Springfield Armory Range Officer 1911

Springfield Armory® has just introduced a new 1911 designed for…

Springfield Armory® has just introduced a new 1911 designed for people interested in shooting competitively. It is called— The RO™, “Range Officer™”. The RO™ is designed to give the shooter exceptional quality, at an affordable price. One of the goals was to create a pistol that is acceptable in many different styles of shooting competitions, so the shooter can decide which one he likes most. It is built with the same precision as the Trophy Match™, and TRP™ models, but Springfield has removed the “extras” that result in a higher price. It’s everything you need in a competition model, at an affordable price, and easily upgradable for your future needs. Springfield-armory.com.




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  • Put 150 rounds through this, outstanding weapon, no malfunctions. Shot precise in a 2″ ring at 15 yards. At 20 it was missing left about 2-3 inches, at 25 yards it was missing left about 4-5 inches. Adjusted it to dead on at 25 yards, shot perfect at all distances after that. This is an outstanding platform, I probably will do little to no upgrading to it for competition shooting.

  • Daniel porter

    i have put 200 rounds through my RO no malfunctions ive owned many diffrent 1911s the RO is simple not alot of extras hanging off of it after i change the choppy rear sight to a bomar adjustable tactical competition from midway and a big plus is there are no front serrations on the slide great gun mine is one of the first 500 stamped on frame


    This is the gun Taurus tried to build but faild…
    A bare bones 1911 is an awesome platform to build off of. You can’t beat Springfield’s fit and finish and customer support. Send it to the custom shop for some bells and whistles and you will have a great 1911 for years to come.

    Also With the steel frame and slide. This would be Great for the .460 Roland conversion kit. Wilson Combat’s .460 Hunter goes for $3,500.00. You do the math! I only shoot Springfeild Armory pistols. So my opinion maybe a little one sided.

    Always do research!

  • mike wandrick

    Shot another 100 rounds in the R.O., no problems nd shoots great, I think I will change to low profile rear sights and Wilson Magazines. Lovehow it shoots.

  • Ray Smalley

    Purchased my RO last week, $725 plus the tax. Great gun! Put 50 rounds through it, great shooter, a definate keeper.

  • richard hensley

    is the R/O available in calif?

  • mike wandrick

    just purchased range office 1911 and shot it for first time, 50 rounds 230 grain pmc’s, no problems. A joy to shoot it and look forward to another good weather day to shoot.

  • atty nelson ditan

    this is a perfect handgun for practical shooters. i hope this will be available here in the philippines soon. availability in caliber .40 will also be great.