SRM Arms 16-Round Semi-Automatic 1216 Tactical Shotgun

The SRM Arms 16-Round Semi-Automatic 1216 Tactical Shotgun incorporates features for military and law enforcement uses.

SRM Arms today announced the launch of its new 16-round, 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun, the SRM 1216. A prototype of the 1216 was first previewed at the 2008 SHOT Show, where it was named Best New Product by Outdoor Channel. SRM is a nationally-known manufacturer of high-performance shotgun components and accessories.

“The 1216 is the first of its kind in the tactical shotgun arena,” said Jeff Hajjar, President of SRM Arms. “It incorporates many design recommendations from the law enforcement and military communities,” said Hajjar, “and, from the response we have already received from both individuals and dealers interested in buying the shotgun, I am confident the civilian market will be strong for us as well.”


On Wednesday, the 1216 makes its production-model debut at the U.S. Border Patrol Special Operations Group (SOG) 9th Annual Law Enforcement Equipment and Technology Expo in El Paso, Texas. The Expo is a private, invitation-only event for U.S. law enforcement and military agencies.


SRM Arms also announced today its partnership with GSA Direct, LLC, an Idaho-based supplier of products and services to government agencies and the private sector. GSA Direct will be the wholesale distributor for all SRM Arms products, and will also handle the sales, marketing, and customer service functions for SRM.

“We are excited to help build the SRM Arms brand and to be a part of delivering the most advanced tactical shotgun available in the world,” said David Lehman, a partner at GSA Direct. “The 1216 has generated so much interest that we have already started taking orders for the gun, and we have yet to do any marketing,” said Lehman. “Our biggest concern right now is being able to keep up with the demand for this highly sought-after shotgun.”


In addition to the 1216, SRM has developed two NFA versions of the shotgun, the 1212 and the 1208. The 1212 and the 1208 hold 12 rounds and 8 rounds, respectively. The 12 and 8-round versions are expected to be favorites for law enforcement and the military because of their high capacity and compact profile.

To learn more about SRM Arms, or how to buy the 1216, visit or call 1-888-269-1885.

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  • John

    you are right! One direction you get to see a reticle the way its mounted you don’t.

  • Wosiu

    Did you ever know, that you can use EOTech in both directions? 🙂

  • David Fischer

    I like the gun. Its sight is backwards cause it fires out of the but-stock. It adds another level of surprise. Or they just screwed up.

  • Jeff

    In fairness, SOMETIMES, companies hire photographers who don’t know anything about firearms. A professional photographer would be responsible for posing it for the camera. I’m not saying thats the case, but it might be.

    Also a large portion of their website is still under construction, so these could also just be placeholders.

  • CBec

    HAAHA, if you go to their website they have multiple pics of the shotgun…all with the eotech backwards!!! If you cant even figure out which way the red dot optic goes I got no desire to buy your junk.

  • Hubb

    Cool shotgun! HAHA, the only problem is that EOTech is on backwards.