Springfield XD Compact .45ACP Concealed Carry Pistol Review

A SERIOUS SHOOTER’S pistol, the Springfield XD Compact .45ACP is a concealed carry SURESHOT!


NO TWO GROUPS are more opinionated or fickle than trainers and gun writers. I am guilty of being a party to both groups as well as being a 30-year law enforcement veteran and we know how old cops are. We all have a hard time accepting change and embracing new pistols. When Springfield Armory decided to import a polymer framed semi-auto pistol from, of all places, Croatia, I thought they had lost their mind. Besides, in 2002, the polymer market was owned by the folks from Austria. Well, six years later, the Springfield XD pistols have earned the respect of trainers and writers alike. From humble roots, the XD family now includes five different models in five calibers and four finish options. What a family.

springfield2.gifAs successful as the 9mm and .40 calibers were, sales of the XD went through the roof with the introduction of the .45ACP version. I’ve previously reviewed a 4-inch Service Model and a 5-inch Tactical Model. The Tactical Model was used during a side match hosted by the US Army Marksmanship Unit at Ft. Benning, Georgia. The pistol digested over 5,000 rounds with no malfunctions without being cleaned or lubed! I even froze the pistol in a block of ice and then buried it in mud, and it kept on running.

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  • Creekside

    Have other “plastic guns” but after researching the reliability and performance of the XD lines, purchased a bi-tone compact .45. Much better than the Glock, the ergonomic alignment is great! Better control and line of Sight are more natural. Prepping for week of out of state training so I bought a second one as back-up. Stainless slide and OD green lower. Two years newer and it seems to shoot even straighter. Supposedly, near match grade barrels are stock.

    Highly recommend if you’re more concerned with function over fancy.

  • marshallb75

    Just got back from a gun shop on the beach. Have been a Glock Lover from the beggining (around 1993) I was fully intent on purchasing a glock 30. When I put the 30 in my hand it was too small. I then picked up the XD and was sold, solid!!! Am taking it shooting in a week and we’ll see if the proof is in the pudding. Bye Bye Glock:)

  • I have carried a Sig P229 for over 12yrs since getting out of the Army. I was looking for a high cap .45, you know ParaOrd or Kimber but they were too expensive and too heavy. About a 2yrs ago I picked up an XD45 at the local gun shop and loved they way it felt in my hand. Loved it so much I purchased it and walked out the door with it. I was so impressed with the Service model I purchased a XD45 Compact model for my daily carry gun. You can not go wrong with this weapon.

  • mark anthony

    I had the xd40 for over 2yrs and 2500 rounds with no cleaning or lube without any malfunctions so I sold my Sp101 ruger + picked up the xd45compact twotone