AUG/A3 M1: Steyr Arms’ Modern Bullpup Rifle

Offering an incredibly wide range of customization, the AUG/A3 M1 from Steyr Arms has earned its place as an icon in the firearms world.

Steyr’s AUG rifle is an icon of military arms, made famous on the silver screen and highly sought after in the real world. The AUG/A3 M1 model is a thoroughly modern bullpup rifle with a wide range of options.

The 5.56mm AUG/A3 M1 accepts the standard AUG waffle-pattern magazines, and it can be configured for right- or left-hand operation. With its bullpup design, it puts a 16-inch, civilian-legal barrel into an overall package that is 8 inches shorter than an M4 with comparable barrel, and the NATO Conversion Kit enables it to accept STANAG (AR) magazines.

Steyr’s bullpup adds Vltor QD sling swivel attachments that enable the use of modern single- and two-point slings.

Several sighting options are available as well: a Short Rail, a Long Rail or an Integrated Optic that features either 1.5X or 3X magnification and is fitted with three Picatinny rails for the addition of reflex sights, lights, lasers or other accessories.

The rifle’s synthetic stock comes in your choice of colors, including traditional black, as well as white, green and MUD.

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