STI Lawman 4.0 .45 ACP | 1911 Pistol Review

The STI Lawman 4.0 .45 ACP pistol, a sleek new 1911, lays down the law with custom touches and BIG-BORE POWER!

STI has developed a reputation for producing accurate, custom-grade 1911s that won’t quit. The Lawman, designed for LEOs, certainly lives up to that benchmark

In early 2012, while attending the biggest trade show in the gun industry, I absolutely had to stop by and see Rabbit Boyett of STI International, one of my favorite gun-makers. The conversation naturally drifted to STI’s new developments, including models added to the Tactical line and the company’s new Lawman 1911 pistols.

The Lawman is just one of STI’s custom-grade 1911 offerings. Available in either 9mm or .45 ACP, it was designed first and foremost as a duty and defensive pistol for law enforcement officers. Luckily, I was able to evaluate the .45-caliber Lawman 4.0, named for its 4-inch slide length, to see just how well it would perform for our men and women in blue.

STI’s long, aluminium, skeletonized trigger broke cleanly after a 4.5-pound pull and 0.13 inches of take-up. Note the dimpled mag release

Gun Details

At the heart of the Lawman 4.0 is a 4.26-inch ramped and fully supported barrel. Machined from 416R rifle-grade stainless steel, the barrel has button-broached, 1-in-16-inch rifling and is capped with a 45-degree crown. The barrel is mated to a bushing fitted to a 4140 carbon-steel-forged slide. Aggressive cocking serrations are cut into the front and rear of the slide, and the Lawman’s ejection port is lowered and flared.

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  • P. Taylor

    What is the knife in the first pic?

  • B J Mertes

    How in the hell can a 1911 with a 4.26 inch barrel have a 4 inch slide?