Spec-Ops Weaponry

Like Gideon’s few, American elite units are purposely smaller and…


Like Gideon’s few, American elite units are purposely smaller and more agile. This agility includes the sanction to eclectically select weapons systems and tactics as may suit their overall mission. These units may also select or procure mission-specific ordnance as needed, and they may assemble or adapt unique combinations of standard weapons as suits their purpose, when such are appropriate to the sort of asymmetrical war these elite unit fight. Because of these factors, our elite units often serve as de facto test beds for weapons that, once proven, subsequently become items of general issue. To follow is a review of what some of these elite units from the various branches are currently using.

4-sowt-with-m4-_acog-af-photo.gifMARSOC: Marine Special Operations Command
“Send in the Marines!”

In January 2002 the U.S.M.C. Commandant presented official plans outlining a permanent force contribution to SOCOM. Marine Det-1 (Detachment One) was created as a proof of concept for the evolution into a fully operational special operation unit. Det-1 would see combat in the GWOT (Global War on Terrorism) as deployed to Southwest Asia.

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  • Maab

    why not delta force

  • MJS

    Delta is the Army’s counterterrorist force, used for specific missions, not every combat deployment. Intelligence personnel were in Iraq setting up communications before SOCOM units arrived. Rangers, while true ground pounders, have their missions and provide security for many Tier 1 teams and also provide support for other missions around the globe. Many folks do not realize the capabilities and limitations of Special Operations teams.

  • steve

    actually, in irag the first to arrive were us army spec forces and socom navy seals. the very first were the cia combat operations group.

  • Colton

    Actually the rangers are not the premier strike force of the U.S. Military. The United States Marines of MARSOC and the Navy SEALs are the first to engage. Based upon the fact that Marines have a reputation to uphold, and SEALs already have theirs. The USMC did very well with their special operations forces, which even SOCOM speculated were just as skilled as Navy SEALs, most of whom also agree. This was shown when Det-1 of the USMC was deployed with several SEAL teams and came back with high ratings, even with comments speculating that they have new competitors in the field of Special Operations.

  • I was disapointed that DELTA was not in there.
    Oppressor Beware

  • Schae Summons

    I was disappointed Special Forces”Green Berets” were not featured and there was only a small half page article on the Army Rangers. Also, article said that Rangers were the premier strike force for Army. Actually, this Army unit is the premier strike force for the U.S. military.