Author test-fires the LWD 9mm carbine. Known for years as…

Author test-fires the LWD 9mm carbine.

Known for years as the one-stop shopping destination for all things Glock, Lone Wolf Distributors has something completely new in their catalog: the new Lone Wolf 9mm Carbine. This long gun is based on the original AR-style Stoner rifle. However, it includes some unique features that make it a perfect fit for Lone Wolf.

The folks from Oldtown, Idaho, are offering a complete 9mm carbine that is fed, naturally, by Glock 17 magazines. Of course it will accept 31-round G18 magazines as well. Close examination of the lower receiver indicates that while it might share similar appearance with a 5.56x45mm M4 Carbine-pattern AR, it is actually a dedicated 9mm receiver. This is particularly true when you examine the magazine well and the magazine release button located on the right side.


Up top, you will find a 9mm barrel mounted to a flattop AR receiver. This barrel is surrounded by an aluminum quad-rail system. Common features shared with the original M4 include the retractable stock, pistol grip, charging handle and manual safety lever. The new LWD 9mm Carbine boasts the advantage of shooting less expensive ammunition while at the same time offering training commonality with the centerfire rifle version. Look for a detailed review in a future issue of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement.

For more information, visit or call 208-437-0612.

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  • the glock mags are 31 round mags that all come with a +2 base plate making them 33rounders

  • Pat Lau

    Looks cool. But, is it any better than the Just Right Carbine which takes Glock mags as well? It is probably more reliable since I own a JR Carbine and I have seen a few feeding problems.

  • Capt Cook

    That’s pretty sweet!
    Think you guys could set this up for the Ruger SR9 too?