Stealth Defense Strut Conceal Carry Holster

It is different than any existing concealed gun holster and…

It is different than any existing concealed gun holster and offers the best combination of desired features for concealed holsters. The patent pending strut allows the firearm to be carried inside the shirt and above the belt which provides comfort and accessibility whether sitting or standing. No other concealed gun holster has this feature. The Stealth Defense conceal carry holster also transfers the weight of the firearm to the belt which eliminates the need for a tight fitting band around the waist. In addition; there is no need to purchase additional clothing for “shoulder style” concealed holsters or larger trousers for “inside waist band” style concealed gun holsters.


The Stealth Defense concealed carry holster is specially developed for all day use providing maximum comfort, concealment, and accessibility plus allows dress options within your current wardrobe. It is highly suitable for professionals who require all day comfort and complete concealment for a “back up weapon”. See website for a complete illustration of product and features.

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  • waykno

    Life, any subject/topic, is about trade offs. It would not matter what we discuss–some would love it and some would hate it. Even a reviewer’s slant is subjective. I’ve worn IWB, OWB, paddle, pocket, belted, slides, etc. ALL have pros and cons. This one would be no different.

  • Lt

    I have been wearing one for over a year. It’s comfortable and conceals well; works great for me.

  • Butch

    this thing is a joke. uncomfortable as hell. does not stay put. could not wait to return and get my money back.