Sneak Peek: Beretta ARX 160 (video)

A recent trip to Beretta USA provided me with the…

A recent trip to Beretta USA provided me with the opportunity to put the new ARX 160 through its paces. This is Beretta’s entry into the military carbine market and the rifle tested is one of just a few being used in the military trials right now. One was cut loose just long enough for me to get some good trigger time and a really good look at this next generation carbine. Given time constraints the move was made directly to select fire mode. The question being, is it controllable, what is the recoil like with the short barrel, and is it possible to exercise positive trigger control?

Next it was time to run the controls through a magazine change. The ARX160 offers a host of ambidextrous controls and the question is are they useful. That is not always the case, so a few magazine changes were completed with the charging handle on both sides.


Lastly, what are some of the newer improvements on this rifle? One of the features that sounded really interesting was the ability to switch which side the shells eject from with nothing more than a bullet tip. Many have done this but it has always been awkward and anything but easy in the field. So, how easy is it, really?


There are a ton of innovations in this system, too include taking it down to the bare parts with zero tools. The attachment of a 40mm grenade launcher with one pin, other ambidextrous controls and many more. Take the time to read my complete review in an upcoming issue of Special Weapons for Military and Police.


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    BERETTA what is the delay with the US debut? When? 2012/Last quarter? The Bushmaster ACR …delays with kits. At least Robinson Arms has several kits available. Just not the .308 and the 6.5mm. Price for the Beretta ARX $2,400.00. When it initially comes out. Probably looking at 2013 for $1,800.00 price tag. The wait continues. Perhaps the FN SCAR in 6.5mm? If ONE BIG ASS MISTAKE AMERICA COMES OUT AGAIN. Prepare for prices unheard of. Not only in guns but ammunition.

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    Civie version plz. Thx.