NASGW FN 15 Sporting solo
The FNH USA FN-15 Sporting Rifle

Sneak Peek: The FNH USA FN 15 Sporting Rifle

FNH USA has set its sights on the the tactical and competition markets with the all new FN 15 Sporting, outfitted with Magpul furniture.

Last year FNH introduced the FN 15 Sporting and carbine, representing exact semi-automatic versions of U.S. military-issued rifles.

Now FNH USA is addressing the needs of the tactical and competition markets with new models including the FN 15 Sporting, which features Magpul furniture, an 18-inch, match-grade barrel, a Timney trigger, a free-floated handguard and a SureFire muzzle brake.

For more information on the FN 15 Sporting rifle, visit or call 703-288-3500.

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