Springfield XD(M) 5.25 Competition Series

Springfield Armory’s® Custom Shop listened to pro shooters like 5…

Springfield Armory’s® Custom Shop listened to pro shooters like 5 Time World Champion Rob Leatham to advance the design of its polymer pistols for competition use. The result is a handgun with improved accuracy, lessened recoil, faster shot recovery and greater sight radius of its newly enhanced performance. The difference was achieved in the details.

They have, once again, raised the expectations of what a polymer pistol can be. The-m-factor.com.






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  • Alex E

    I like it… so much I may sell my Glock. I may need to get one, so my Glock 34 may it days could be counted. God has mercy on the Glocks.

  • LC

    Glocks are for those who can not see the future. 4th generation, 5th generation. are just because the cant figure out what to do, and have to be told by the shooters what is needed. Don’t knock it till you try it the M-Factor kicks ass.

  • RG

    Gay. Woulda been cooler if they’da made the cut the front slide serrations as ports as well. It’s ok. Be better if it were full auto n added a frame molded blade n mini missle launchers too…. wait that’s for Glock my bad lol