Spike’s Tactical Adjustable Break

The Spike's Tactical Adjustable Break is an Adjustable muzzle break…

The Spike’s Tactical Adjustable Break is an Adjustable muzzle break designed to be used in a short barrel CQB application. It directs the blast down range! The most common problem with short barrels is the lack of back pressure they need to cycle. You can adjust the back pressure up or down until you find that “sweet spot” your 7″-10″ upper needs to cycle properly. Spikestactical.com.

tom-sbr_webpageThe The S.T.A.B on Spike’s 7.5″ piston upper. You can also see that the upper is wearing the New Daniel Defense 4.0 Lite rail with Troy sights.

The S.T.A.B
– Machined from 303 stainless steel while the cone of the The S.T.A.B is machined from an ULTRA high temp proprietary alloy

– Adjustable by hand with no tools

– Can be broken down for cleaning with no tools

– Spring loaded collar on theThe S.T.A.B is wavy to achieve firm adjustment clicks

In testing every 16 clicks decreased the rate of fire by 14 RPM. We have put thousands and thousands of rounds through the S.T.A.B. and have yet been able to burn one up!

– Coated inside and out (except for the cone) with Melonite for corrosion resistance and durability

Size and Weight

OD is 1.37

OAL is 3.14

Weight is 10oz or 284 Grams

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