Spike’s Tactical has made huge gains in the commercial AR…

Spike’s Tactical has made huge gains in the commercial AR market over the course of the last year in terms of market share, product range and quality. Given its extensive list of upgrades, the M4LE product line is a welcome addition. Noblesville, Indiana PD Officer is shown here putting the M4LE through its paces.

For departments looking to issue patrol carbines to their officers, budget often plays as much of a role as quality, functionality, or applicability to the task at hand—and this is especially true in these uncertain economic times. Purchasing agents are faced with buying a limited quantity of the absolute best rifles on the market, thereby limiting the number of rifles available to officers, or using the funds at hand to buy the best possible rifle for the officers that need them. The market is certainly awash in “budget” ARs that may meet the needs of the occasional range plinker but are nowhere near sufficient for critical use. Spike’s Tactical, of Apopka, Florida, is a company which, over the course of the last year or so, has been making a push to be one of the more highly regarded AR manufacturers by offering rifles and carbines that are as close to the military specification as they can get, with a price as low as they can maintain it. Spike’s is offering M4-pattern carbines with a features list that nearly rivals the very best in the business, but at prices closer to the lower-cost budget brands. This means that officers and departments have to sacrifice less performance when making their purchases.

SPIKES TACTICAL M4LEs 5.56mm Author ran the M4LE Enhanced at a UTA training sessions without any failures.

I recently visited Spike’s facility to observe their assembly, view their loose parts prior to assembly and meet their staff. While many companies closely guard who they buy what parts from, Spike’s staff was completely open with me and allowed me full access to all of their storage and assembly areas. From crates and crates of barrels to bins and bins of hammers, triggers, and sears, Spike’s has gone out of their way to source parts and pieces from the same vendors that supply the parts for military issue firearms. I spoke at length with CEO Tom Miller about their past, present and future rifles and where they want to take the company. He made it clear that their goal is to continue to make improvements to their products, offer new parts and accessories such as buffers and free-floating handguards, all while keeping prices as low as possible to maintain accessibility for a wider customer base. Upon leaving the shop, Tom loaned me a Spike’s Tactical M4LE Enhanced to run in a private carbine class the following day.

Gun Details
The Spike’s Tactical Lower is machined from a 7075-T6 Mil-Spec forging with Mil-Spec Type III hardcoat anodized finish.

The basic M4LE retails for $799 and consists of upper and lower made from 7075 aluminum that is Type III hardcoat anodized.

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  • Alex E

    I own a Spikes Tactical AR. At first when I got it I thought it was too much rifle and money to be my first AR. I told many “is like buying a Corvette to learn how to drive”. Well is true ! Now that I consider myself competent enough with the rifle and I do not regret getting a Spike Tactical AR. To make the long story short extremely accurate out of the box or may say case. I have not done any upgrades what so ever. I am proud to be a Spike Tactical St-15 owner. You should too…

  • Colt/Armalite Beater ! And Cheap !

  • Steven S

    I own a Spikes Tactical Dissapator and its a real go getter and accurate as I could ever hope for.
    I would consider it over my Colt M-4 as it stands now.

  • Tony Escalona
  • K. White

    Same as the last person. Who makes that belt rig? I would love to get one. Please reply to the included e-mail address. Thank you.

  • I see in the magizine(pg.61), and at the top of this article too, a nice looking rig, looks to be belt mounted, with assorted pouches – who’s is it? Who makes it? Where can I find one? Thank you.