Stoeger Cougar 8045 .45 ACP, New Finishes

Stoeger Industries is announce that the Cougar-series of double-action, semi-auto…

Stoeger Industries is announce that the Cougar-series of double-action, semi-auto pistols now includes the .45 ACP caliber.

A new feature, available only on the .45 ACP model, is an integrated accessory-rail positioned under the barrel for convenient placement of tactical lights and lasers.
The .45 ACP is arguably the most respected pistol cartridge ever designed with more than a century of outstanding results in major conflicts and law enforcement to underline its superb and proven performance.
Cougar pistols feature a rotating barrel that locks with the slide, meaning extra strength, and because it stays on the same plane for each shot, greater accuracy is achieved. The barrels are cold hammer-forged and the bores are hard chrome-lined for exceptional durability, which promotes longer barrel life. Additional features include rounded-edges for snag-free drawing; removable front-sight, ambidextrous safety, and combat-style trigger guard. External surfaces are protected with the exclusive Bruniton non-reflective finish. The Cougar .45 comes equipped with two 8-round magazines.

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  • Usmn Gul

    Dear i have just bought this beautiful handgun, since accessories are not available in this part of the country, therefore you may like to assist me in finding a laser (as shown in the figure above) and origional casing(hoster).
    Thank you very much ……..Cougar