Soldiers “zombie hunting” in Afghanistan.

A peek inside any airport bookstore will tell you that…

A peek inside any airport bookstore will tell you that Americans want to read about vampires this summer. Vampire love stories, vampire hunting manuals, vampire comedies, classic novels rewritten to include vampires — apparently anything sporting fangs and makeup will sell.

As usual, the military is developing a similar obsession, but not vampires. With the Army, it’s zombies.

Dog-eared copies of Max Brooks’ “World War Z,” a first person account of the Great Zombie War, and his definitive undead-fighting manual, “The Zombie Survival Guide,” are found wherever soldiers relax and oil their weapons.

One soldier showed me a huge, razor-sharp Nepalese Ghurka knife that weighed about seven pounds — a lot of extra weight to carry on patrol. He explained that because killing zombies required a decapitating or skull-crushing blow, there was simply no better tool for fighting the undead in close quarters.

As uniforms and body armor become more and more covered in Velcro, Zombie Hunter patches have become hot sellers for tactical suppliers. At the German Post Exchange at Kandahar Airfield, that patch is continually sold out.

The problems of war against the undead have parallels with the problems soldiers face daily in Afghanistan. A zombie needs no food, water or equipment and pursues the living with implacable determination. For soldiers trying to defend a million dollar vehicle against a malnourished, illiterate man wielding a $40 roadside bomb, the similarity must be chilling.

Source and Photo: Ben Brody for CBS News.

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  • AJ

    Vampires are GAY!!!!

  • Patrick

    You wanna tell ’em who the U.S. zombies are??…
    This is a job computer….
    So I’d better not….

  • Eric

    🙂 “Smile, wait for flash!” Poof! Zap!! Boom!!! Awesome! Literary analogies from High and Low Culture, like quoting Sun Tzu’s ART OF WAR and the Stooge’s SEARCH AND DESTROY! “Zombies” are good analogy for battling rag-tag, diseased, flea-bitten — albeit very dangerous and unrelenting — “cave dwellers” aka troglodytes. Cool combat humor, but, alas, like “beards-and-ball-caps” when will the “chair-bound-paper-pushers” (with no sense of humor, darn it!) ban these patches, too??? Such Dark Comedy is a proven stress-reliever and may even help direct one’s mindset to help positively channel “adrenalin-dumps,” that cocktail of choice. But, like sex, it is likely to “disturb” the effete in academia and self-appointed, high-brow journalists (aka, the “world citizen” crowd) who effectively control foreign policy at this time. They will probably assert some psychobabble like, “Those zombie patches are indicative of a psychological disposition towards…” (Blah, blah, blah…) You know the drill!