SPRINGFIELD XD-M: Exclusive pictures of newest gun | Springfield XDM Pistol

EXCLUSIVE LEAKED PHOTOS... Check back to find out more about Springfield's XDM handgun!!

This gun hasn’t even been announced by Springfield yet. Stay tuned for more info in an upcoming issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS. Check back with Tactical-Life.com to get more info on Springfield’s latest and greatest and don’t forget to leave a comment below about what you think of their newest addition to the XD line!!!

Click here to see more photos!!!! 


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  • I have a XDM 3.8 9mm and I take it to my ISPC and IDPA shoots. Its accurate, reliable and ergonomic. It is besides my Springfield 1911, my favorite handgun to shoot. Glock can learn from the ergonomics. Glocks are great, of which I currently own 2 but thank odin for the grip force adaptor. I have them on both my glocks to make the grip more naturally pointing.I am still waiting for Meprolight to come out with some novak style night sights for the Springfield XDM.Go Teaparty and join the NRA!

  • Jamy Diaz

    I own one, love it to death. Put over a thousand rounds threw it and hasn’t jammed. The palm safety is a plus, and it is a perfect gun for a conceals weapons permit. I recommend anyone to purchase the xd 40 compact.

  • harold


  • Bob

    I want the XDM .40 but I need a smaller clip 16+1 is illegal in Jersey

  • Bob Anderson

    I handled one today at a local shop; I have a couple of observations. First, it is larger, both in grip length and barrel length, than the older xd40 design. For me, in terms of concealed carry, those are negatives. More importantly, the grip surface is totally different, and feels ‘sharper’ and more ‘abrasive’. I definitely did not prefer that. Finally, the mags are totally different; they won’t fit the older xd40, nor will older mags fit the new gun. Personally, I am going to keep buying the old style; I am not saying the gun is less than terrific, I am just saying that ‘for me’, it’s not right.

  • I bought one last weekend. Great gun. Another Springfield Arms finest.

  • Edward Lewis

    Yeah I noticed they just loaded up a new link on the Springfield Armory website for a 360 deg angle,but they havent posted a new pice SKU or a date yet for it.Im deffinetly going to get one if they release it with a 45acp chambering.The short trigger reset,new look,and interchangable backstraps are extremely appealing to me personaly.Thanks for the pics bro.

  • bangelo

    by the way, you are welcome for the photos

  • Elando Baptiste

    I like the new grip on the pistol for better thumb placement. It also looks like it would have better recoil control too. Looks nice though good job Springfield considering the fact that is only a prototype model.

  • Doug Arellano

    i think its a great new look for springfeild. I would put this gun in the category with the hk p30. very tactical appearance. cant wait to get ahold of one of them. Big xd fan