Special Weapons For Military & Police

FEATURES MULTI-MISSION MANSTOPPERS by Paul Markel One size does not…

by Paul Markel
One size does not fit all—the missions of the .223, .308 and .50BMG!

ARMALITE’S AR-30 TACTICAL .308 by Charlie Cutshaw
No-frills precision bolt gun delivers sub-MOA performance!

REMINGTON’S NEW 700P .308 by Charlie Cutshaw
It’s a sub-MOA sharpshooter—new and improved all the way!

SABRE DEFENCE XR15A3 M4 6.8mm by Matt Berger
More punch, longer range, flatter shooting—in a Tactical AR-15 package!

ARES GSR-35 BLACK LIGHTNING 5.56mm by Gary Paul Johnston
Gas System Retrofit—it’s AR-15 perfection!

FNH PS90 5.7X28mm by Charlie Cutshaw
The most technically advanced firearm available today!

I.O. SSG-97 DMR .308 by Charlie Cutshaw
Romanian’s Dragunov style Designated Marksman Rifle!


non-lethal Active Denial System sends them running

Gear bag
Jim Cirillo remembered, FNH guns, armor and gear from Safariland

Small unit tactics
urban firefight in Iraq — Marines under fire

Expert rifleman
what the future has in store for the M16 and M4

riflery look at the .260Rem vs .308 with the DPMS Panther LR-260

Battle proven
optical battlesights—a quick fix or are they here to stay

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter—newest and most deadliest flying fighter

Guns of the elite
France’s GSPR—weapons and the men of this elite group

Op tech
the 2007 suppressor shoot and seminar—quiet fun

New products
/Mag Belt Clip/BIVVI Shelter/Tactical Riflescopes/Brownells Catalog/Amphibian S

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