SPA Defense SXR Night Vision Weapon Sight

S.P.A Defense, A Global Night Operations Support Group, is proud…

S.P.A Defense, A Global Night Operations Support Group, is proud to announce the New SXR Long Range Low Profile Night Vision Weapon Sight. The SXR is available for Domestic Government and Commercial sales. In addition, the SXR is offered to selected ITAR approved International Government and Commercial marketplaces. The SXR is the most technologically advanced I 2 device currently available. Learn more at


Key features of the SXR:
‐GEN III, OMNI‐7 Autogated system
‐Most optically efficient design with no barrel overhang
‐Increased resolution with high power magnifications
‐Shot placement within 1/2MOA accuracy
‐Allows operator to maintain proper eye relief while making adjustments



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  • Chad

    Company website says that sales of the SXR are available only to military, government and law enforcement, but they apologize for the inconvenience. So, there’s that.