Sneak Peek: RUGER’S SR40C

Riding comfortably in an IWB from Galco, the SR40c was…

Riding comfortably in an IWB from Galco, the SR40c was quick on the target, dropping five rounds right where they were needed.

How do you improve upon an already stellar platform? For Ruger, the answer is simple: Add a new caliber and then shrink it. Building on the popularity of the pistol folks thought they’d never see—a svelte, striker-fired pistol from Ruger—the SR9 was “caliber-improved” to a .40, then the full-size pistol was chopped down to concealed carry size. The result is the SR40c, a subcompact, 23-ounce, polymer-framed pistol with a quite useable trigger, wearing a decent set of sights, and carrying 9+1 rounds of high-performance .40 ammunition.

Designed with concealed carry in mind, does the SR40c handle well enough for use in action pistol competition?

How did the SR40c function? What kind of accuracy did I get? How did this diminutive Ruger with its interchangeable backstrap feel in the hand and on the belt? See the full test and evaluation results in the May 2012 issue of Combat Handguns to get the skinny on these questions and more. Find out if this is truly another hit from Ruger.

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  • thomas alderman

    I have the SR9C and i like it alot.. it has a lighter trigger i think than my Glock 19.. anything from Ruger is all good