Sneak Peek: Bravo 18 AKM

The reliability of the AK47 has been legendary. It is…

The reliability of the AK47 has been legendary. It is still the most prolific combat small arm on the planet. For all its reliability and ease of care it has always been lacking when it comes to ergonomics. bravo18akm-b With the addition of more and more accessories for the SWAT officer this inability to use them has been and often continues to be a weak point. Bravo 18 Incorporated has built an AKM to address this issue, but does it? A recent trip to Gunsite Academy answers that question and more. bravo18akm-c Will it accept the most common accessories within the typical SOPMOD model? Does it have the accuracy needed to work in the SWAT environment? Does the addition of these custom features affect its legendary reliability? All these questions and more are answered in the upcoming issue of Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement where we put the Bravo 18 AKM is put through its paces. bravo18akm-d Specifications: Bravo 18 AKM 7.62x 39mm Caliber/Gauge: 7.62x39mm Barrel: 10.5 Inches OA Length: 28 Inches Weight: 8 pounds Sights: Folding front and rear (Accepts any rail mounted sights) Stocks/Grips: Custom 6 rail forend / folding stock accepts all Mil-Spec AR stocks Action: Select Fire / Gas Operated AKM Action Finish: Black Coating Capacity: 30+ 1 accepts all factory magazines Price: $1500.00 as tested, price dependent on customer requests

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  • doc holiday

    I might go for this if I could trim some fat off that 6 rail handguard. 8 pounds for an SBR is excessive.

  • bulatenglamig

    the rifle looks good..i would like to have one but is the left side charging handle on that bravo18 akm non-reciprocating?

  • Ryan

    I have to respectfully disagree with MR.Pimms. The AK is an outstanding overall automatic rifle with unsurpassed combat reliability. It does however fall short with accuracy at long distance and any ability to add must have modern accessories. Looks to me like these guys have it right by building on the AK’s strengths and adding modifications that allow it to use SOPMOD equipment. With a 10″ barrel, long distance accuracy is obviously not the mission of this weapon. I’m interested to see the left hand charge with a right hand folder and like the 2 and 10 o’clock rails.

  • Christopher

    There are plenty of people who would love to have a rife like this, myself included, depending ont he price tag. The XCR 762 x 39 seemed promising, but the AR x 39 mags seem spotty as far as reliability. I coud see this platform succeeding in certain circles.

  • Mr.Pimms

    If the original AK47 is so un-ergonomic, then why even bother pimping it out? I am sure there are way better automatic rifles out there that out perform the AK in every way……Unless they’re looking to sell it the Iraqi’s, Saudi’s, Syrian’s, Iranians, Yemeni’s…then that’s just good business.