Spike’s Tactical SL15 STRIKER 5.56mm

The SL15 Striker is a well-thought-out configuration. Weighing just 6…

The SL15 Striker is a well-thought-out configuration. Weighing just 6 pounds without additional accessories, the Striker handles more like a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) with all of the benefits a carbine provides. A day of training at the US Training Center revealed the same.

spikes-tactical2.jpgGun Details
I’ve quit counting the number of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) that currently put their mark on an AR-style rifle. It’s virtually impossible to remember all of the different ways these same manufacturers rename what soldiers simply call an “M4.” So what’s the difference? it’s all in the details.

Working on CNC machines, lathes and mills, most of the SL15 parts are designed and manufactured in-house by Spike’s team of armorers. “Why are we better?” CEO Tom Miller rhetorically asks. “Because we take the next step with all our rifles. We do a lot of little touches. Almost everything we do is custom. Even small enhancements are carried on our basic product line, whether it’s a $1,000 or a $3,000 carbine. We’ve shot a lot and learned the hard way. We don’t skimp just because the rifle is basic.”

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  • trevor french

    i just got a sl 15 going shooting tomorrow test her out already with out shooting this awsome rifle i fell in love with this beast

  • Eric

    They are out of Apopka, Florida- Spike’s Tactical.

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  • Please give us a call. 407-928-2666

    Thanks Tom

  • teufel hunden

    Being a United States Marine, I deal with lots of weapons and read lots of gun magazines. M4s just seem to blur together and look the same with nothing special about them. I read this article and was blown away by each and every part of this weapon. Someone please tell me where i can buy one of these.
    Semper Fidelis

  • Danny Lopez

    Can you tell me where I cam purchase the SL15 Striker?

    Danny Lopez