SNEAK PEEK: Rock River Arms LAR-15LH LEF-T Entry Operator-L

Rock River Arms’ LAR-15LH LEF-T Entry Operator-L is an M4-style,…

Rock River Arms’ LAR-15LH LEF-T Entry Operator-L is an M4-style, semi-automatic, 5.56mm carbine that has been generously equipped and thoroughly re-designed for fast, smooth and safe left-handed operation. The LEF-T Entry Operator-L addresses the AR’s features that are most vexing to left-handed shooters—the ejection port and the lack of a left-hand safety/selector lever—and has a unique ambidextrous release lever on the charging handle. Additionally, the bolt stop is reversed to the right side of the lower receiver, and although the magazine-release button is still in its original position, it has been supplemented by a second release on the left-side of the gun. This allows a left-handed operator to release the magazine and bolt stop in the same manner as a right-handed operator. Of course, the gun is fitted out with all the bells and whistles that shooters have come to expect, including a half-quad forend that leaves the 16.5-inch, R4-profile barrel free-floated. Look for my review in an upcoming issue of Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement.


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  • Scott

    Six words sum up my feelings on this: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I look forward to reading more about the LAR-15LH. Especially interested to see the price point. Can’t wait to get get my hands on one, if I can afford one that is. So tired of adapting to a “wrong-handed piece.