Sniper fire in Afghanistan plagues U.S., British troops.

Two servicemembers were killed and other U.S. Marines and British…

Two servicemembers were killed and other U.S. Marines and British soldiers have been hit by snipers in Sangin, Afghanistan, in recent days, Marine officials said.

One or two snipers, who have shown good marksmanship, have tormented the men of Lima Company, Third Battalion, Seventh Marine Regiment, and British forces, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.
“He’s hitting people — that’s very disruptive. But it’s not interfering with what we’re trying to do here,” said 1st Sgt. John Calhoun, 41, of Konawa, Okla.

On Aug. 13, the day the company arrived in Sangin, a Marine stepped from his armored vehicle about 100 yards from a secure U.S.-British patrol base. The sniper fired a single shot, killing the Marine, the Journal said.

On the same day, Darren Foster, 20, a British Army engineer from Carlisle, England, was shot and killed as he walked in an unprotected small space that bridges two areas of bulletproof glass, the Journal reported.

“[The sniper] hit a moving target in a space this big,” said Capt. Jim Nolan, Lima Company’s commander, indicating a space of 9 inches with his hands.

On Aug. 14, a U.S. tank mechanic was hit in the torso, but was protected by his body armor, the newspaper said.
On Sunday, Lance Cpl. Derek Simpson was hit in the head by a bullet, but was not seriously injured.

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  • AJ

    sounds like they should set up an overwatch…..maybe a couple with crossing fields of fire?