SRM ARMS’ 1216 Semi-Auto Shotgun

The SRM Arms Model 1216 semi-automatic shotgun is a new…


The SRM Arms Model 1216 semi-automatic shotgun is a new concept in shotgun design, one that features a detachable high-capacity magazine that holds 16 rounds of either 2 3/4 or 3-inch shells in four separate feed tubes. After firing four rounds, a shooter must rotate the magazine to the next feed tube to fire the next four rounds, until all four chambers are empty.

gun-photos-2-08-0141.jpgRoller delayed action provides fast cycling and reduced felt recoil, while an integrated picatinny rail combined with a 3-face handguard rail offers the shooter a broad range of options for mounting optics, sights and tactical accessories. Pushpin disassembly and break open design allows for easy field stripping and maintenance, while the ambidextrous receiver and controls make SRM Arms’ 1216 one of the most innovative new products on the market.

For more information on SRM Arms and the ingenious design of the new 1216 semi-auto shotgun, check back with!



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  • Everett Thrall

    As a retired 40 year veteran of Law Enforcement, I believe this is the weapon I wish to confront the coming economic and civil war coming to the country.

    Please add me to your mailing list and let me know immediately when you have one for sale…..


  • Joe R

    I saw the review in the January 2012 issue of Tactical Life and checked it out on YouTube.

    It looks very interesting, the stumbling block is price. It is listed on Gunbroker for $2,600. At that price it will probably remain a collectors item.

    I don’t think many LE budgets or individuals can handle that price tag. Not when you can buy a Mossberg 930SPX for $500-600.

  • TGugs

    To $$$ and limited sales equal doom. Think of the innovative TDI Kriss—- only good in SBR full auto so why have it for $2000. Interesting concept…

  • As Ron said they are a Hoot to Shoot! If you are a customer please give Ron a call I am sure he would love to sell you one or answer any questions for you about them. If you are a Dealer please give me a call and I can answer any questions for you and get you signed up to be one of our dealers for the SRM Tactical Shot Guns.
    Please contact me directly at 208-424-3141. Sam Hoge or go to our website SRMArms.Com The SRM’s are available and ready to ship.

  • Ron Cooper

    Folks, this gun is a hoot to shoot. We have sold three 1216’s and the store has a 1212 ( my own ) and you can not have it! These guns love low recoil slugs and OO.

  • Bob

    How much and is it available on Canada

  • Dana

    I am a class 3 firearms dealer and I just received an email from SRM. It looks like they are ready to hit the market with them.

  • Leroy

    Check out
    I think they may have just recently gone live with it because I checked last week and it wasn’t up, but now it is… I am going to call and see if I can pre-order one.

  • Dan T.

    I’ve seen a few posts in the last month that this gun is coming soon, but their website hasn’t changed. when does your buddy think this thing will be available?

  • Leroy

    Word on the street is that the SRM 1216 is going to be available this summer… A buddy of mine lives out in Idaho where the 1216 is manufactured and has spoken with their reps, he says that “All systems are a go!”. I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  • Guy

    Very well thought for the European market, where unlike the USA guns are limited in number of shells, types of ammo, etc. Semiauto shotguns in Spain, for example, may not shoot more than five shells at a time, the same goes for Finland only with three instead of five (where the smaller version can be used). This model offers a high-cap mag adapted to local regulations, and that’s really great. I heard these guns are very reliable under extreme weather conditions, like SUVs. Someone mentioned here the MD20, well I don’t think this drum is manageable under every situation, it’s too big and not always convenient to carry hanging from the barrel like a huge tumor. For those who also look for esthetics, there’s nothing to compare. Here you’re dealing with a gun which high-cap magazine is embedded in its structure, and not externally added. Also, I read in a report that semi-auto shotguns are not the first choice of all spec units because of squandering ammunition with relatively low accuracy in fast shooting (compared to rifles), and that’s why many police units prefer pump auctioned shotguns, where you load-aim-shoot, load-aim-shoot. Now with this model you can shoot four shells relatively fast, then load, aim again and shoot another group, and this is really cool.

  • brentbo

    Very interesting looking shotgun, if you guys do it – please let me know when these come out for sale.
    Thanks much!

  • Please let me know when and if this weapon becomes available to civilians. I love the design and can’t use a pump gun due to a disability so I really must utilize a semi-auto. This model looks very controllable.

  • Will Graff

    Please keep me apprised of availability


  • Adam

    anyone know when and where this may be available?

  • Rick A

    It’s a very innovative design. Unfortunately there are existing platforms that are more practical and surely less expensive.

  • James

    Saiga 12 with MD20 offers quicker rate of fire and 4 extra shots between reloads. Plus you have 2 and 5 round magazine for the saiga for hunting.

  • Army Boi

    I assisted in the field testing of these and they are nearly jam proof and as reliable as the Soviet AKs series.
    I was unable to get any information as to civilian availability as of yet but soon to be standard military by 2010.
    Hope this helps.

  • I. Wayne Woolsey

    Please keep me advised as to when the 1216 will be available to stock. Looks like a winner.

  • Craig Lewis

    make one for me and a couple extra mags. i/m in awe!

  • lee gorion

    i have always had sig sauer at the top of my list since my first pistol 229 9mm, now i have the 220 stainless elite, 220 super match added to my collection, waiting for the 220-x6, 556swat pistol and now the “SRM ARMS” 1216 semi-auto shotgun to be added in my collection. please keep me posted on its availability.

  • lee gorion

    i have always had sig sauer at the top of my list since my first pistol 229 9mm, now i have the 220 stainless elite, 220 super match added to my collection, waiting for the 220-x6, 556swat pistol and know the “SRM ARMS” 1216 semi-auto shotgun to be added in my collection. please keep me posted on its availability.

  • kevin taylor

    Will this shotgun be available for civilians, and when will it be available if so. Also how much will it cost? Thank you!

  • Cory Dierolf

    Is this shotgun available yet??

  • William

    Would a civilian be able to buy a gun like that and if so, for how much?

  • Excellent design. When will this shotgun model become available.

    Thank you,

    sincerely yours,

    Capt. Charles Reinhardt CM2
    Colmar Manor Police Department