Winchester Ultimate Defender Marine sneak peek
Sneak Peek: Winchester's Ultimate Defender Marine

Sneak Peek: Winchester’s Ultimate Defender Marine

The Ultimate Defender Marine from Winchester is a tactical dream with its hard chrome plating, ghost ring sights and Picatinny rails.

Winchester’s SXP Ultimate Defender 12-gauge pump-action shotgun has a number of tactical options.

Joining the SXP is another tactical shotgun from Winchester, the new Ultimate Defender Marine.

Specially designed for harsh environments, the Ultimate Defender Marine has matte hard chrome plating on the barrel, magazine, action bars and other metal parts to resist corrosion.

Winchester also equipped it with ghost ring sights, Picatinny rails and a door-breacher choke tube.

The MSRP is $539.99. For more information on the Ultimate Defender Marine and other products from Winchester, please visit

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