Stag Arms’ new rifle is lightweight, versatile, packed with features…

Stag Arms’ new rifle is lightweight, versatile, packed with features and accurate for any patrol officer. Seen here with an EOTech 517 HWS and LaserMax’s rechargeable Genesis green laser.

You have to give the folks at Stag Arms credit for ingenuity. They put themselves on the map by making the first all-left-handed AR rifle. Creating a mirror image AR for lefties was both a marketing and an engineering coup, and the company has certainly not been resting on their laurels. Things have certainly changed quite a bit from my service days. It has gotten to the point where you basically cannot sell a firearm unless it will allow for the easy installation of various accessories, especially all manner of sights and lasers. What a difference a couple of decades makes.

Today, AR rifles with fixed carry handle rear sights seem like an anachronism, but just 20 years ago you would have been hard pressed to find a flattop AR. Optics had to be mounted on top of the carry handle using an awkward single-screw mount that placed the sight so high on the gun it was difficult to use. Often, a cheekrest would have to be added to the stock to provide any degree of comfort when using optics.

Diamondhead’s V-RS quad-rail handguard, standard on the Model 3, allows the operator to add more rails as additional accessories are needed.

Stag Arms’ new Model 3 is a direct gas impingement 5.56mm NATO semi-auto rifle that capitalizes on the growing interest and demand for quad-rail-ready handguards by providing a high-quality rifle with full accessory capability at the right price. The right price, in fact, is free. Stag Arms is including this significant upgrade over the standard carbine handguards on their popular Model 3 rifle at absolutely no additional cost. The rifle now ships standard with the extremely versatile Diamondhead V-RS (Versa-Rail System) handguard, which, together with the flattop upper receiver, provides an almost uninterrupted 13 inches of Picatinny rail.

Diamondhead Premium front and rear combat flip-up sights lock up securely and remains zeroed in combat situations.

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  • MrApple

    The STAG Arms Model 3 is a great rifle that allows the owner to customize the crap out of it. And all at a reasonable price.

  • medic6287

    this is ridiculous the stag is superior to the colt. they came later so they had the opportunity to improve on colts mistakes. simplicity is key in this aspect aka lack of sights is what the people want. if you want a model with sites, what do ya know stag makes that in a stock model aswell! colt may still have government contracts but like previously stated thats because they were the cheapest bid and most likely the only company large enough to handle the job in the time frame.

    that said our government doesnt exactly supply the best equiptment for our troops lets be honest. otherwise there would be alot more AR5-7’s in combat right now (yes im refering to a rifle barely anyone knows about yet but will eventually take over for the M4 in my opinion)

    (on a side note. dude your arguing with two medics as well as what seems like the rest of the discussion group, at this point your gonna lose haha)

  • GM

    I’ve owned my Stag 3 for 6 months I looked at other AR’s including the Colt the Stag felt better to me and felt like a bit better quality I have had no issues and I am very happy with my Stag 3. When I go to Gun shows and look at all the various manufacturers and options I am very pleased that I chose Stag Arms there are much worse options out there….

  • Zach W

    I have a model 3, had it for just under a year now and have not had a single problem with it…plus it is much cheaper then a colt! All I did was go to a gun show and got a quad rail system and a front grip plus a $100 red dot… Now the gun is exactly what I want and the price tag was still under a grand. I have friends that try and tell me it is obsolete compared to other manufacturers but you look at the comparisons and they are nearly identical weapons… Trust my life with it but really don’t agree with others not cleaning it. Spending that kind of money to me is an investment and I plan on having my AR and eventually giving it to my children…

  • Glenn Smith

    I agree with Rob Peterson,I bought the Stag 3 and by the time you get it fully equipped you could have spent the same money and got a Colt already equipped! One of Stags marketing ploys!

  • medic216

    Rob, its funny that you would say the U.S. govt buys colt, so it must be the best. truth be told, they buy them bc they can get them in mass quantity as they are MASS produced on a factory line and colt was the lowest bidder!!! I have a model 3, and a colt le. I carried a colt m-16a2 back when, and it was a pos. The spec on both are the same less a 1/9 v/s a 1/7 twist on the colt. Again, truth be told and ballistics, unless you are shooting heavier than a 62 grain round, you dont ever need a 1/7. Why is a competition barrel 1/9 or 1/8? I have never had a failure out of either. As for you mentioning sights, some of us do not want a unnecessary carry handle or fixed sights and would prefer to not have them or put on buis. and with yoru wonderful colt, to apply an optic, you remove your handle, place on an optic and still have to get sights, or buy a carry handle adapter! so you still lose out DA. stick with your colt if you must, they historically have had by far more problems than any other ar manufacturer! DOD reports are readily available! for the rest of you who may read, I have put well over 1000 rounds through the model 3 without cleaning it without a failure. It is just as accurate as any other i have every owned, just as reliable, quality is great, and cheaper than most with same spec. By the way, who do you think makes most of the upper and lowers for the “major” ar manufacturers? hint, stag’s parent company!

  • Mark

    A) show me a left handed colt. I know it isn’t necessary, but it is a lot nicer to have the left handed model.

    B) if I wanted fixed sights, I would have chosen a different model Stag than the model 3. In fact, I chose it for its lack of fixed sights.

  • Patches

    Yeah sneed rob is a dumbass thats like saying the springfield xd is better then the glock… What a joke… But the model 3 is a great gun it would be better if it came with atleast iron sights but my magpul mbus sights work nicely on it

  • Sneed

    Ah yes, the US govt buys something so that means it’s top of the line. What idiocy! Compare a Colt to a Stag and you’ll realize the truth of no one can do anything as badly as a government can.

  • Rob Peterson

    US GOVT. BUYS COLT!! SPEND THE $3 to $400. more get a more complete rifle ‘sights & rails’ or buy STAG 3 and buy their VERSA JUNK OR HAVE NO RAILS, THEN BUY SIGHTS.
    comes out in the end should have bought a COLT