk did not do well but the Win shot very well and reliably. I have had few failure to feed from the mag because the top cartridge may not always sit with nose up and it won’t feed. I catch it before inserting the mag and all is well for the balance of the mag. My mag won’t hold a full 25 rounds but no concern. I keep it fairly dry of oil but clean. It is very accurate with my AimPoint and I am both surprised and happy with its reliability. I like it! Alot! Only limitation for me so far has been the top round in the mag may not sit properly in the mag, affecting feeding.

  • This can be a dangerous gun if the “right” ammo is used. Do not, I repeat do not use Winchester Xpert hollow point unless you want to blow the extractor out of the gun. Do not use any Remington unless you want to clear malfunctions all day. Fiocchi 40LSP, PMC 40 solid sidewinders, and Federal 40 Lightning, worked in my gun after I put it back together. I need to phone this company and let them consider recalling this gun for safety reasons

  • ronald roth

    My gun blew the extractor out using Winchester super X ammo. Luckily, I found it and put the gun back together. Do not use this ammo or any kind of Remington, including the high velocity viper. It appears Smith&Wesson needs to recall this gun as someone is going to get hurt or file a lawsuit in the near feature. I’ve read enough and from my own personal experience know that this gun is flawed. It is not your ammo that is causing the problem but certain ammo will cause the gun to rupture in the breech, sending debris out of the gun. It would be in Smith&Wesson’s best interest to come clean soon and not hide the problem any longer. If your gun double fires with one pull of the trigger be very careful. I have fired PMC, Federal lightning, and Fiocchi without problems since I put the gun back together. This gun is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Also, Mags have to be loaded just right to feed the cartridges reliably from the mags


    Hi everyone,
    _Just as an FYI S&W has announced a pistol variant — The Smith & Wesson Model M&P15-22 (Pistol). If you’re interested click on over to the products page:

  • i bought my mp22 about the first of febuary and have fired about every kind of 22 ammo through it and have found if you fire any ammo with less than a 1000fps through it you will end up with jams or short cycles i’ve foun that cci stingers work best if you can find them winchester super hp work good any thing 1000fps or more coated even better and those of you that have ar’s know when you clean them dry lube works best well im totally satisified and may buy another

  • Brad Dunivant

    does anyone know where to get a barrell shroud. i cant find one anywhere

  • Keith

    I just got back from my 3rd range visit with my MP15-22. On the first visit I wanted to throw the gun away, but I later found out that was because of the ammo I was using (Remington Sure-Shot). I quickly switched to the Federal bulk pack everyone recommended, and haven’t had a problem since. I’ve ran through over 1000 rounds now and I have to say this rifle shoots flawlessly. The trick is to keep it well oiled and stick with the ammo that works. If you’re debating on buying this gun, stop and head straight to your local gun shop to pick one up. It is a lot of fun! Be sure to keep it clean and use plenty of oil at the range. Happy shooting!

  • Spec5

    Nick Tompkins thanks for the information. I called S&W today and they are sending a 25 round magazine for my problems and also a shipping return label as now I have cases stovepipe after about every 5th round. After I got the 15-22 back I wasn’t experiencing any problems after 600+ rounds, but the last time I went out I had the problem with both CCI blazer and Federal bulk pack from Wal-mart. I will see what happens now after I made a slight adjustment to the ejector as it was bent in sliding against the inside of the bolt.

  • Nick Tompkins

    Sad news – I got my MP 15/22 back after the first extractor blow out. “Brought up to current specs” I ‘ve since fired about a 1000 rounds of federal, wincheter, CCI and Blazer ammo through it along with some Aguila interceptor and Aguila match grade ammo – all good.

    Until today – another stovepipe blowout of a federal round and the extractor is gone again. Luckily I kept the mailing box and will call S&W customer service again.

    those of you with problem free guns are lucky. this sucks.

  • Nick Tompkins

    thought I would put two posts into one.

    Firast if you sent your rifle back for repairs and did not receive a free mag for your pain and suffering call customer service.

    I posted earlier that I did not receive one – but had seen several other posters did….so I called S&W and talked to them and they said they should have so they did follow up and send me a free mag.

    If you are looking for additional Mags I found an excellent fast supplier Botach Tactical they are chargint $19.95 with a 10% off online coupon.

  • Mike A

    Allen B,

    My rifle was sent back to S&W for jamming and firing multiple rounds, I sent it back. I got it back and it did it again this time with failures to cycle and finally firing out of battery taking out the extractor.

    Return it if you haven’t already, best of luck….

  • allen buffaloe

    i got my mp 15/22 yesterday and took it to the range today. out of 150rds had 4 ftfs and no ftes with fed 510 lrns. i did have something stange happen,2 rd bursts. it happend alot. i pulled the pin and found a sweet spot on the sear that would let the hammer release for the burst to happen. on the last mag rapid fire had several 2rd and one 3rd. has anyone else had this happen? you can feel it in the triger when it does it.

  • Spec5


    I got my mags from Midwayusa. They are on backorder right now. You can also get them from S&W but probably on backorder too. They do sell out fast.

  • bandit1234

    where do you get extra mags for this rifle

  • Mike A

    Sent mine back after issues with failures to feed and extract, it feeds and extracts well now but has inconsistent primer strikes and fails to cycle. I have not had any luck findin a brand of .22LR this rifle likes despite claims that Federal and CCI are trouble free…

    Those of you with good ones should be buying lotto tickets, you’re lucky.

    To add to my frustration, after 40 rounds fired it had and FOB and destroyed the extractor assembly.. Going back one more time and that’s it… I’m very dissapointed!!

  • joyce peach

    bad gun mp 15 22 junk sorry i bought one it jams on all ammo fall apart in your hand get you a sig or a rugger the are good guns not junk like this thang is it jams on any kind of ammo you use and the dealear ship is no help at all the know the are selling a peace of junk when the sell it to you. fall apart in your hands, bought me a rugger much better gu but you get what you pay for dont you. this is my wifes e mail if you got somthing to say about this junk feel free to say so but it wont chang my mind about this pig.

  • Rick I

    I had a Remington 597vtr delivered and went to the gun shop to pick it up. I left with the Remington and the s&w 15-22 as well. The shop said feed it with standard velocity CCI. We put several hundred rounds with no fte or jams at all. One dud but that was a case with no powder in it. Got a 1 inch group at 50 yards. I am going to install a two stage trigger in it for better shooting. That typical military trigger is pretty rough as in all AR type guns with a standard trigger. Great trainer for my match AR-15. Very satisfied. I still have not shot the Remington yet.

  • Rey

    I’ve had my MP-15 for 6 months now with over 3,000 rounds fired. FTE’s were neglible until I used remington ammo. DO NOT USE. Stick to walmart federals or CCI and you can run this all day long. Best.

  • Spec5

    Got my 15-22 back on 2/10/10 which means it took 21 days. I went to the range and shot 125 rounds through it and no jams or FTF or slam fires. I could only shoot 125 rounds because it was only 15 degrees but I had to see if it would slam fire again. I shot slow and rapid fire. S&W didn’t say anything more than updated to latest spec and replaced the mag as others have said. They did replace the blown out extractor and spring. It is fun to shoot. I did not get a free mag which would have been nice from the customer service point of view and my inconvenience.

  • Spec5

    I received my 15-22 on January 16, 2010 and went to the range on January 18th. I fired 50 rounds of CCI blazer with no problems. Then I made a mistake of firing Remington Target to see how they would do. I fired 2 rounds and then the bullet slam fired and the extractor and a spring was blown out on the table. I picked up the pieces and went right to the dealer that I bought it from. They sent it back and now I am waiting for it to be returned to give it a try again. It was fun to shoot at least for the first 50 rounds. I hope it is fixed soon. I will let you know how long for the turnaround and how it does at the range the next time out. It seemed to be accurate without sighting it in with all bullets hitting just to the right of the bullseye at 50 yards in a 2″ area fired standing. The one I purchased had a flash suppressor.

  • Bart

    I found these websites very useful as I was considering my 15-22 purchase…now that I am a proud owner, I thought I would add my two cents.

    The first 200 rounds were CCI Mini Mags (hollow point.) I had zero fail to eject, but 5 fail to feed. The round would not go into the chamber, and then it got crushed by the bolt.

    I had some OLD Remington “golden bullet” ammo. I tried this ammo…boy what a mess…about a 40% FTF rate. This time the FTF’s were entering the chamber but not going in all the way. I know this is crap ammo, and the gun sure did not like it.

    Finally, I tried the Federal bulk pack from Wal Mart (550 round box, hollow point.) I had 4 FTF out of the first 400 rounds, and ZERO out of the last 150 rounds…yippee!

    Note taht out of ~800 rounds, I have not had a FTE…all my mailfunctions have been fail to feed.

    Overall, this gun is just plain fun…it is really hard not to rapid fire/double tap. If this rifle continues to perform like the last 550 rounds, I will be very happy. There is nothing like having an AR platform that spits out 22 LR’s as fast as you can pull the trigger.

  • rimfireredneck

    My rifle just arrived back from s&w..but I almost want to sell it..I think they put their name on rifle had 1000+rounds fired till explosion. .they got it back to me quick but is it really fixed?

  • Ted Hamlin

    I picked up a 15/22 on sunday, The assembler for my weapons supplier (the guy that mounts the scopes and accessories etc)Recommended a careful break in for the barrel. I put a round through it, bore snaked it with oil, sent a round, bore snaked it etc for 10 individualrounds, then bore snaked it after each 10 rounds for the next 100 rounds. After this I sent a 25 round mag down range fast. I’m using average quality blazer for the break in. I’ve had no jams, no ejection issue. I dialed in the red dot and it’s deadly accurate. Unless something goes wrong down the road, I’m impressed. Ted in Spokane WA.

  • Nick Tompkins

    Just got my MP15/22 back on 2/1/2010 – a pretty quick turnaround by Winchester since I sent it in on 1/11/2010. Sadly the – sorry your gun was a bust free magazine deal appears to be over now. All I got was a note telling me it is repaired to current specs and the magazine I sent back with it was replaced.

    In the meantime I have collected 10 different kinds of .22 ammo to try out in it this weekend – a spare mag would have come in handy…

  • Jason C.

    Bought this rifle several months ago, was really excited about it, but ended up with the worst taste in my mouth for the same
    reasons others speak of below. Used 5 different brands/rounds to see what this gun “likes” but none worked reliably. Had several exploding rounds in the chamber, hundreds of FTE brass, and even bought 4 extra magazines to make sure
    it wasn’t a mag problem. I was soooo disappointed.
    BUT, I called Smith & Wesson and they took it in, fixed it, returned it in about 2-3 weeks. Shot 100 rounds split between 2 brands yesterday and had ZERO problems this time. Shot slow fire, rapid fire, on the move, limp wristed, everything, but not problems. I guess they fixed it. I have to admit, this thing is SERIOUSLY fun when it works, EXTREMELY angering when it doesn’t. Tack driver, fun shooter, keeping my fingers crossed I have a working rifle

  • Mike Juneau

    Second try with my new M&P 15/22. Just got the gun back from S&W repaied after a round exploded before the breech was closed, taking out the extractor parts. Shot 25 rounds Winchester Super-X round nose and the same thing happened again, blew out the extractor. I see commnets not to use holllow points. In neither explosion were hollow points used. My stock-fed 60 year old remmington .22 and Brownnig .22 40yr. old NEVER have done this. With all the problems, this gun should be taken off the market and redesigned before someone gts hurt.
    Mine goes back for a refund Saturday. I bought because of the S&W name but will stay away from their products for good. Sorely disappointed, what a way to discourage a young shooter than to have a gun malfuction twice and destroy itself each time. Since have bought a SIG 522 (comes with a nice hinged plastic case I did not expect to see). Flawless with ANY ammo and had only one FTF dud – Remmington golden nose.
    I hope S&W gets this fixed.
    Thank you,
    Mike Juneau

  • Juan Cuellar

    Just bought a M&P 15 22 cal. took it to the range and fire 100 rds thru it with no problems. After reading some of the posts here I was a liitle worried about shooting this rifle. I cleaned the gun prior to using it and used Federalhigh velocity 36 grain copper plated hollow points from a 550 round value pack and had no hang ups or misfires.


    Got my mp15-22 back from smith&wesson on jan 13 sent it in on dec 23, not to bad of a turn around. The gun now fires like a smith&wesson should, only had a few duds but that tends to happen with .22lr anyway. I now love this gun and have put about 500 rounds thru it with no jams or rounds exploding in the breech.

  • F.Barrera

    Bought this rifle one week ago. Taken it to the range twice with two different types of ammo.

    Federal AutoMatch- 200rds. no problem
    Remington Thunderbolt- 25rds 4 FTF. No longer usings this ammo.

    Automatch seems to work perfectly with this rifle. Tried rapid fire to see if it would jam but still performed flawlessly.

  • Robbie

    Just talked with S & W customer service and they assured me that they have a fix for the malfunctioning rifles. They wouldn’t say what was causing the problems buy they did say a small percentage are having problems and they will repair and stand behind any rifles that fail. They also informed me that all repaired rifles will be test fired before being returned. I’m glad to hear that they know what is wrong and how to fix it. I would be pretty disappointed to get it back and have the same thing happen again. They also told me that repairs will take 2-4 weeks. Something to consider if you plan on getting one, you might be without it for a month or so…

  • Robbie

    I purchased mine last Saturday at noon and after several FTE & FTF and two rounds firing before they were chambered. The extractor fell out of the gun and was returned to the dealer. Pretty disappointing to spend that much and only get two hours before it breaks. Hopefully S & W will make it right. So far they won’t answer my emails and I waited 30 minutes on hold with customer service before I gave up.

    I returned the rifle this morning for a new out of the box MP-15/22. I took this new gun home, cleaned it and on the 72nd round the exact same thing happened. The round stuck out of the barrel about 1/32-1/16 inch or so and blew the mechanism out. I took the gun back (gun #2) and got yet another MP-15/22. This time I also picked up different ammo. I had been firing Winchester hollow points. I decided to try Remington Thunderbolt round points.

    So far I have run 200 rounds through Gun #3 with 3 of the expected Remington misfires. But no jams, and more importantly, no explosions.

    It’s going to take some time before I trust this gun. I believe that as a new model it needs to be reworked so that it can handle all .22 currently on the market reliably. A man needs to trust his weapon, and it’s going to take a lot of spent ammo run through this thing before I trust the S&W MP-15/22.

  • Purchased this for my teenage son for an early Christmas. Fired 3 clips through it before it blew out the breech. Luckily my son only got a light powder burn. The gun was sent back to S&W and came back yesterday, just over a month in the shop. I reamed the barrel with copper brush, cleaned it, and lightly oiled it. We fired about 80 rounds of Winchester hollowpoints, with a jam approximately every 10 rounds. We also had 2 slamfires that concerned me before calling it a day.

    Pulled the gun out this afternoon and made it through 10 rounds before the round exploded in the breach again. Luckily my son wasn’t hurt but he’s way spooked about this gun. Me too. I really wanted this gun but the gun shop is offering me my money back.

    What I want is a gun that 1. doesn’t explode in the breach and 2. doesn’t jam so much (a few is okay). S&W is a good company so I’m surprised to be having this problem with their product.

  • RockinRog

    I purchased the S&W 15-22 just before Christmas of 2009. $399.99 from Sportsman’s Warehouse. I ordered 4 more mags and waited for them to be delivered before trying the firearm for the first time. I did separate the upper from the lower and gave this thing a THOROUGH cleaning from the git go!! New or not, this thing was FILTHY. I ended up lubricating all parts with “Break Free”. After the 4 new mags arrived, I loaded them up with Federal 36 grain Hollow Points for a total of 125 rounds. I just got back from the range this morning (01/10/2010)and can report NO not even ONE problem with this little rifle!!

  • Nick Tompkins

    I just bought one of these new MP15/22 and took it to the range to try it out. I’m mad at myself for not checking more reviews on the gun,

    I tried Remington bulk pack golden bullets non hollow point, Winchester super X 40 grain HV round nose and Winchester super X 37 grain hollow points and I was planning on trying out the Walmart Federal bullets too. The first 3 magazines I fired off had no problems but I had 2 duds from the Remington Golden bullet loads. I then switched to Winchester super X hollow points and immediately had one cartridge explode in the breech – I ‘ve never had that happen before and it surprised me. The rest of the magazine fired off fine.
    I switched again to Remington super X round nose and after about 15 shots had another round explode in the breech, this time the extractor pin and spring came out along with the mangled shell.

    I paid $433.00 from a local gun dealer plus Tax and got to fire off 250 rounds before my new gun is reduced to a piece of junk.
    Nice job – Smith and Wesson made in the USA! Wow I’m really impressed. I’m hoping [with low expectations of luck ] that I can get my money back. what a piece of crap!

  • tINY

    My experience is not at all like Garret’s – it seems like a well designed and accurate rifle to me.

    It runs fine when the magazine is loaded properly – and the magazine design could be better. A single stack magazine would be easier to load and more idiot resistant, but it’d hold fewer rounds for the same length.

    Garret, if you want to sell me your POS that you don’t even want anymore – I’ll give you $100 for it as is. I am over at TheFiringLine board in the rifle section all the time…



    Picked up one of these back in November. After two or three trips to the range and about a 30% misfire and jamming rate a two rounds exploded before the breech fully closed. The first round I thought was due to faulty ammo, so I switched from winchester to remington and the very next round did the same thing this time breaking off the extractor. After the first exploding round I fully cleaned the gun and checkedfor damage. After the second round I packed up and went home. This was due to the fact that I’m a left hand shooter and the broken extractor hit me below the right eye. Needless to say I sent the POS back to Smith for repairs.

  • Garrett Tabor

    Purchased this gun after Christmas in hopes of an awesome present. Never read any reviews, but thought the concept and design would be great for a cheaper version of the MP 15. I went to fire for the first time and it did not even shoot. Tried again and got two consectively and then it jammmed. Firing pen is off, you can tell by looking at the round that didn’t fire. I shot less than 20 rounds after trying to fire at least 100. I got so impatient and upset with my purchase and gave up. I went online to read the reviews and found out that many, if not all, have the same problem if not more. I would not recommend purchasing this gun to anyone until smith & wesson gets it design issues corrected. I am going to speak with a representative tomorrow and hopefully they live up to their reputation. Being a owner and collector of over 30 guns, I am very disappointed in my findings. I do NOT even want the gun or a replacement from the manufacturer. Never have I ever been so displeased with a gun purchase that I would feel the need to get online and make a posting such as this, but I feel that people interested in this gun should no the truth. Please Smith & Wesson, don’t waste my time. Just do everyone a favor and own up to the manufacturing mistakes and the many other flaws associated with this gun and give the refunds back to your loyal customers such as myself. Let’s just hope they do the right thing (we will see tomorrow). Smith & Wesson can keep this “POS jamm-a-matic,” like everyone else who states these claims above. Look forward to speaking with you.


  • MIkey

    I bought two of these for my twin boys. We finally went out to shoot today and went through about 1000 rounds. The bulk pack Federals did not have a single FTE or FTF problem. But the bulk pack of Remington, was horrible. The remingtons would only get four or five shots then it wouldn’t feed correctly. It would leave the bolt out of battery by 1/8 to 1/4 inch. Switched back to the Federals and no more problems. They were both Hollow points. Federals were 550 round value pack at Walmart. 36 Grains, Copper plated hollow point, 1260 FPS at muzzle. The remingtons, 525 Golden Bullet, Lead round nose hollow point, 1280 FPS at muzzle.

  • Rodney Smith

    Just bought one and shot it at the place I got it. Shot about 15 rounds and had a round explode before being fully chambered. I got that round out and the next round did the same thing. It took out the extractor and I thought my face had been blown off. So two hours after puchasing the rifle it is on its way back to S & W to be repaired. Couldn’t recommend this rifle to anyone at this time. The rounds where Winchester 333 LR holopoints. I would say do not use holowpoints and that was the rounds that the store recommended.

  • Dave

    All of the issues associated with jamming exploding rounds misdeeds etc are due to hollow point ammo. Switch to ball type ammo and you won’t have any problems I about threw mine in the garbage until my son suggested trying different ammo. I started with cci ammo and fired 100 rounds with no problems. I switched to Remington up ammo and jammed nonstop. Then I tried cci up ammo and it was better but still jammed every other round at times. Finally I went to shoot some crap ammo I’ve had forever and it fired great I put over 200 rounds through without a single jam or misfire

  • Dave

    DON’T USE HOLLOW POINT AMMO. I just got back from the range and was getting mad because of constant jamming every other round, I was using CCI HP ammo then switched to blazer and another brand non hollow point ammo and fired 500 rounds without a single jam after that.

  • rimfire redneck

    I had been looking at the gun for awhile. But reading mixed reviews about jams and the extraction problems I decided to wait on a purchase, but my father decided to get one for me for Christmas. He lucked up and found one at a gun show for 400 $ bucks. He really shocked me that morning. The next day we went to shoot. I was happy to see a wide variety of ammo worked flawlessly. Federal bulk, CCI mini mags, even Winchester wildcats hv. Shooting a total of 500 rounds we had one mis fire,but that was from a wildcat that was over five years old. I think this is a great product and as fun to shoot as a ruger 10-22.

  • Tom

    Looks like I will stick with my SS 10/22 for now, or maybe try the new Sig or the GSG.

  • Josh Morgan

    Can anybody suggest a scope for this gun, just got it yesterday and trying to find a scope for it. Not to familiar with scopes so any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • agoodpeter

    the gun is a jam o matic pos,, the mags do not feed the round, the bullet nose gets stuc in the mag,, i plan to call sw monday to give them a piece of my mind

  • MIke Juneau

    HI Tactical-Life,

    I purchased a S&W M&P 15-22 last week. I have shot 200+ rounds through it. Several times a cartridge did not seat fully, just maybe a 1/16′ short. We were outside at zero degrees F so thought the cold may have been the problem as when the charging handle was pulled back the cartridge extracted with no problem.

    However, after a fresh magazine and a few shots, a round did not fully seat but detonated out the side of the breech as the cartridge appeared to seat only half way. The bottom half of the cartridge was crushed like a soda can with a rupture out one side. I removed the magazine and noticed one on the index pins to move the spring down for loading, had broken off from the explosion. I am not new to shooting but have never had this happen before. Needless to say, it went back to the shop with the spent/exploded cartidge in-place.
    The explosion also took out the extractor pin and the part that holds it in. I asvised since this is a new unit, I wanted it COMPLETELY replaced.
    The good thing that no one was hurt but the thing I will miss is all the fun I could be having with it in the meantime. The shop suspects a burr in the chamber causing the occassional not total seat of the cartridge and the half seated, exploded cartridge. Other than this malfuction, the rifle appears to be a good product.
    I have asked for a repair report to explain the
    malfuction and will post the findings.
    Thank you,
    Mike Juneau
    I would apprecaite any input others may have had with this sort of problem. email:

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  • Tinker

    A month ago I posted a comment about the 2 S&W MP 15/22’s I had purchased and the problems that I was having. I returned them to the shop that I bought them at and they sent them back for me. I live on the west coast so it took about a month for the round trip and repair. The guns each came back with an extra 25 round mag and a letter that said “The following characteristic(s) have been adjusted to our standards: UPDATED TO LATEST SPEC.” I have only fired a few rounds through it but no jams, misfires, stove pipes or explosions outside of the chamber.

    I also sent a letter to Remington about the golden bullets that exploded outside of the chamber and they requested that I send them the cartridges and the box they came at for their review. They sent me a Fedex return label so we will see how that works out.

    Right now I am sticking with CCI and Federal bulk.

    I will update as I have more time to run ammo through these guns, so keeping my fingers crossed.

  • jimWis

    I saw all the negative comments about the Colt OPS M4 22cal and though “Oh no” wish I would have read this before I had just bought one. Being curious and too cold,4 below, to go outside to shoot I took A 50 round box of Reminton, Winchester and Federal ammo downstairs, loaded up my 30 round mag and proceeded to shoot all 150 rounds , slow and fast witout a misfire. So far I am very happy with the Colt and was happy to see it manufactured by Carl Walther as i believe Walther to be a better gunmaker than Colt or Smith @ Wesson combined together. I own many AR 15’s in all Calibers and makes and believe this to be a excellent piece of my AR collection. PS. I do not think to much for the Reminton ammo, it the spent cases were powder burned which results in dirty ammo.

  • Mike Ambrose

    I purchased mine on the 4th of December and finally got the chance to try it out over the weekend. Nice weight, nice features, TERRIBLE MAGAZINE…..

    Likes Federal 550 pack ammo and Winchester but fails to cycle a full magazine, more than 15 rounds and it jams. Mine is going back ASAP.

    I think some mistakes have been made but still believe in Smith and Wesson and feel that they’ll make this mess right.

    Shame to see a rifle with such great potential be ruined by a stupid magazine.

  • Marc K.

    Bought one at a show yesterday and fired it today. Using cheap cci ammo it ran like a dream. I was hitting a 4X6 inch plate at 100 meters with ease! Switched to Winchester hollow points and not a hiccup to be found. Just a fantastic rifle so far. About 700 rounds downrange today and not a single problem. Looks like a winner to me!

  • Billy Bob

    So which is better? The Colt M4 Ops or the S&W 15-22?

  • b jones

    great gun but heres the deal you can only shoot amo that moves at 1500 fps or better if not it jams this amo costs more not only will it jam it will cause damage to the gun the fps of most 22 amo is posted on the box i call this gun the squirl buster it s great thanks walther

  • guy oglesby3

    i am a huge S&W fan my guns are all at least 20yrs old. my father was a depression era-dust bowl farmboy and he always said never by a gun or car until that model has been out a couple of years, guess no one has any patience these days.

  • R Madison

    Just bought the new S&W MP 15-22 at a local gun show 12-05-09 and totally enjoy the fact that they made most of it from plastic…colt kept the weight but that doesn’t make it handle any better. Haven’t been able to shoot it yet (I live in Iowa and we are in the middle of the first blizzard of the year) but I plan to hit the Armory later this week. I am goig to initialy ignore all the bad mouthing of this newest rifle from S&W till I see for my self what it will or won’t do, afterall I am seeing just as many negative reviews about all the other AR 22’s out there and nobody can please everybody every time. I also have to tell you that I shoot some of the cheapest ammo out there in all of my rifles and handguns and I have never had a mis-fire or an ejection problem, which can easily be caused by firing too fast for the mechanism to do its job. Full auto rifles are “made” to eject fast,,,semi-autos work slightly slower based on different “finger” speeds. By the way I paid $399 for the standard MP15-22 with the 25 rd mag…I am looking to buy a couple of the 10 rd (California) mags just to carry in the bag. I will enjoy the next couple of months while I begin to “trick” it out!

  • I bought a Colt M4. OPS version. Nothing but troubles. I took it back to the store and they exchanged it for a new one with a higher serial number. I was hopefull but it did all the same behavoirs as the old. Stove Pipes, failure to feeds, failure to fire, clips drops out etc. I turned the tension screw in 9 turns, replaced the clip latch. Same problems. Swapped it even up for a new S&W 15-22. The S&W had some issue intially but after a 100 rounds or so it started working better. Used bulk Federal 550 .22lr. I will say the S&W seems to burst rounds like a NFA weapon when fast firing. Multiple shots frequently off single pull.. anyone else have this issue?

  • albert

    this gun is very goog i have one and a i killer with him is very very very very very very very very goooooooooooodddddddddddddddddddd:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  • Tommy

    Initially read about the M&P 15-22 on I had reservations about it due to its “plasticity”. After following the forum thread for a while in regard to the gun, which discussed all the issues I am reading here and how they were resolved, I purchased one along with a bulk box of Remington hollow points.

    This gun did not like the Remingtons I bought (failures to feed and fire even though the pin was striking and indenting the casing, and stovepipes which put a divot on the edge of the feed ramp).

    Federal, Wolf and CCI ammunition no problems. It is important to load shells one at a time into magazines and make sure the nose is angled upward toward the feed ramp (noted from the forum thread I was following).

    I shot 450 rounds of Wolf ammo over a weekend at an Appleseed shoot (with the divot still in the feed ramp). No failures to feed or fire. This included leaving it laying (between firing sessions) in a stream of water and sand (with ejection port face up) running across the firing line on the second day due to rainstorms. When it came time for the next session the gun was turned over to let the water run out of the firing chamber, a mag was loaded, a round was chambered, and it reliably fired every time.

    I have found this to be a reliable rifle so far (2500 rounds) and like it for what it is, a fun shooter that is inexpensive to shoot and easy to take care of. I appreciated its “plasticity” during the rains while others with wood stocks were leaving due to their concern over ruining their rifles.

    I returned it to S&W in regard to the feed ramp divot and it was sent back within 10 days no questions asked and repaired at no charge.

  • dwight

    I have a ar 22 by the romanians that runs anything like a sewing machine, sad, but do not forget the 10-22 is still king of the 22’s maybe ruger can come up with a military 22?

  • dwight

    Sorry is it not. 500.00 gun won’t even run a clip. I have 1 mp and 4 different colts all suck at running bulk ammo. why should I have to buy premium ammo to fire in a dag gumm 22. If you at smith and wesson or at colt read these things, damnit get it right or do I just need to go ahead and call a chinese guy to figure it out?

  • Tango Down

    I looked at the S&W 22cal M4 clone earlier today at a gunshow. I have to honestly say, it runs true to the S&W quality, or the total lack thereof, should I say. The S&W 22 is a poor version of a supposed M4 clone. Granted some of the issues I’m referring to are sheerly cosmetic in nature for it actually look true to the M4 configuration. S&W has been slipping for a great many years now and their QC is one of the worst in the industry.

    What I did find today though was the new Colt M4 .22cal rifle. I’ve read, researched, and done ALOT of homework on both the S&W version and the Colt versions/. Yes, I said versions, Colt has 6 actually, the M-16, the M4 Ccarbine, and the M4 Ops version, each of these 3 have both a 10 round mag version and a 30 round mag version. The Colt M2 22 is an exactly M4 configuration. All M4 accessories will work for this version. Additionally, the Colt versions are ALL METAL, unlike the S&W version which seems to be made of polycarbonate material.

    The S&W & Colt versions have a noticeable difference as well, the S&W version looks cheaper from afar and close-up, it looks even worse, sadly. S&W used to be a company for quality weapons, sadly somewhere along the line that vanished. Upon looking at the Colt version, it becomes quite clear from the offset that this weapon is of a much higher quality and standard, this is due to the coupling of both Colt and Walther, who actually produces the weapon abroad in Germany then imports it via Umarex to be sold in the U.S. markets here.

    I’ll admit, I originally was not too happy with Umarex being used as a distributor but they have made a major dedication to both Colt and Walter in making this weapon a massive success in the U.S.

    One other thing that strikes me as being weird and maybe a hint of a split between Walter and S&W as a stateside distributor for Walther’s firearms (P22, maybe others including PK380, I’m not sure yet). Walther had paired off with S&W to import and distribute their P22 in the U.S. when it was first released. Now in the 22 cal. M4 market, with seemingly everyone major gun manufacturer making a 22 cal. long gun, why would Walther pair off with a different compnay if there weren’t some issues somewhere along the way?

    Before someone hits the band wagon saying that there’s a difference, there is. Walther was using S&W to import and distribute here with the P22. In the Colt M4 22, Colt was the originator of this weapon and picked Walther to produce the new M4 22 for Colt under license and then they picked Umarex for the distribution side of things giving Umarex a more legitimate place in the actual weapons market since they’re first outing in 2008.

    Before someone starts picking all this apart, I’m sure that somewhere along the lines of all this, there are some things I’ve forgotten and left out, sorry if that’s true.

  • Bill Och

    I also bought a new m&p 15/22. The first time we shot it was OK Maybe 100 rds. The second time out, after around 50 rds, it exploded a round in the chamber. I got the full treatment of powder,metal, and LOUDNESS in my face. I called smith and they sent me a pick up tag to return it. Has anyone else done this ? Did it fix the problem? I just got it back and have yet to take it out to play. It’s a cool gun , and I would like to keep it if it works. Should have gotten the Ruger I believe.

  • bruce bok

    I just bought one and it wanst ejecting right. turns out the ejector rod wasnt lined up properly. take the upper off and bend ejector towards the round and make it slightly rub the bolt

  • Rich C

    I have the same issues as everyone else. The angle of the cartridge coming out of the magazine is not consistent. Has anyone who sent the gun in got a functioning gun back?

  • Tinker

    Last month I bought 2 Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22’s based on all of the positive reviews I had been reading. Well I am “sorely” disappointed. I have named the first one Sir Jam-a-lot (jams every other shot) and the second one face ripper (have had 3 cartridges explode before being fully chambered) which from a 22 hurt a lot more than I though it would. So today i am taking them back to the shop that I bought them from and they are sending them back to S&W for evaluation and repair. To be honest if I could just return them and get my money back I would. And you ask why I love my AK 47 variants, they have never jammed or hurt me. Happy shooting….

  • peck11


  • To Jim,MSSgt.TJordan and others:
    Sig tells me that their idea of the 22LR is supposed to be on the U.S. market by the first of the year. HOPE SO!


    Jim Reese Says:
    September 25th, 2009 at 8:29 pm
    I first bought a Colt .22 and it constantly jammed. The overall quality was crap as well. I bought the Smith M&P .22 last month and the rifle is awesome. It is extremely well made, accurate, and functions perfectly. Don’t make a $500.00 mistake and buy the Colt, wait for the Smith.

  • I purchased one 2 weeks ago…PIECE of JUNKKKKKK…should have been called the 15-22 Jam of Matic….SW response was less than what I would expect my LAST SW product….

  • I looked at the S&W 22, looks like it may have been
    built by a toy company, anyone remember Mattel????
    I bought the Ruger SR22 tactical rifle. Great gun and well made no plastic. Bought a Ramline 25 rd mag. Has not jammed or misfired at all. It is not a light weight however. Put sniper scope on and bipod. Great weapon.

    TJ, Msgt, Retired

  • I looked at the S&W 22, looks like it may have been
    built by a toy company, and one remember Mattel????
    I bought the Ruger SR22 tactical rifle. Great gun and well made no plastic. Bought a Ramline 25 rd mag. Has not jammed or misfired at all. It is not a light weight however. Put sniper scope on and bipod. Great weapon.

    TJ, Msgt, Retired

  • Rob

    I also bought a new m&p 15/22. The first time we shot it , it jammed about every third shot or so with differnt ammo. I was letting my 14 yr old shoot it at the time , so I tried it. I fired about 5 rounds before it exploded a round in the chamber. I’m a lefty so i got the full treatment of powder,metal, and LOUDNESS in my face. I called smith and they sent me a pick up tag to return it. Has anyone else did this ? Did it fix the problem? It’s a cool gun , and I would like to keep it if it works , but it’s for my kids to shoot so if it can’t work right , I will have to trade it off and take my lumps.

  • Jay F

    I bought the M&P15-22 and I am very disappointed. I have 100 rounds through it. It jams a lot like all the previous posts I saw. I believe there is a fundamental design flaw and I wrote to S&W like their manual instructs you to. I never got a response, so I called. The Customer Service department said that they have other things to do besides just answering emails. I was shocked.
    Anyway, the barrel is well made, but the engineers designed a cheap diecast ramp into the firing chamber. There’s a mismatch in tolerance and the cartridge catches on this burr. I can’t imagine how this got through a product development testing cycle.
    The magazine has issues too. It does not load the rounds consistently . . . the bullet nose doesn’t always maintain the proper angle . . . and is therefore another point for a jam to occur.
    My third issue is most disturbing too. One of the cross pins holding the trigger assembly together walked out of its location and it fell apart. This is typically a design tolerance issue with plastics . . . yes, I’m an engineer.
    S&W have a neat design concept, but this weapon is not robust. I want my money back, but S&W is not responsive. I’ve lost confidence in the entire design and company. They don’t get it.

  • Luke

    I bought this rifle not to long ago and it keeps jamming. The used shells don’t fly out all the way and get stuck. I’m using top grade ammo, cleaning it and keeping it lubed. Any advice?

  • Rick

    Does anyone know how to remove the barrel? I need it out so I can have it threaded.

  • Jim Reese

    I first bought a Colt .22 and it constantly jammed. The overall quality was crap as well. I bought the Smith M&P .22 last month and the rifle is awesome. It is extremely well made, accurate, and functions perfectly. Don’t make a $500.00 mistake and buy the Colt, wait for the Smith.

  • mark

    For those getting jams, make sure you load a single round at a time and release the follower so it snugs the round into place before loading the next one. It is important that the heads alternate left-right-left as viewed from the rear of the mag. Some guys seem to be able to shoot anything, others have trouble with jams. Anything really stubborn, call Smith and return it for a go-over. Early rifles seem to have more troubles.

  • mark

    Solid, about a pound lighter than the Umarex/Colt, and the controls work the same as a real AR. Extra mags are $20 from Smith. The rifle was on the rack for $420 where I found it. No muzzle device, but Smith says a threaded barrel version is coming.

  • dewayne

    you can get them at $430

  • bought 2 of these lastr sat at cabelas took one out it fired 3x then jamb’d clear’d it fired few more then jamb’d it is actually bending the 22lr case and putting a huge groove in them ! did this over and over / changed ammo same thing ! it has gotten better now only jambs ever 5 10 rounds ! any ideas how to solve this or ???? i am using top grade ammo !

  • Terry Adams

    Bought the rifle haven’t shot it yet but have some questions from somene that has one how come the pictures show some kind of muzzle suppressor on the end and the one that came out of the box doesn’t and they claim 6 position stock and it only moves 3. just curious nice rifle anyway.

  • Bill Strother

    Found one this past weekend at a gun show in richmond virgiina it was $429. Very sweet rifle.

  • Lonnie Plank

    Bought this little gun for my daughter, At 5 lbs, she has no problems handling it. The tactical sling looks cool on it. First thing she said, Let’s go shoot Rattlesnakes Daddy. Good Job S&W

  • Cody

    Yes. There is also a State compliant model w/ 10-rd mag and a fixed stock for NY, Ct ,etc.

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  • Matt

    Spoke with customer service at Smith & Wesson, they now claim a release date by July.

  • jon robin

    i think this gun would be ideal for masturbation purposes or just for a fun day of plinking or small game hunting

  • joe lenninger

    can i get this gun in ca with a 10 round mag?

  • Kevin

    I’ll be buying one of these once they become available.
    Better than just a .22 upper… with this, you get the whole gun!

  • derek

    last week at the NRA Phoenix gun convention, multiple reps and their magazine/ pamphlet stated MSRP $499 and will ship to SW distributors on June 1, 2009. Rep thought stores should sell for about $450

  • stephen

    ok so i have this gun and this is my only comment so dont ask any questions but anyway
    this is a great gun if you want a all around perfect firearm
    ive had this gun for about 6 months now and the only thing i find wrong is the sound of the shot which is to loud and that the grip on the front of the gun is a little uncomfortable but can be fixed with 20 bucks thanks for reading

  • Taylor Byrd

    it comes out in June MSRP is 498.99

  • Mike

    Saw on another site that this is a PURE .22. ie: the lower can’t be used with a standard AR-15 upper. It is a polycarb lower as well.

    Still, looks like it’ll be a fun plinker. My buddy just got a GSG-5 rifle and it’s super fun for target shooting, so I might find myself picking one of these up in June.

  • just what i’ve been looking for…economy and style…where can i find this gun???

  • where can i find this gun….it’s just what i’ve been looking for…on first glance anyway….has anybody fired this gun??? Please reply

  • FireNForget

    A little late to the game..
    GSG-5 and SIG have products out already..

  • Wes

    The new M&P15-22 is a great addition to their S&W Tactical Rifles. Great looking rifle and love the idea that it comes with a 25 rd magazine. I think the price is high but, that comes with S&W quality. I recenly purchase a Ruger Tactical 22 and it only came with a 10 rd magazine. The price was considerably lower but, if I had know about the S&W I would have waited.

  • Birdman

    Perfect Rabbit gun!!! to S&W: – Price it right and we’ll buy it!!!! I’m sure the S&W quality will be there and that they are aware that current AR-15 owners can already buy a .22lr conversion unit for around $200.00.

  • johnnyknives


  • Tim Elliott

    It will be interesting to see the street cost. The GSG-5 has been doing well at about $500. I can’t imagine this at $1000