STAG ARMS Model 8/8L Gas Piston Rifles

The next generation gas piston rifles from Stag Arms, Model…

The next generation gas piston rifles from Stag Arms, Model 8 and Model 8L, have been built from the ground up incorporating features that make them run better, cooler, and cleaner than similar rifles. Both models ship with a 5.56NATO chambered 1/9 twist 16” chrome lined barrel, front flip sight and an easily serviceable adjustable short stroke piston that vents gasses away from the shooter. Available in November 2009, these rifles also feature a one-piece stainless steel bolt carrier with an integrated carrier key, Midwest Industries low profile flip up rear sight, adjustable stock and pads on the bolt carrier that prevent tilt. For more information, visit

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  • bill

    just ordered my Stag model 8…its a no brainer getting a Stag because they offer a life time warranty on their AR-15’s…ya just cant beat that..colt, busmaster…only 1 year..that tells ya something.

  • elderair

    just picked up my 8L and can’t wait to get it sighted in. Haven’t put a round through it as of yet but am overall impressed with the rifle quality. I would like to see a 6.5 upper for it in the future also.

  • Albert

    Love my stag fit finish accuracy the whole nine just one well bulit ass kicker

  • ava8harrierusmc1

    Ya I would also love to see a 6.8 in piston but for now i’ll settle with my Model 5L 6.8 I have three Stagg AR15 Types two in .223 one left one right and one 6.8 left handed. I enjoy shooting them when i’m able to do so. But i would love to get Staggs new Model 8L and if the come out with a 6.8 in piston also. I have found that Stagg Arms are a well made rigle for the price. i look forward to aquiring their new piston rifles in the future.

  • If the new stag is like the others, I’m sure I’ll be great- I can’t wait to get my hands on one My 16″Stag w/ samson railguards & budget scope can hit a tennis ball at 100 yards.
    I’d gladly buy a Stag with no apologies.

  • ismael1

    STAG ARMS keeps bringing quality and setting new standards at lower prices. Most gas piston rifles range between 1800 and 3000 dollars. I went on there sight and found an msrp in the 1200 range.
    I would really love to see this rifle in 6.8spc b4 the national gun control issue hits the table in washington n the supreme court.
    Imho, there’s no better rifle from a value standpoint.