Steyr SSG08 .308

I still remember an article from a couple decades ago…


I still remember an article from a couple decades ago about Steyr’s SSG69, the Scharfschutzen Gewehr 69. For us sharpshooters in our 20s, the SSG was an obscure object of desire. When I started my sharpshooting career, all my experience was with a scoped CETME and a Mauser 66, both with wood stocks. Designed from the ground up as a sharpshooter’s rifle, the SSG69 featured a synthetic stock and a 10-round detachable magazine. Both features made it desirable. Many armies and police forces adopted it, and thousands were sold.

steyr2.gifThen, the 1990s saw the widespread use of composites, aluminium-bedded actions, adjustable cheek pieces and butt stocks. The SSG was slowly left behind with a new breed of .308 rifles leading the pack. But in the process some things were being left behind: lightness, ruggedness and simplicity. Steyr tried to compete with the market with their SSG04, but it was not in the same league and never caught up to it.

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  • JLA

    It’s an extremely nice rifle, but at $5500+ retail it’s more than a little expensive! Add in a quality tactical scope like a Nightforce or a Schmidt&Bender and you’re easily pushing eight grand or more. If it were chambered for the .338 Lapua I could see it, but for a .308 I think I’ll stick with my Rock River LAR-10. It’ll hold 1/2 MOA all the way out to 500yds or more (I’ve not had the opportunity to shoot farther than that yet), and has the advantage of being a semi-auto with a 20rd mag. In a combat setting the sniper could actually fight with it if it became necessary, something not easily done with a bolt-action.

  • Anonim

    The Steyr SSG08 was developed with input from the world-class Austrian COBRA unit. One of the first batch of 50 was sent to me for test and evaluation. They have used aerospace aluminium in the stock to save weight and improve ruggedness, and, including all the specifications COBRA asked for, resulted in the most advanced design on the market.

    The SSG08 is based around the Safe Bolt System (SBS) from Steyr Mannlicher, which is one of the safest rifle bolt systems ever designed. In case of firing an overpressure cartridge or even with an obstruction in the barrel, the shooter is always protected from injuries, and the rifle will survive the shot and be capable of shooting again. I was told by a Steyr representative that they routinely test the SBS bolt system of the SSG08 by shooting a full-power round with a bullet obstructing the barrel…

  • Anonim

    And whar about the steyr ssg 08. You didnt tell enything about it.

    Good accurate… bad??….