Fostech Arms Origin sneak peek
Sneak Peek: Fostech Arms' Origin 12-Gauge Shotgun

Sneak Peek: Fostech Arms’ Origin 12-Gauge Shotgun

With its detachable magazine, folding Minimalist stock and Diamondhead sights, the Fostech Arms Origin 12 gauge has it all.

The Origin shotgun from Fostech Arms is a 12-gauge, semi-automatic shotgun fed from a detachable magazine.

Gas-operated, the gun is said to run very reliably with all 2.75-inch ammo. It comes equipped with a folding Minimalist stock and Diamondhead sights.

The ambidextrous safety has oversized paddles for easy manipulation. Short-barrel options are available with the proper NFA paperwork.

The forward, left-side-mounted charging handle is non-reciprocating, and the bolt locks open after the last round is fired.

The MSRP for the Origin starts at $2,600.

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